ChatBot: Complete Guide to Messenger Bots (+ 3 Best Platforms to Create ChatBots)

In recent years, the development of social networks and mobile have opened up countless possibilities for physical and online businesses. One of the most used applications on social networks are those dedicated to instant messaging. According to data, about 2.5 billion people use messaging apps, such as Messenger, to communicate on mobile.

Given the high usage of these applications, online marketing also had to adapt to this, to do so ChatBots were invented.

What are ChatBots?

Chatbots are autoresponders equipped with artificial intelligence, which operate on instant messaging apps like Facebook's Messenger. Thanks to this new technology, it is possible to simulate a conversation with a real person on any chat. Bots are now one of the most valuable tools for companies that want to get in touch with their customers and provide them with useful information.

What are ChatBots for?

The uses of ChatBot for Messenger and various mobile messaging apps are varied. You can use them for customer service, to spread news, to make promotions and offers to potential customers of the company. One of the main advantages of Chatbots is that they can be used 24 hours a day.

They can therefore completely and nimbly replace the online support work that previously had to be done by a physical person. In addition, bots can do things that a customer assistant wouldn't normally be able to do. In fact, the developers have allowed the ChatBot to track the experiences, interests, preferences, age and tastes of the people who interact with it.

How ChatBots work on Facebook

Facebook Messenger chatbots are among the most widely used, they assume on social the role of intermediary between the company and the end customer, they act as customer support and help customers to give information about products and to search for content.

Facebook Messenger is a very important option for businesses and those who work in Social Media Marketing. At the moment there are more than 900 million people using this application worldwide. Customers who need information, do not comment under a post and do not send an email. Customers want to know the answer to their questions right away, which is why ChatBots can be useful in both customer retention and company sales.

Bots, therefore, represent the evolution of relationships, they quickly provide links, transmit news of interest, support the user in managing the information of theecommerceor guide customers to a reservation.

Top 3 platforms to create ChatBots for Messenger

Chatbots give the ability for anyone who wants it to quickly respond to the large number of requests they can prevent from customers.

If designed well, these also allow you to showcase the features or value of your product. Also, using bots for Messenger will not only make it easier to sell your product but also upsell it.

The upsell is useful to convince the customer to spend more by adding a bonus to the purchase already made previously, in a perspective of retention of the acquired customer. Finally, bots can in some cases integrate the action typically performed by theemail marketing.

To integrate a ChatBot on Messenger, you first need to create it. To create a bot that you can integrate on your Facebook page, you need to turn to some of the companies that allow you to create an artificial intelligence responder very easily.

After the release of this new technology, there were many who proposed it for the various companies who wanted to make use of it. However, not all of them provide the same performance, so what are the best ChatBots for Messenger?

Among the best, we selected:

  • and one in Italian,

ManyChat is a platform that allows you to create a bot for Messenger in no time and without coding.

ManyChat's English-language builder works through a drag'n'drop system, which allows you to create the bot without having to enter programming code.

Through ManyChat's tools you can create automated sequences to be sent to all users at once, or to be scheduled during the course of a day. The automated sequences are not static but allow you to send messages based on user actions.

Thanks to features you can integrate a Live Chat that alerts you when you need to pay attention to the conversation and then chat directly with your customer or subscriber.

To create a chatbot with ManyChat, you'll need to sign up for the site and select whether you want to use the basic feature or the Pro feature. Also, with ManyChat, you can pay directly depending on the subscribers you want to send messages to. For 1000 people, ManyChat's price is $15 per month.


Chatfuel is an English-language platform that allows you to create a chatbot for Messenger that can meet your needs.

With Chatfuel you can easily automate the questions to the answers you are most frequently asked, or you can share information and present a portfolio to potential clients.

Chatfuel is also widely used by large companies in the industry, such as Adidas, Buzzfeed or Volkswagen. To create a bot with this platform you'll have to connect to the official website, sign up, choose the industry you work in and then use all the tools that will allow you to build the bot and integrate it with Facebook Messenger.

Chatbots Builder: the Italian Chatbot

One of the platforms to create chatbots for the Italian market is Chatbots Builder. It's a platform completely in italian language Complete, effective and perfect for integrating the bot directly on your Facebook pages.

This new marketing tool will give you the opportunity to respond to your customer's needs, but also sell your products.

Chatbots Builder Software allows you to create online bots for Facebook Messenger. This tool can be used by both large and medium sized businesses that operate online. Once you've made the chatbot, you can quickly add it to the Facebook pages you control and then activate it whenever you want. You can also set precise times whether or not you want customers to contact you, thanks to the opening hours" function.

The interface by Chatbots Builder It's very simple. and allows a wide choice of templates for the answers to be integrated in your messenger bot. Also, with the chatbot map you can handle all the answers, managing to put the maximum control directly over all your funnel.

Let's take a closer look at the main features of ChatBots Builder.

Quick and easy integration with Facebook Page

ChatBots Builder allows you to create and connect your chatbot to your Facebook page in seconds and steps.


In marketing automation, we talk about triggers to indicate the "trigger" that is triggered by a certain action. In chatbots like Chatbots Builder you can use images, sliders, forms to make Lead Generation, get booking requests, create links and buttons.

Ready-made templates

One of the most complex parts of using a chatbot is creating it strategically within a given industry and goal: if a chatbot for tourism will not be the same as one for a web agency, one for the lead generation will be different from one aimed at customer care.

To meet this need ChatBots Builder provides a series of ready-made templates for restaurants, hotels, web agencies, professionals, to customize starting from a prefabricated template.

Tools for lead generation

Forms, booking requests and other triggers built into ChatBots Builder allow the platform to be a valuable tool for capturing leads.

"Opening Hours"

It is possible to set "open hours" by deciding at what time the bot can respond to user requests and when messages are handled manually.

To promote engagement

To encourage engagement Chatbots Builder allows you to send automatic responses based on "keywords". In addition, the platform makes it quick and easy to add emoji.

Web Personalization

Personalization means the right message to the right person: with Chatbots Builder you can use "variables" such as the person's name, the time and day of the week.


Integration with tools such as email service provider How Mail Chimp allows you to make your marketing activities even more comprehensive.

You can register for free and start creating chatbots for Messenger in 5 minutes on the official website:

What do you think? How do you use Messenger bots for your online marketing efforts? Let's talk about it in the comments!


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