Amazon Business: Amazon's online store for businesses and entrepreneurs

Amazon is one of the largest ecommerce worldwidewhich has offered more and more services over the years.

Among these we find the one dedicated to companies, which takes the name of Amazon Business ( was created to meet the purchasing needs of companies, businesses, traders and professionals. In this guide we try to understand What Amazon Business is and how it works.

What is Amazon Business

Amazon Business is an online store designed specifically for companies and entrepreneurs that allows you to obtain several advantages, such as

  • see prices net of VAT;
  • also easily carry out the downloading invoices;
  • Use expense management tools ideal for those who have their own business.

What is Amazon Business for?

Amazon Business allows you to simplify the purchasing process for companies and entrepreneurs, of the products you need by sorting and comparing them with filters such as:

  • fast delivery times;
  • reliability of the seller;
  • terms of payment.

All of these features characterize a different shopping experience for Amazon corporate customers than shopping directly on the main site intended for individuals.

In addition to filters and systems for choose products quickly This store also allows you to use shopping tools that allow you to purchase the items you need.i complete orders that are authorisedIn addition, there are tools that can be integrated into your own purchasing system and the relative functionalities that serve to provide a detailed analysis of purchases.

The Creating a Business Account è completely free of charge even for companies with more responsible for purchases: once you have registered and obtained permission to access by Amazon, you can access the new store where there will be millions of products to buy.

Ultimately, as we have seen, the service of Amazon and Amazon Business are different among themselves, as The first is dedicated to individuals and their expenses, the second can be used exclusively for purchases by entrepreneurs, professionals or companies with VAT.

How to create an Amazon Business account

The Amazon Business Account can be opened by professionals and companies and can only be used for the purpose of making purchases. In order to create an Amazon Business account, users need to use a valid email address and consequently they will also need to give the VAT number, the company name or business identification number.

In short, Amazon wants confirmation that the applicant is a corporate purchasing manager, a company themselves, or a freelancer.

These requirements are necessary for enrollment in the platform, and only after you enter them in the application for access to the business section, Amazon can verify your eligibility and allow you accordingly profile entry.

How Amazon Business works

As we have seen to create a business account you need to sign up by filling out a form and entering your credentials. So you need to first go to the Amazon Business site:

After accessing this page, you can start the creation of a new corporate account or by converting your current account to a business account. In both cases you will need to click on the wording: create a free account.

After clicking on this heading you must:

  • enter your new email address or the one you use for your original account to convert it to a business one;
  • click on Submit to be directed to the form;
  • enter all required information including company information ;
  • finally, click on send and wait for the confirmation email from Amazon.

Once this is done, you will have to wait for Amazon's confirmation before you can officially start using the platform and the services offered by the store.

When you get the confirmation email you will have the opportunity to access Amazon Business and use different features, for example you can add one or more accounts and create buying groups for your company.

You can also choose to share different purchasing methods with other users. Finally, with the Purchasing Analysis you will be able to use a tool that gives you the ability to analyze and track the expenses that were made with your account.

Benefits of Amazon Business

Is Amazon Business worth it? Let's look at some of the benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Sellers can access various advantageous services such as:

  • Automate the generation of invoices;
  • create fully customized reporting;
  • define a spending limit, so as not to exceed the budget that you have available or that you have decided to spend during a certain period of time;
  • a service Amazon Business Support always available and of high quality;
  • possibility to manage the catalogue and configure it according to the rules imposed on company purchases;
  • possibility to find specific products according to the business sector in which it operates, for example schools and laboratories can find microscopes, scientific scales and measuring devices in the foreground, restaurants instead small parts and equipment dedicated to them;
  • payment methods personalized;
  • possibility to always get the invoice for each product purchased (for those who need the Amazon Business service also includes the e-invoicing);
  • completely free service.

Finally, with Amazon Business PrimeIt is possible to extend the advantages of the prime service to your company account, obtaining short delivery times and elimination of shipping costs for many of the products in the catalogue.

In conclusion, therefore, we can say that the pros and cons of Amazon Business, see certainly win the advantages, while at the moment there are no cons, apart from The inability to pay for products purchased from the Amazon Business catalog with Paypal.

Amazon Business Reviews

The opinions about Amazon Business are quite positive, the platform allows companies to supply themselves directly online, with a functional system and fast to use that allows you to make purchases directly to the business manager or those who deal with purchases, finding products suitable for their business, you can also always see the VAT applied to each product and get the invoice for each purchase made.

You can sign up for free on Amazon Business by clicking on the official website

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