(Cheap) Alternative to Zapier for Marketing Automation

In recent years, the Marketing Automation has become a high-growth industry, thanks to the ability to automate processes using software technologies, maximize efficiency by reducing the need to engage in repetitive tasks and allowing you to focus on what matters most, specifically:

  • time optimization:it allows everyone in the organization to save time by automating mundane, mechanical but time-consuming tasks;
  • process efficiency: Marketing Automation improves the overall efficiency of teams.

In the field of Marketing Automation the leader is undoubtedly ZapierHowever, it is not the only software capable of automating online processes: a good alternative, also from a cost point of view, is (, founded in 2016, is one of the best alternatives to Zapier, an iPaaS platform that allows users to integrate applications and create complex workflows without coding via a drag and drop interface.

Similar to Zapier and other Marketing Automation software, with you can:

  • connect to any service you wish to integrate using credentials;
  • select the APP to be used to activate the workflow;
  • select the trigger events, i.e. the "triggers" that trigger the activation of the automation, by dragging and dropping the fields with the already mentioned drag&drop system.

A typical example? Once you have linked your contact form (created for example with Gravity Forms, WPForms o Landing Page Builder as Unbounce, Instapage,to name a few native additions) to your Email Marketing Software (as GetResponse, Drip, Aweber...always native integrations) you can make it so that once the form is filled out, the user enters a list in the email marketing software and once this trigger is triggered an automation starts, that is a workflow of email marketing automation.

In this case connects your form to your Email Marketing software, making them communicate. alternative to Zapier

Features of

Let's take a look at the main features offered by (

Automation made easy Simple Automation

With you create simple automation flows or simply synchronize data between two APPs, thanks to the intuitive visual editor.

Complex workflows across multiple APPs Single and Multiple Actions

Unlike Zapier, allows you to program complex workflows spanning multiple APPs. It's a feature available for all plans, including the free version.

Drag & Drop interface's easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface is designed for those who are not particularly tech-savvy.

Pre-built automation models Pre-built Automation Models simplifies the process of creating marketing automation flows with predefined automation templates for all your major APPs.

Advanced controls Advanced Controls allows you to filter, format, control and organize your data and apply advanced rules such as time delays and conditional logic to create complex automations faster and easier.

API connector's list of predefined integrations is large and growing, but if you need to connect the software with a specific application not included in the predefined ones allows you to connect any APP using the built-in API connector with webhook support.

Collaboration Collaboration makes it easy for you and your team to collaborate with a built-in collaboration feature that allows multiple team members to work on the same project at the same time.

Data Encryption works completely over HTTPS. The application's credentials are double encrypted.

Error Management Reliable Workflow comes with a special feature, "Retry", which allows for automatic re-execution of failed workflows and API downtime management.

Data control and history allows you to set retention policies for sensitive data, access user activity history and audit logs.

Integrations integrations

Although Automate.Io currently supports fewer integrations than some of its competitors like Zapier or IFTTT, it still offers a large number of integrations in almost every category, from forms to Landing Pages, from email marketing to CRM, ecommerce and advertising (, including: VS Zapier

Although, as anticipated, natively supports a lower number of APPs than Zapier (although the limitation can be overcome thanks to the API), 2 reasons to choose are:

  • Easy to use: is designed for business users (not just developers). You can configure your workflows quickly and easily without technical assistance, visually watching how your data is mapped between applications with the drag-drop interface.
  • Price: offers at least 3 times more activity on all plans than Zapier.
  • 24×5 Live Chat Support: Need a hand? Our team is by your side with live chat support No more emails back and forth and confusion. Solve your problems in minutes.

Opinions and reviews on

Over 30,000 organizations in 93 countries worldwide use to automate workflows and improve organizational efficiency.

Users' opinions are listed on the homepage and opinions

Prices prices pricing varies depending on the functionality required and the number of tasks you're looking to automate with plans starting at $ 0 per month.

You can choose from several pricing options to suit businesses of all sizes with a free plan and paid plans starting at just $9.99 per month (

You may qualify for a discount of 20% for annual subscriptions:

  • Free - $0 per month (300 shares)
  • Personal - $9.99 per month (600 shares)
  • Professional - $19 per month (2,000 shares)
  • Startup -$39 per month (10,000 shares)
  • Growth - $79 per month (30,000 shares)
  • Business - $159 per month (100,000 shares)

The plan Enterprise can be customized to your needs and scales automatically as your needs grow. offers a 7-day free trial for starters:

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