ClickMeter: Complete Guide to the Link Tracking Software for Affiliate Marketing & More

What is Clickmeter

ClickMeter ( is a tool for the link trackingwhich allows you to monitor, compare and optimise the performance of your link marketing campaigns.

It is a marketing tool that provides tools to monitor:

  • affiliate links;
  • links from advertisements;
  • newsletter link;
  • links on other sites.

ClickMeter was launched in 2012 as a side project of a web marketing agency. Initially created as a tool to meet the agency's needs to accurately count and track web marketing actions performed for clients, the system quickly evolved and has emerged as one of the most widely used software solutions to collect, analyze and share link click data.

ClickMeter consists of a number of features available through a single platform, where users can monitor their links, see how many people visit a particular page on the site, countries of origin, interest in buying, traffic sources and other metrics to find out which ones work best.

But let's get into the details of the platform's functionality.

What is Clickmeter

How Clickmeter Works

ClickMeter offers more than a hundred features ( Let's look at the main ones.

ClickMeter tracks links with options such as language, country, device type, IP address, browser, visitor type, A/B Test, UTM parameters, keywords and much more.


API endpoint with full functionality, detailed documentation, sandbox environment, multiple API keys and consulting available.

List of links

Shows the list of all available tracking links associated with all campaigns sorted by Click (this list can be in any order).

Click stream

It shows recent clicks / views received on different datapoints (tracking links / tracking pixels) in real time with user information such as IP address, country of origin, region, city, organization, browser, platform and click type (unique, non-unique, spider / bot, conversion).

How to use Clickmeter

ClickMeter ( is a cloud service and does not require you to install any software or write any code. After signing up, it is ready in a few moments.

ClickMeter allows you to create trackable links and publish them on banners, in emails, as affiliate links, in press releases and guest posts, in social and email marketing.

The link tracked by ClickMeter works just like a traditional link: once clicked, the user is redirected to a Landing Page or a blog post or a product page, but ClickMeter in an immediate way and invisible to the end user, collects data about the visitor (such as IP, Country, Keyword, Source) which then provides in a series of reports.

ClickMeter, tracking the link and its conversions, allows you to understand the performance of that link and then understand which channels, banners, tools can bring a greater return on investment.


ClickMeter integrates with, among others:

Opinions and reviews on Clickmeter

ClickMeter is trusted by over 100,000 small and large businesses. It is used by several thousand affiliates and works with hundreds of affiliate programs. On this page you can read comments, opinions and testimonials from users who are already using it.

ClickMeter Prices

Clickmeter offers the possibility to create a free account to test the service, but to have access to all the features you need to subscribe to a premium plan (

You can choose from:

  • Mediumat $29 a month;
  • Largeat $99 a month;
  • X-Largeat $349 a month.

Choosing an annual or two-year payment plan you can get a substantial discount.

If you are not satisfied with the service you can request a refund within 30 days.

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