Campaign Monitor: Complete Guide to Email Marketing Software

What is Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor ( is one of the most popular services of email marketing founded in 2004. Let's see together its functionalities.

Campaign Monitor homepage

How Campaign Monitor Works

Campaign Monitor Features

Campaign Monitor provides all the tools and functionality you need to manage your email campaigns and subscriber list.

Let's take a detailed look at all the features ( offered by Campaign Monitor.

Drag & Drop Builder

Campaign Monitor Drag & Drop Email Builder

Campaign Monitor allows you to create engaging emails using a dedicated Drag & Drop Email Builder. Campaign Monitor provides a library of 60 pre-defined templates to choose from.

The editor is easy to use and allows you to enrich your emails with quality images and personalized content.

Email Marketing Automation

Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Automation

Campaign Monitor allows you to automate your email marketing activities and set up workflows for Email Marketing Automation (

Transactional emails:

If you have a ecommerce, it may be useful to send transactional emails to keep your customers updated ( A transactional email is a type of email you send when a customer performs a specific action on your website and are usually correlated with high open rates. Examples of transactional emails include:

  • Email confirmation
  • Password reset email
  • Purchase confirmation
  • Online receipt
  • An email with shipping details

Web Customization

Campaign Monitor Customization

The customization function The web content provided by Campaign Monitor is very useful for converting visitors into customers or generating new leads. By using customer data, you can personalize your messages and make them more targeted and engaging.

With Campaign Monitor's personalization tool, you can create smart segments and send targeted emails to your subscribers.

Simply connect Campaign Monitor to your ecommerce store, website or app so you can easily see all the data that allows you to personalize your messages.

In addition, Campaign Monitor's personalization tool allows you to set a time delay for your emails. If recipients open a welcome email, you can send them a compelling offer next time to convert them into customers. If they didn't open the first email, the delay feature allows you to send another email after three days to increase engagement.

Contacts and segmentation

Campaign Monitor Contacts and segmentation

The creation of lists of contacts and the segmentation feature data is another feature Campaign Monitor is famous for (

Adding contacts to your email lists is easy. You can migrate contacts from any email marketing software you've used in the past. Campaign Monitor simplifies the migration, allowing you to send emails to your contacts immediately.

You could get newsletter subscribers from a variety of sources such as submitting sign-up forms, purchasing products, completing surveys, webinars and the segmentation feature allows you to create dedicated segments for each group of contacts you might have.

In addition, you can create segments based on the preferences, interests, gender and location of your subscribers.

Enrolment form

Campaign Monitor Sign-up Forms

With Campaign Monitor, you can create aesthetically pleasing yet functional forms to collect new emails from your website (

Once a new user signs up via the registration form, their contact details will automatically be added to Campaign Monitor's contact list.

Link Review

Campaign Monitor Link Review

Campaign Monitor offers the functionality Link Review ( that automatically searches your emails and reports any hyperlinks that may be broken or outdated.

This way, you'll always know which links need your attention and you won't send links that don't work to your subscribers.


Campaign Monitor Analysis

With Campaign Monitor analysis tools (, you can measure the performance and status of your marketing campaigns. Analytics covers every aspect of your campaigns, such as customer journeys, transactional emails, welcome emails, links and sign-up forms.

You can analyze:

  • Percentage of clicks
  • Opening rate
  • Bounce frequency as hard bounce and soft bounce
  • Actions

These statistics help you get a better perspective on your campaigns and make changes to improve your results.

Customer Service

If you have any issues with your Campaign Monitor account or any of your campaigns, please contact the customer service team.

Depending on your subscription plan, you can contact Campaign Monitor customer support via email or phone. Email support is available for all subscription plans, while phone support is only available for Premier plan members. Either way, you should be logged into your account to find your contact details.


Campaign Monitor allows seamless integrations with hundreds of apps so you can easily connect your ecommerce platform, CRM or website. Here is the list of some of the most popular Campaign Monitor integrations:

Opinions and reviews on Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is used by over 2 million marketing professionals in 250,000 companies worldwide. It has achieved a score of 4.1 out of 5 on G2 based on the 631 reviews currently on the site, as you can see here: More testimonials are reported on the official website.

Those who have already used the service appreciate the platform's ability to provide responsive, unique and graphically valid templates without any coding. According to most users, Campaign Monitor is easy to set up and its customer support is helpful. Other users appreciate its drag-and-drop email editor and analytics tools.

Campaign Monitor opinions
Campaign Monitor opinions
Campaign Monitor opinions
Campaign Monitor opinions

Campaign Monitor Pricing

Campaign Monitor offers a free plan which allows you to send emails to up to 5 contacts. If your email list is larger, you should sign up for Campaign Monitor's paid plan to continue using their services.

A special device on the site allows you to indicate how many contacts you expect to have. Scroll down to the appropriate number and you will automatically get the price and plan you require.

Campaign Monitor Pricing

Here are the prices:

The master plan is the cheapest, starting at $ 9 per month for up to 500 subscribers and 2,500 emails.

The Unlimited plan Adds features beyond those available in the Basic plan, such as unlimited spam testing and unlimited automation. It also eliminates email limits and focuses only on the number of contacts to determine pricing. For 500 subscribers, you'll pay $ 29 per month and the cost will increase from there based on your contact list.

The Premier plan, starting at $ 149 per month, showcases all of Campaign Monitor's high-end features, such as predefined engagement segments to calculate subscriber activity, email optimization, scheduling, link tracking, and content editing permissions for templates. Like the Unlimited plan, Premier is also priced solely on the number of leads, however, this level also allows you to opt for a digital marketing version where you don't send emails regularly. If this meets your needs, Campaign Monitor charges you $ 5 per campaign and 1 cent per recipient.

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