How to Earn €100 a Day with Adsense: A Formula

Google Adsense how much you earn

What are the earnings with Google Adsense, the well-known Google advertising program? Ed it is possible earn online a fixed figure10, 50, 100 or 1000 €? Of course it's possible: although Adsense rules prohibit the explicit disclosure of your earnings, you know the cases of sites and their webmasters billing two, three or four zero figures with your own account. To emulate their results, you must understand how to do and what to do, topics to which this Adsense guide is dedicated. The how to do it consists of know the right formulaBut to understand it, it is necessary to talk about a preliminary aspect first: how Adsense works.

How Google Adsense Works

How does Adsense work? Simply put, Google's advertising program consists of a agreement between Google and a Publisherwith an Advertiser in the background. The Publisher, who is the owner of the web site where the Google advertising banners will appear, accepts to "rent" certain spaces within its own site, where the ads, in different formats, of an Advertiser will appear, which in turn has entered into an agreement with Google through the program Google Ads (in this case we talk about Display Network). But let's go back to Adsense: in exchange for the "rent" of our spaces, Google recognizes us a percentage for each click made on them: which one, or how much does Adsense pay?

How much does Adsense pay? 

Adsense pays the Publisher a part of what it invoices the company that has advertised on your site, that is the Advertiser. Earnings with Adsense are therefore closely related to how much the Advertiser pays to Google for each click on that ad and consequently each topic, or keyword, will have a different cost.

Statistics show us most Publishers (the 80%) earn between 10 and 50 € per month and the average CPC (cost per click) is around 0.25/cent. While this may be true for most Publishers, strictly depends on how much traffic they receive, how much the cost per click is, and other factors that we'll go over in a moment. What I want you to understand is simple: if we know the exact formula to earn with Google Adsense certain amounts, we can put in place the actions to achieve or to get as close as possible to the goal.

How much do you make now with Google Adsense? Answer these 5 questions

To understand how to get to earn what you want, you must first understand where you are now. These 5 questions allow you to analyze your current situation with Adsense:

  1. Page Views / Ad ImpressionsHow many times is your ad viewed per day?
  2. ClickHow many clicks does your ad get?
  3. CTRWhat is the ratio between the views of your ad and the clicks it receives?
  4. CPC Adsense: How much does Google Adsense pay you on average per click?
  5. Number of articles and related Page Views: against the above data, how many articles do you need and how many daily views should they have?

Let's do a exampleLet's imagine that your CPC is 0.50/cent, you have a CTR of 1% and you make 10 clicks per day. You will earn €5 per day. At this point, you understand that by modifying the variables in your example, you can increase the amount and get closer to your goal. For example, if the CPC goes up to 0.70, with 10 clicks and a CTR of 1% you'll go up to 7 Euros, and so on.

In this simulation, I've shown you how you can earn more with Adsense immediately by changing some of the variables:

  • increase the CPC: If your clicks are getting paid very little, you're probably in a low-paid niche. Consider moving into an area that is more paid by Adsense (like finance, internet...);
  • increase the CTRif your CTR is low, increasing it can boost your earnings. You can try this by testing a different location for your ads, for example;

At this point, holding the above data steady, how much work do we need to do to reach our goal of earning money with Adsense?

How to Earn with Adsense 100 € Per Day: A Formula

Let's ask ourselves ambitious goal: 100 € per day with Adsense. Cool, isn't it? Impossible? Only if you don't do the math right :-). Let's see them together.

Let's start with the target: 100 € corresponds to a certain number of clicks X a certain cost per click.

Let's assume your cost per click is 0.50/cent: you will need 100/0,50=200 clicks per day to achieve your goal.

But if you have a CTR of 1%, to make 200 clicks you will need 20,000 Page Views / Ad Impressions.

Clear so far? Let's move on.

To make 20,000 Page Views / Ad Impressions you will need of a certain number of items. How many? It depends on how many impressions each one makes. If your article gets an average of 100 impressionsyou'll need 200 Articles (20.000/100).

What does it mean to do 100 impressions? Taking into account an average CTR of 2% (i.e. your result will be positioned in the middle of the first page) it means positioning on the first page (through initiatives of SEO) for keywords that have at least 5000 monthly searches.

Or, change the terms of the equation and position yourself better (in the first 3 positions): there, assuming we have a higher CTR, we will just need keywords that carry fewer monthly searches.

Do you understand the formula? Depending on the variables you change, you can achieve the goal in various ways.

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