Earn Online: 10+1 Ways to Make Money on the Internet and Make Money Online Seriously

How to make money online on the internet: 2 premises

We often talk about earning money online, but how you can create income online seriously and safely? In this comprehensive guide we see some methods to earn with the Internet in reference to those who work in the field of the Web. But first we need two important premises, which dispel two myths die hard on the subject.

Myth #1: Earning online is a hobby

First premise: Earning online is a real job. It can be seen as a part time job, to be done alongside your main profession, but it is still an occupation that takes time, a lot of time and effort. Once automated it can become faster to manage, but you have to abandon the idea that online earning is something simple, automated from the start, lacking technical skills and experience. And we come to the second myth.

Myth #2: Earning online is for everyone.

False. Who knows why there are so many blogs of "internet marketers" whose interest seems to be "earning with the internet". A quick survey shows that these are people who know very little about web marketing. Nothing wrong with this, if it were not that to make the activity of earning money with the Internet profitable and constant technical skills and experience are needed. Which ones? In a quick and insufficient roundup: know how to install and configure and manage a site with WordPress or others CMSSkills in the field SEO And web marketing, in-depth knowledge of online earning tools.

Having debunked these 2 myths, let's come to the top 10 methods to earn or make money with the internet. A premise: I'm not going to talk about things like "earning money by answering surveys" or "earning money by watching videos", but about serious and tested sources of online earning personally and by many others.

10+1 methods to earn money with internet seriously

#1 Web consultancy (marketing/design)

Web consulting is the first method, the most classic, to work and earn with the internet.

ProIt allows you to work anywhere, from the classic tropical beach (as long as it has a fast connection) to your own home.

AgainstIt requires advanced technical skills (to know how to do your job well), relational and commercial skills (to know how to bring home customers), a lot of time, maximum customization and almost no automation. Ah, do not forget that working in the web means VAT, which means hard life in terms of tax.

The first step to finding clients as a freelancer? Signing up to sites like . For web designers, a good source of income can be selling themes, templates and plugins on Theme Forest.

#2 Earn money with Adsense advertising (or alternatives)

Another method of earning money on the internet is the Adsense advertising (or other alternatives to Adsense based on Pay per Click or Pay per Impressions)

ProOnce set, the method is automated.

Against: you need a site, you need (a lot of) visits, so lots of articles or lots of online promotion. Google Adsense pays from a few cents per click upwards depending on the niche of your site. So, you need to have a niche that gets paid that much on Adsense (an example? The finance field). Ah, Google Adsense reclaims upon reaching 75 euros.

To sign up for the program, go to https://www.google.com/adsense/.

#3 Earn money with PPS or PPL affiliations

What are affiliations? You can look at it as an agreement between a company and a blogger. The company says to the blogger: you promote my product or service, if a customer buys it through your site, I pay you a percentage on the product sold (Pay per Sell) or a one-time fee on the contact acquired (Pay per Lead).

ProOnce set, the method is automated.

AgainstYou need a site, you need (many) targeted visits, so many articles or a lot of online promotion. You need credibility. Sometimes some affiliations are not very serious. More info can be found on the largest Italian forum on the subject (http://www.alverde.net/forum/). To get started you just need to subscribe to one of the main affiliate networks, which connect the company (Advertiser) with the blogger (Publisher).

#4 Earn money by selling banners

If you have a site with lots of hits, page views etc, someone might be interested in placing a banner on it.

ProOnce set, the method is automated.

AgainstYou need a website, you need (a lot of) targeted visits, so lots of articles or lots of online promotion. You have to find the customer who buys the banner and this may not be easy. To start, there are marketplaces used for this, such as the ADV Store of the already mentioned Alverde.net: http://www.alverde.net/advstore/

#5 Earn money by selling Links (Caution!)

Warning. Point #5 is expressly forbidden by Google's rules. Yet it is done. There is an undergrowth of link selling on the Internet (not even that much undergrowth). link building), mostly included within articles in the form of Guest Posts.

ProIt can be a good source of income.

AgainstIt's expressly forbidden by Google's policies. You have to find customers to buy the link.

How to get started? There are forums with specific sections on this, such as:

  • www.alverde.net/forum/comprare-o-vendere-links-online/
  • www.giorgiotave.it/forum/link-e-pubblicita-aste-vendita-ed-acquisto/

Or sites that act as a medium between sellers and buyers.

#6 Earn money with related content (New!)

This is a new one. You may have noticed how under the major national newspapers there are links with images to related content, some sponsored. It's the new frontier of online advertising, which wants to bypass the phenomenon of the banner blindnesswhich is the fact that people avoid advertisements like the plague, offers ads in the form of sponsored content. An example is the Italian Upstory.it. Otherwise the list is long: www.outbrain.com, http://ligatus.com , https://taboola.com/.

ProOnce set, the method is automated.

AgainstYou need a site, you need (many) targeted visits, so lots of articles or lots of online promotion.

#7 Earn money by selling (or parking) domains/websites

We have already talked about it in depth: the sale of domains or websites or the DOMAIN PARKING can be two ways of monetizing domains that are not useful.

ProThere's a huge market. Huge profits possible.

AgainstIn addition to salesmanship. know how to buy. 

How to start? Excellent domains to (re)sell can be found on Nidoma.com or Match.it. To sell your domain, there are forums that can help you, such as Alverde's Website Marketplace (http://www.alverde.net/wem/), or the aforementioned Match.it.

 #8 Earn money by selling information products

I admit, the term "infoproducts" is a bit overused. Not because selling infoproducts related to the theme of your site is a bad way to earn money on the internet, but because of the misuse of the term.

ProExcellent source of passive income.

AgainstUnfortunately, the first two myths seen at the beginning are fully valid for this method: selling "infoproducts" requires traffic, a lot of targeted traffic, credibility, (web) marketing skills. Refrain improvised then. Another con: time. Create an ebook, or a video course requires knowledge of the subject and a lot of time.

How to get started? Identify a niche and write about what you know well and are passionate about. Then you can always sell your ebook online or on Amazon.com, or your video course on Udemy.com.

For the next two methods, let's go a little off the beaten path. That is: you won't need a website but you will need something else: products or specific skills.

#9 Earn money by selling physical products

Ebay, Amazon. These two names are enough to make you realize the potential of making money online while selling physical products.

Prounlimited customers, low management costs.

Against: all dealer decks except those involving storage (maybe).

How to get started? Choose a product that interests you. Don't have a warehouse? Consider Dropshipping.

#10 Make money by selling photos, articles...

Do you like taking pictures? Do you use Photoshop? Or do you love to write?

In both cases, there are opportunities to earn money. In the first case you just need to subscribe to one of the online services for selling photos on demandinsert your images and wait.

In the second, it is enough to propose yourself as a copywriter, in the many forums of the sector (for example here) or in the content marketplace such as Melascrivi, o2o, Great Content, Textbroker, TextMaster.

ProIt allows you to earn money online, following your passions.

Againstrequires expertise. Tough going.

#11 Earn money with a method you will discover

Which method is it? The best.

Pro: there are many other methods and some are tailor made for you. Search, informed in the forums of the sector, be curious.

AgainstIt takes time, a lot of time.

Conclusions on how to make money online on the internet

We have reached the end of this roundup of 10+1 methods to earn money online. If you'd like to bring me your experience in the comments it's most welcome!

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