Clickfunnels: The Most Complete Guide in Italian

ClickFunnels ( is a "software as a service" online created by Russell Brunson that provides all the features you need to create interconnected sequences (to define them in Italy we have been using for a few years now, although not completely correctly, the term "funnel") of Landing Page in a broad sense (from pages of optin for the Lead Generation to real sales pages, where payments can be made) and to set up workflows of marketing automation (in the Platinum version). A tool that can help you to earn onlineeither by implementing "funnel" for your customers than by doing so with a view to selling products, digital or otherwise.

Before you know how it works In this tutorial in Italian on ClickFunnels, we see in detail what is meant by "funnel" and why it is important.

What is "Funnel" and why is it important?

funnels, translated into Italian, it means funnelA metaphor for the customer acquisition process, starting from the initial phase. until you get to the narrowest part of the funnel representing conversion first, which depending on whether your macro conversion goal is online sales or Lead Generation will consist of selling your product or acquiring the contact information of the potential customer.

As you may have guessed and as the term itself suggests, not everyone who enters the initial part of the funnel (not by chance the widest) arrives at the final part (the narrowest): this phenomenon is physiological, online and offline: not everyone who passes in front of a shop window looks at it, not everyone who looks at it enters and not everyone who enters buys...normal isn't it?

ClickFunnels allows you to create sequences of Landing Page linked together to create a path through the various stages of the "funnel".

What is ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels allows you to have a complete tool for the creation of landing pages, optin pages and sales pages.

With Clickfunnels you can generate leads to sell a single product like an ebook (or paper book), or a lead generation strategy like signing up for a webinar.

To give a couple of examples of applying ClickFunnels, you can:

  • Create a landing page to capture the contact and easily link it to a thank you page to set up conversion tracking.
  • or, you can create a sales page with a payment gateway (Paypal) that directs to an Upsell page.

The interface is user friendly, easy to use and manage, based as usual in the industry by a block editor moveable and editable (Drag&Drop) and with the ability to use templates ready.

You can realize various types of sequences on Clickfunnels such as:

  • Optin Funnels: allows you to quickly create a landing page for lead generation
  • Webinar: you can create landing pages for live or pre-recorded webinars
  • Sales Funnels: allows you to create a real sales path
  • Launch Funnels: with this option you can create a launch of a service or a new product
  • Membership Funnels: With the latter you can create a private area to your courses or services for your members, either paid or free.

Clickfunnels: Funnel and Landing Page

The main function of Clickfunnels is to create landing pages that you can then group in order to create a path that will lead your traffic to become leads or paying customers.

After you have subscribed with Clickfunnels you can create the your first project through templates already preset or you can choose to create a new "funnel" from scratch.

If you decide to start from scratch, simply click on Add New and then choose exactly the "funnel" you want to create: optin funnels, webinars, sales funnels or membership funnels.

After choosing what you want to accomplish in order to your online business, you can start to build your path, during its construction you can add from time to time the pages that you want to be part of your sales path or contact acquisition.

After taking your first step by logging into the online landing page creation platform, you can choose from the various options mentioned above. Let's see how they work one by one.

Clickfunnels drag and drop editor for Landing pages and funnels
ClickFunnels drag & drop editor for creating Landing Pages

Clickfunnels template

Clickfunnels is equipped with a series of templates that allow the easy creation of various types of Landing Pages. Let's see them in detail.

How to create an Optin Page (Squeeze Page) on Clickfunnels

To create an Optin Page you will have to choose this option directly from those proposed by Clickfunnels.

An "Optin Page" basically allows you to create what used to be called a "squeeze page", a page aimed at acquiring the name and email address of an cold lead via a Lead Magnet, typically name and email address, to be entered into an automated sequence of email marketing.

In this regard, with Clickfunnels Platinum Membership it is also possible to have an integrated email marketing automationActionetics. If you do a basic subscription you can choose to link a ESP outside such as Mailchimp, Getresponse, Aweber etc...

For to best complete an Optin Funnel" you must finally create a path that connects the first landing page to a Thank you page.

Thank you page is very important because it thanks your visitors for signing up, you can also enter the access link or the download link for your free resource, but most importantly it allows you to easily set up conversion tracking.

Inside of options for Optin funnels you can choose from around 50 different templates or you can simply choose to create an optin page from scratch.


ClickFunnels gives you the ability to create sequences of pages for a Lead Generation Webinars, the options include:

  • Deliver the webinar either in real time at a time predetermined for all members
  • Create an "evergreen", pre-recorded webinar.

At the end of the webinar, ClickFunnels gives you the ability to redirect viewers to a Thank You Page featuring your products or services in order to finalize a sale.

Sales Funnels

With Clickfunnels you can create a "Sales Funnel", a specific path for the online sale of a single product, for example a video course, an ebook or another physical or digital product.

Launch Funnels

In addition to being able to create a Sales Funnel complete you can also choose to create a Launch funnel.

Using this section you can create a "launch funnel" that will allow you to arouse the curiosity of the visitor and then lead him to the actual launch of the product. For this operation, the program has different templates that you can modify according to the launch funnel you want to build.

Membership area

Clickfunnels is also a tool to create a membership area. A membership area, is nothing more than a reserved area to which they can access only those who purchased your product or only those who they left a contact.

For create your membership area just go to the Clickfunnels Dashboard and click on Add New, then you will need to click on Sell your product and finally on Membership.

With these three simple You can create your private members area. You will be able to insert a registration page, a login page and finally create in detail the entire area reserved for subscribers to your newsletter or your customers.

The other functions of Clickfunnels

In addition to the functions which we have already described and which represent the main ones of Clickfunnels, within this program you will also be able to take advantage of other options, such as creating single pages like:

  • Pages for e-commerce
  • About Me Page (the page that describes who you are and what you do)
  • Page 404 (an error page, allowing the customer to go back to the correct or main page)
  • Home page
  • Article Pages

Thanks to these functions you can also create the main pages of your website or blog.

How to integrate pages created on Clickfunnels into WordPress

Clickfunnels allows you to integrate its pages, landing pages and consequently the entire path of the "funnel" within your blog or website created on WordPress.

To be able to integrate the program in your blog or website, simply download the Clickfunnels plugin for WordPress.

The plugin allows you to add the pages you created with Clickfunnels quickly and easily to your blog or website.

To integrate Clickfunnels pages at their best on WordPress you can build them directly on your platform:

  • Click on Clickfunnels and then on Add New
  • Create the your funnel
  • Choose the funnel or the page you want to insert
  • Publish the page

A/B testing with Clickfunnels

With Clickfunnels you have the possibility to create a A/B Test.

With Clickfunnels you will be able to to create a A/B Test to let you know which of the pages:

  • Convert better
  • Bring more number of clicks
  • Major ports subscribe to your newsletter
  • Ports higher sales

The Clickfunnels Marketplace

Clickfunnels contains within it already several templates ready for the creation of various "funnels" and the various landing pages.

But it is possible that among the available templates there aren't any that meet your needs. In these cases on the Clickfunnels Marketplace you can buy many new templates for your optin pages, sales funnels, landing pages, webinars, at a cost that starts from from about $7.

Opinions about ClickFunnels

The tool is very popular: on the official website you can find numerous opinions and reviews of people who have used ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels VS. OptimizePress

You're probably wondering at this point if it's best to just... use Clickfunnels or Optimize Press, another popular Landing Pages creation tool that can be integrated with WordPress, or with tools such as Elementor or other Software as a Service for creating landing pages such as Unbounce.

Let's start with some specifics: Elementor and Optimize Press are Page Builders, basically plugins that allow you to create landing pages (and sequences of them) using drag and drop editors. The same happens in ClickFunnels and Unbounce, with the difference that the latter 2 are not WordPress plugins but also have a plugin to be able to display the pages created in your WordPress site.

Another big difference is the price: it's a long way from Elementor's $50 a year (for one site) to ClickFunnels' $100 a month (in the basic version), although ClickFunnels doesn't require a domain and hosting and is simpler than Elementor.

Clickfunnels price

What is the cost of ClickFunnel? Like all creation programs of landing pages or funnelsClickfunnels is also a paid service, so it is not possible to create free funnels or free optin pages. However, it is also possible to access a 14-day free trial. After signing up for the free trial you can choose between two Clickfunnels monthly plans and related prices:

  • The Standard Monthly Plan has a cost of 97 $
  • The Platinum monthly plan has a cost of 297 $

Of course between the standard plan and the full suite there are several differences, the second option in fact provides several advanced features and has no limitation on the number of monthly visits, while with the standard account the limit, at the time of writing, is set at 20,000,000 unique visits.

ClickFunnels prices
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