Bonjoro: A Video Marketing Platform Guide to Engaging and Communicating with Prospects and Customers

What is Bonjoro 

Bonjoro ( is a video marketing platform that allows you to send personalized videos to your customers or anyone on your email list.

In an age where people find video content more engaging than text, Bonjoro helps you improve your relationship with your customers.

Bonjoro is simple to use. Once logged in, the simple web interface allows you to record a video and send a personalized message to the recipient.

Bonjoro homepage

Bonjoro features 

Bonjoro offers many useful features and tools ( to create videos in order to build connections and improve relationships with leads, prospects and customers. Let's see them together.

Bonjoro features

Desktop recorder

Bonjoro Desktop recorder

Bonjoro allows you to send videos quickly and easily, without sophisticated equipment and without having to buy special recording equipment.

Chrome Extension

Bonjoro Chrome Extension

The Chrome HD screen and webcam recorder from Bonjoro ( helps you engage your customers with useful videos throughout their customer journey.

Mobile app

Bonjoro Mobile app

You can use Bonjoro's iOS and Android apps to connect even when you're out and about. The Bonjoro app integrates with Gmail and phone contacts.


Bonjoro Conversations

Recipients can interact and respond to your video messages in writing or with a video of their own, allowing you to deepen relationships. Their responses go right back into your Bonjoro account.

Message Templates

Save time with templates for your Bonjoro videos. Each template includes the email design, the landing page of the video and the call-to-action.

Call to actions

Add call-to-actions to your videos to get company-specific results like demo bookings, landing page views, and purchases.

Context & customer insight 

You can see customer information as you record, so your videos are more personal. 


You can send a Bonjoro video to a small group of people. Bulk select the contacts you want to engage and send the video.

Custom branding

You can customize videos with your logo, landing page, subject lines, footer, and team information to make sure all of your messaging is branded for a seamless user experience.


Bonjoro Languages

Bonjoro translates your content and landing pages into over 20 languages.


Resend unviewed messages. You can choose how many days to wait between resends, and you can also send a simple text message.


Bonjors boasts a great deliverability. Send from your business email via verified domains, Gmail or Outlook and view a detailed delivery history of all your videos.

Animated preview

Your Bonjoro messages can be sent as HTML or plain text emails. You can also use a static or animated preview of the video.


Bonjoro's results dashboard shows what's working and what could be improved. You can filter by dates, interactions, or specific team members.

Results Syncing

Customer interactions and responses can be resent to your CRM, so you can track their full path.

Video Tracking

Receive a notification when someone opens and interacts with your video. You can track views, opens, replies and thanks in real time.

Team Inbox

Bonjoro Team Inbox

Configure team mailboxes to manage your Bonjoro campaigns in collaboration with multiple team members.


Automatically selects specific team members to record certain messages.

Administrator or filmer account

You can allow access to all Bonjoro features to team members or allow access only to filmer accounts.

Benefits of Bonjoro 

We list below the main benefits of Bonjoro:

  • Easy to use
  • Free version
  • Improved impact on click-through rates of sent messages where a video is present
  • Customers can respond to the video messages they receive and you can add call-to-actions


Bonjoro supplements

Bonjoro offers integration with a number of other services (, such as:

You can connect Bonjoro to your existing sales and marketing tools to send personalized videos at key moments in your customer's journey. Use Bonjoro to acquire new customers, cultivate leads.

Opinions and reviews on Bonjoro 

Bonjoro Reviews
Bonjoro Reviews

Bonjoro is a valid tool, suitable for any entrepreneur who wants to deepen the relationship with his customers in a new way and with greater involvement. More than 20,000 companies are customers of Bonjoro.

You can read user testimonials on the official website ( and on G2 (, where Bonjoro scored a 4.8 out of 5.

Prices of Bonjoro

Bonjoro ( offers a range of pricing plans.

Bonjoro Prices

Bonjoro has four price levels including:

  • Starter, at $ 19 per user per month;
  • Pro, at $ 39 per user, per month;
  • Grrrowth, at $ 99 per user per month;
  • Company plan, at $ 499 per month.

Each plan offers specific features, from customization to the number of templates, automations and integrations. You can save up to 20% if you choose an annual plan.

Bonjoro offers a two-week trial so you can test the features, and if you need more time to try it out or your needs are limited, a completely free version is available:

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