Cakemail: Complete Guide to the Email Service Provider

What is Cakemail 

Cakemail ( is a tool of email marketing which facilitates sending personalized emails, managing contact lists, monitoring subscriber activity, and generating analytics. Cakemail brings together all the tools of a Email Service Provider.

Cakemail homepage

Features of Cakemail 

We indicate the functionality of Cakemail below.

Email marketing campaigns

Cakemail Email Marketing Campaigns

Audience management

Cakemail allows you to expand, manage and target your audience. Specifically, you can import an entire list with or without matching data or partially import a list to include only the data and columns you want.


Cakemail's automation builder, which is the section of marketing automation, allows you to automatically send welcome emails or a series of welcome emails to new mailing list subscribers. With automation statistics, you can keep track of how many people triggered automation, what conditions they met, and how many were sent an email to.

Permit management

Want to make sure the people on your list actually want to receive your emails? Cakemail provides the tools to ensure an initial process for subscribers to provide explicit consent. Cakemail automatically adds an unsubscribe link to each email, then tracks and manages all unsubscribe requests to make sure you contact only the people who are interested, helping to protect the sender's reputation and thus the email deliverability and to ensure compliance with anti-spam and GDPR laws.

Marketing API

With the API tool, you can send highly personalized, high-volume email marketing campaigns and automatically process bounces (hard bounces and soft bounces) and unsubscribe requests. You can also gain instant access to recipients' real-time activity and performance of email marketing campaigns and transactional emails.

You can also synchronize contacts and their attributes from your application and define their segmentation. Whether you choose to integrate the API directly into your application or use SMTP to make the calls, Cakemail's solutions for integrated applications get you up and running.


Cakemail integrations

Zapier allows you to connect Cakemail to thousands of popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for other tasks.

Among related applications: Gravity Forms, Hubspot,, ClickFunnels, Facebook Lead ads, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite.

Opinions and reviews on Cakemail 

You can read the opinions of users who have already used Cakemail on G2 (, where the portal scored 4.4 out of 5.

Cakemail opinions

Prices of Cakemail

Cakemail prices

Cakemail offers flexible plans for growing companies ( The Free plan is free and provides the essential tools you will need to get started. Paid plans include a choice of:

  • Growth, with additional resources to help you send more emails and grow your business, at $8 per month for 500 contacts;
  • Premium, with advanced features and premium support to take your business to the next level, at $13 per month for 500 contacts.

As you can see, for those on a tight budget Cakemail may be the ideal service. It is simple and inexpensive but still capable of running advertising campaigns. Signing up for a free plan does not require a credit card, but is necessary when upgrading to a paid plan.

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