Learn how to convert click into contact and contact into paying customer


Strategy: Acquisition and Retention

There's no worse wind for the sailor who doesn't know where to go: in this section we talk about conversion goals, Buyer Personas, buying process, Brand Positioning and everything that concerns the creation of a strategy aimed at the acquisition of new contacts (Lead Generation) or their capitalization (Retention).

Inbound & Advertising: The Right Visitor at the Right Price

Once you've defined your strategy, it's time to drive profiled visitors to your landing page at the lowest possible cost with the most effective sources of traffic between Inbound Marketing and Online Advertising, such as the SEO, Google ADS, Facebook Advertising, Linkedin ADS.

Landing Pages: Convert More, With the Same Clicks

What happens after the click? Our visitor lands on a landing page. But the landing can go well...or not. In this part we talk about how to optimize the performance of the Landing Pagewith the help of NeuromarketingUser Experience, Web Performance and CRO.

(Email) Marketing Automation: Communicate and Automate Sales

In this section we talk about Email Marketing e Marketing Automation allow you to communicate with the acquired contact while waiting for them to become a customer or to buy again, as well as automate your work, saving time and money.

Web Analytics & CRO: Track Goals, ROI, Bottlenecks

What is not measurable is not improvable: in this section we talk about data analysis (Web Analytics) and tracking useful to understand user behavior on the page, such as Google AnalyticsGoogle Tag Manager and CRO tools.

The Toolbox: Web Marketing Tools and Instruments

In this section we talk about software and other tools that help us achieve our online results: from hosting to CMS like WordPresstools to optimize the performance of SEO and ADV, to create Landing Pages, Email Service Provider and CRO tools and data analysis.

Conversions, KPIs, ROAS

Conversion-oriented content, KPIs, increased turnover and a ROAS (return on investment, in a broad sense).

Pragmatic, based on data and experience

Contents pragmaticbased on thehands-on, data-driven experience.

Learn how to Convert Clicks to Leads and Leads to Paying and Recurring Customers

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