Canva Pro: Features, Reviews and Price of the Graphics Editor

What is Canva Pro

Canva Pro ( is Canva's premium plan that includes much more premium content including photos, templates, graphics, unlimited folders with enhanced functionality and better collaboration functionality and much more. When Canva was launched, it almost immediately established itself as a good, low-priced service and still maintains that reputation today.

The free plan may be enough if you use it to create quick projects and don't mind the limitations that come with it. The Canva Pro is the best solution if you need access to millions of premium content, more features and a better way to collaborate.

Canva Pro homepage

Features of Canva Pro

The main ones are listed below Features of Canva Pro which, unlike other tools, is available for both web and print projects.


Canva Pro Teams

Move faster and create projects together in real time. From presentations to Instagram posts and more, you can build a team with Canva Pro and collaborate on any device, anywhere in the world, without complicated registrations or approval processes.

Simply invite your team, choose access permissions and start creating in seconds. Find, join and create multiple teams for different projects in one place.


Canva Pro Texture

Apply textures for cozy designs. When flat color doesn't work, give your designs texture with Canva Pro. Choose from a wide variety of textured backgrounds, from real-world papers and fabrics to imaginative designs and patterns.

Search the image library for textures to accentuate with photo filters and transparency to use anywhere in your design.

Image Cropper

Canva Pro Image Cropper

Cut out your images for finished, precise compositions. Suppose you've returned from a three-day hike. As soon as you get back to civilization, you download all your digital photos to your computer: some may need to be labeled, some may need to be retouched, but they will all look much better with a little cropping.

Crop your photos the easy way! After you've taken a sizable set of photos, the cropping tool can help you transform your shots so that they look wonderful with your next project and are cropped to the right size. Whether you're putting together an adventurous photo collage or adding photos to an invitation or brochure, image cropping will ensure that all of your projects look clean, polished and gorgeous. You can even do it right on your phone or tablet! Canva Pro ( is available for your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Speech Bubble

Canva Pro Speech Bubble

Say it out loud with a Drag and Drop Speech Bubble. With Canva Pro it's easy to drag and drop comics into your projects and quickly add your own dialog box. With digital comics you can always edit the dialog box, change colors or move and resize comics.

Add text to images

Canva Pro Add Text To Photo

Add text to any photo for a caption quick or a compelling comment. We can all stop and think about what our favorite photo is. Chances are, if you found it on the Internet rather than a family album, the photo comes with a captivating caption. Well placed words and images can have the power to inspire, entertain, communicate and even garner a lot of engagement on social media.

Whether you're on the web or on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices, Canva Pro can be your go-to place to combine photos and text quickly and easily. Not only does it feature photo filters and design tools to ensure your images look brilliant, but the text tools give you many new fonts and a wide range side Tipography.

Photo Effects

Canva Pro Photo Effects

Add photographic effects to make your photos look more professional. Photo effects are easy with Canva Pro. Whether you're designing on the web, on your iOS or Android devices, Canva Pro offers a wide range of photographic filters to choose from to enhance the look of your photos.

Just choose any photo and click "Filter" to scroll through all the available filters and effects. And if you want to design your own filter, click "Advanced Options" to experiment with all the photo editor sliders to produce unique photo effects.

Photo Straightener

Canva Pro Photo Straightener

Straighten your photos to keep your snapshots sharp. Whether you're creating a photo collage or a beautiful magazine spread, every aspect of your design matters. For the best results, every detail counts: be sure to keep an eye on design edges, kerning, and also make sure your photos are straight.

Canva Pro ( simplifies photo rotation so that surfaces and horizon lines are straight and square. Need to design on the go? Apps for iOS and Android are for you.

Transparent Images

Canva Pro Transparent Images

Create soft and dreamy designs with transparent images. Each element in a Canva Pro design has an adjustable transparency. Simply select an element, then click the down arrow to reveal the transparency slider. Move the slider to the left to gently reduce the opacity level until the element becomes completely transparent and disappears.

Design and Photo Grids

Canva Pro Design and Photo Grids

Keep your photos and layouts sharp with the design grids. Experiment with photo grids by clicking on the "layout" box and choosing from one of several grid layouts. Drag and drop any design element into the open frames and you're done.

Make photo grids the foundation of your design. From simple three-frame designs to complex compositions perfect for moodboards, design grids give you room for creativity.


Canva Pro Sticker

Add digital stickers to your photos. Review the stickers to choose from by entering "stickers" in the search box, then scroll through pages of stickers you can add to any design. The library with millions of stock photos and illustrations has plenty of stickers to liven up your projects, all ready to use.


Canva Pro Frames

Add a fantastic photo frame effect to your images. From family photos to grand master artwork, a brilliant image needs a tasteful and coordinated frame. Recreate the classic feel of oak or the curves of scrapbooking scissors. Give your digital design work the effect of drag and drop photo frames from Canva Pro.

Canva Pro ( comes with a wide range of frames to choose from in a staggering number of shapes and styles, all ready to frame any photo or to use with the vast collection of over a million stock photos.


Canva Pro Vignette

Enhance your images with a cartoon in Canva Pro. Add photo vignette to any image with the vignette filter. You can even create vignette effects using your phone or tablet.


Canva Pro icons

Thousands of icons to improve your projects like a pro. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an icon is definitely worth a thousand more.

The collection of symbols and abstractions are ready to be incorporated into any design and because they are vector images, they will look great in any size. The icons can be used as is or can be combined with your own creative output to create logos, branding and more.

Blurring images

Canva Pro Image Blur

Blur your photos in Canva Pro with the blur slider. If you're used to taking and editing photos from your tablet or phone, don't worry! Canva Pro is available for download for iOS and Android devices. Whether on the web or on the go, it's made easy to blur or sharpen your photos with the photo editor. Canva Pro also lets you see the results directly in the layout view.

How to use Canva Pro

Graphic design software often has a hard time combining effectiveness and ease of use, but Canva Pro is an exception. It is very easy to use, and has become so popular because of its user-friendliness and for ready-made templates for any type of content.

Anyone can use it, not just professionals. It's super easy: you don't need any special graphic design skills and you can create remarkable designs in minutes.

A choice of over 420,000 pre-designed templates, millions of photos, videos, audio, elements, graphics, thousands of premium fonts, hundreds of integrations, and tons of time-saving features make Canva Pro a fast and affordable tool for creating professional-looking projects.

On top of all that, Canva Pro's drag and drop editor makes it even easier for anyone to create amazing designs in minutes with a live preview.

Opinions and reviews on Canva Pro

Canva Pro has over 30 million monthly users in 190 countries who have so far completed over 3 billion projects. Unlike other tools, it is available for both web and print projects. It is trusted by thousands of organizations, including popular ones like HuffPost and Greenpeace.

On the official website There are opinions and testimonials from users who already use Canva Pro.


Canva Pro prices

Canva Pro is available at a price of $ 109.99 in case of annual payment and $ 11.99 in case of monthly payment (

You can Try Canva Pro for free for 30 days. To activate your Canva Pro account, you will need to enter a credit card. You can cancel at any time during the trial period and you will not be charged.

The programme Enterpriseis for organizations, companies, and agencies with large teams that need all the productivity and intelligent design features of Canva Pro with advanced controls to collaborate and publish projects at brand scale.

Canva offers free subscriptions for non-profit organisations ( and specific programmes for students and teachers (

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