Adzooma: Platform for Automating and Improving the Performance of Online Advertising Campaigns

What is Adzooma

Adzooma ( is an artificial intelligence-based platform developed to help you manage, optimize and automate your online advertising campaigns. By analyzing over 240 metrics in your Google, Facebook and Microsoft campaigns, you can make improvements in just a few clicks.

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Features of Adzooma

Equipped with all the tools needed to make paid advertising perform better, the Adzooma platform ( scans connected accounts 24/7 for opportunities to improve performance.

Manual tasks can be automated, reports are automatically generated and sent to colleagues and clients with one click, and you can even manage your ads Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads) from a single dashboard.

Adzooma offers functionality that save time and increase revenue by giving you more time to work on the overall strategy without being tied down to repetitive tasks with little added value. Let's see them together.

Ad management

With Adzooma you can easily update, publish and track all of your business information such as opening hours, phone number, address, GPS location and more on over 50 platforms.

Managing Reviews

With Adzooma you can ask your customers via email, SMS or QR code to provide new reviews, and manage them across multiple platforms.

Create, manage and optimize paid ads

With Adzooma you can manage, optimize and grow your Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and Microsoft (Bing Ads) campaigns in one easy-to-use platform.

Business Marketing Score Report

With Adzooma you can get an overall performance score, insights and actionable next steps to help you understand what's working and where you can improve.

To Do Lists

Adzooma provides you with practical To Do Lists to help you more easily understand and implement results-oriented marketing tactics. Essentially, you're prompted with what to do, and all you have to do is check it off once completed.

Automation tools

Spend less time publishing ads and whatnot. With Adzooma you can automate much of the management of your advertising campaigns.


Maximize your online visibility and drive traffic to your site with targeted tips detailing how to improve your search engine rankings.

PPC Performance Report

Adzooma PPC Performance Report

With this feature you can get a detailed snapshot of the performance of your advertising campaigns and take advantage of recommended interventions to improve your performance over time.

Customizable reporting

Monitor the progress of your business and track how the solutions you've implemented actually improve your business over time.

Playbooks and courses

Adzooma Playbook and Courses

Gain expert knowledge, get certified and grow your business with marketing playbooks, video tutorials and accredited courses.

Add team members

Do you work in a team? Add members to your account for free and make sure everyone is properly informed and connected.

Benefits of Adzooma

Let's take a look at the main advantages of Adzooma(

  • Time saving and efficiency
  • Educational Resources
  • Optimization of advertising expenditure
  • Campaign automations
  • Data security, one of Adzooma's top priorities.


We illustrate the Adzooma integrations below:

  • Google Analytics;
  • Google Ads;
  • Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads);
  • Facebook Advertising.

Opinions and reviews on Adzooma

Adzooma helps over 60,000 companies of all sizes worldwide grow their online businesses. You can take a look at user reviews on the official website and on (, where Adzooma scored 4.5 out of 5.

Adzooma opinions
Adzooma reviews

Adzooma prices

Adzooma prices

You can choose between two pricing options (

Adzooma Essentials is a completely free plan that allows you to easily set up, monitor and manage your online advertising campaigns. This plan offers more features than you would expect from a free plan. With Adzooma Essentials you can:

  • Monitor your Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and Microsoft Ads;
  • Benefit from optimizations that help you improve your advertising campaign;
  • Benefit from automation services that simplify tasks and reduce hours of manual labor;
  • Get reports on the performance of advertising campaigns.

As your business grows, more advanced features are needed. By upgrading to the Adzooma Plus, available for £69 per month, you'll get features from the Essentials package and unlock new ones, including:

  • Management of listings and reviews;
  • Landing page analysis; 
  • Bid Adjustments;
  • 81 additional automation templates to save time and money;
  • Insights SEO advanced that show the performance of your site;
  • Dedicated account management.

There are no trial periods.

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