Castanet: Software Guide to Automate Lead Generation and Prospecting and Outreach with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

What is Castanet

Castanet ( is a LinkedIn. Automation Tool, a platform of choice for professionals who wish to automate their LinkedIn outreach activities. Castanet automates time-consuming B2B LinkedIn prospecting activities for sales teams.

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Features of Castanet

Let's take a look at the main Castanet features.

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Castanet Identify the audience

Castanet allows, from an audience extrapolated from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, from LinkedIn search results and LinkedIn groups to perform automated actions such as invitations, skill addition, and appointment requests.

Creating messages

Castanet Create messages

With Castanet you can create unlimited message sequences with content tailored to your target audience, even using dynamic variables within the message such as name, location, professional title.

Automated Workflows

With Castanet you can send all the information to your CRM, alert your sales team via Slack, and synchronize information with any of the thousands of apps supported by Zapier. Integration with Zapier helps you connect your leads with the apps you already use.


Castanet supplements

As we have seen, you can synchronize leads with the apps you already use ( Specifically, integration with Zapier allows you to send lead data to the right app at the right time, and to create custom workflows for your company's specific sales needs.

Castanet opinions and reviews

Castanet claims over 2,750,000 new B2B connections generated. You can read and listen to user testimonials on the official website and at

Castanet opinions
Castanet reviews
Castanet testimonies
Castanet opinions

Castanet prices

Castanet prices

Castanet allows you to choose from subscription plans ( depending on your needs:

  • Sales Pro, from $ 159 per month;
  • Small Team/Agency, from $ 399 per month;
  • Enterprise, with costs and conditions to be determined in private.

You can have a 7-day trial. If you cancel before the end of your 7-day trial, Castanet will not charge your card.

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