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3 Tools for B2B Lead Generation with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Video Lead Generation
How to acquire profiled Decision Maker leads in B2B with LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the LinkedIn Automation Tools.

Buying Business Email Lists: yes or no? Guide

Video Buy Email Database
Guide to the advantages and disadvantages of buying an Email Database, where and how to buy it, when and how to use it (and not).

Lead Generation with Facebook Advertising in B2B and B2C

Video Lead Generation with Facebook Ads
How to generate leads on Facebook Advertising In B2C and B2B: strategies, promotional goals, real cases.

Automating Sales with Email Marketing Automation

Video Email Marketing Automation
How to automate contacts and sales with leads, prospects and customers with theEmail Marketing Automation.

The author of the videos

My name is Emanuele Chiericato and I have been professionally involved in Web Marketing consulting and training for 13 years, with a focus on Lead Generation and Email Marketing Automation. I am Author of "Lead Generation: get new contacts and turn them into loyal customers," published in 2017 by Flaccovio Editore, 1st Reprint 2018 and Speaker in national events on Web Marketing such as SMAU, From Zero to SEO, Inbound Strategies, Adworld Experience. Want to learn more? Here is my website.

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