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The case study you are about to read is about an ERP software company that was able to acquire qualified leads of decision makers from structured companies with campaigns of LinkedIn Ads and of the Landing Page Optimized from the perspective of copywriting and user experience.

What the customer thinks

"I have had the pleasure of working with Emanuele for almost two years in Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation. Emanuele's skills and knowledge of the Digital world are really good and he proved it with the results achieved in all the activities done together. Emanuele's strengths? He is a person who knows his job well, he knows how to advise you and give you the right suggestions to achieve the required goals. He is an excellent professional, precise, determined and always available!"


"His competence is confirmed by the results, moreover I appreciated his professionalism and transparency"


"A serious, knowledgeable and reliable professional who can tell on the fly what works and what doesn't. Working with him is a pleasure and a source of continuous stimulation."

Case Studies and Results

Here is a preview of other case studies I have followed.

30,000 € Turnover and 5400% ROI with Lead Nurturing

A case study of Lead Nurturing in the B2B of a company in the marble sector that, despite starting from a target that was difficult to reach, generated 30,000 euros of additional turnover and a ROAS of 5400% with a retraining of contacts and the sending of precise newsletters.

157 requests with €380 spent in Google Ads

hotel case study
A case study in the tourism sector of a hotel that, starting from certain criticalities, managed to generate 157 contacts with a limited budget on Google ADS divided between booking requests, phone calls and newsletter subscribers, at the same time encouraging disintermediation from

+219.5% increase in revenue with Email marketing and SMS

Mattresses case study
A case study of a mattress company where, proceeding to the preliminary analysis of the purchasing process, they proceeded to incentivize Reviews and Passaparola and Nurturing via email and SMS of the private customer, contributing to a +219.5% of average turnover compared to the previous year.

250 B2B Leads at the Fair with Google Ads

fair case study
A case study of a metalworking company that, by taking advantage of its participation in an industry fair, managed to acquire 250 potential customer contacts with a negligible cost in Google ADS and a high ROI.

150 phone calls with €1164 in Google Ads

Nursing Home Case Study
A case study of an addiction recovery nursing home that got 150 phone leads and another 20 email leads with Search Network campaigns, targeted extensions, and excellent CPC and CTR.

621 Webinar Enrolled With $404 In Facebook Ads

A case study of a Neuropsychologist who, through a strategy aimed at educating the potential client and transmitting trust, was able to acquire over 600 leads (constantly increasing) with a few hundred euros investment in Facebook ADS.

"We addressed the creation of campaigns Lead Generation for Linkedin, enormous humility and expertise."


"Lead Generation on Facebook campaigns: we have achieved excellent results and above all, thanks to Emanuele's skills, we have increasingly improved the performance of the campaigns".

How We Can Collaborate

Here are the 3 main ways I work with client companies.

Operational Consulting

In managing a web marketing project I follow 5 steps: an initial strategic part, aimed at understanding the macro and micro conversion goals, the profile of the potential customer and his or her buying process, the implementation of the most functional traffic sources from time to time to achieve the goal, the optimization from the persuasive and user experience point of view of the landing page, and the tracking of the results and user actions on the site.

Team supervision

Alongside the full management of a project, I also happen to carry out oversight of existing projects, suggesting the most appropriate initiatives for achieving results and improving KPIs, interfacing from time to time with the people who are entrusted in practice with the implementation of the initiatives to be carried out, such as the trusted agency or internal staff.

Customized Training

Since 2001, when I started doing training, I have had the opportunity to train more than a thousand people throughout Italy in the context of corporate courses, professional retraining courses and industry events, with programs tailored to the needs, level and interests of those attending and a pragmatic, dynamic, straight-to-the-point and strongly practice-based attitude that has garnered consistently excellent feedback from participants over the years.


"Professionalism, competence, availability distinguish him in every aspect both work and human"


"He gave us a lot of advice in the company on how to manage customers and contacts, helping us to have an increase in sales."

Consultant & Trainer Lead Generation & Marketing Automation

My name is Emanuele Chiericato and I have been professionally involved in consulting and training in Web Marketing for 12 years, with a focus on Lead Generation and Email Marketing Automation. I am Author of "Lead Generation: get new contacts and turn them into loyal customers", published in 2017 by Flaccovio Editore, 1st Reprint 2018 and Speaker in national events on Web Marketing such as SMAU, Da Zero a SEO, Inbound Strategies, Adworld Experience. Want to learn more? Here is my website.

"His techniques have proven effective in improving the visibility of a major client."


"Emanuele is professional, knowledgeable, reliable, accurate, his skills are amazing."

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