How to Make Money Selling Links: Complete Guide to 4 Best Tools

In a previous article we saw how one of the methods to earn money on the internet can be the selling links.

Beware though: as mentioned in that article, Selling and buying links is explicitly prohibited in Google's policies. and as such penalized. Before going into the details of how to sell links in order to earn online, let's try to clarify what Google thinks about it and what the risk is.

The quality standards for Google Webmaster instructions  warn you not to participate in link schemesOne of the ways of doing this is to buy and sell links in order to influence the ranking of the website. The risk inherent in such a practice is penalization by Google. Forewarned is forearmed.

That said, if you want to proceed at your own risk into the dark world of link selling, let's look at the tools to do so together.

The first important aspect to understand is Why a company should buy a link. In the vast majority of cases, the purchase of a link is aimed precisely at influence the ranking of the linked siteTherefore, the practice that Google considers unfair.

Understand that the person who buys links, therefore your potential customer in this online business, has purposes SEO, allows you to give what you are looking for, which is a quality link.

When a link is quality? Difficult question, however we can summarily define the main characteristics of a quality link and as such worthy of being purchased.

A quality link is:

  • a text link, or placed within a text, in the classic form of Guest Posting;
  • a link preferably follow, which passes Page Rank (even a nofollow link can be of quality, but link buyers prefer follow links);
  • a link placed on a site contextual and quality, perhaps with Page Rank, Domain and Page Authority.

We therefore understand that the first step to sell links is to have:

  • a site of quality parameters, maybe with a Page Rank higher than 0 (the higher the better) and above all the highest possible Domain and Page Authority values (which can be deduced from the Moz Bar:
  • a site with a lot of original and quality contentnot with too many outbound links;
  • a site aesthetically presentablebecause even the eye wants its part;

Once you have a site with these characteristics (if you don't have one, you can always buy it with one of the services of sale of domains and websites) it's time to pitch it to potential buyers.

There are basically two ways to sell links: through the dedicated sections in the industry forums or through sites that specialise in selling links.

Buying and selling links on forums

Let's start from the industry forums. and the GT Forum host two extensive link buying and selling sections, which can be found at the following links:


The service is free and allows you to put in contact those who buy with those who sell, in accordance with the rules of the respective forums.

A quick read through the sold and requested links can give you an idea of what kind of links and sites are popular and their prices.

Buying and selling links on Seeding Up (Teliad)

Outside of forums, there are sites that specialize in connecting people who want to buy and sell links.

Seeding Up (Ex Teliad)

SeedingUp | Digital Content Marketing
Teliad, the historic link sales platform, recently changed its name and image to Seeding Up ( as a result of heavy penalization by Google).

Like Rankseller, Seeding Up allows you to enter your sites and decide the price for publishing a text link.

2 more sites to earn money with site content: Upstory and

Going beyond the sale of links, we recommend, an Italian service that allows you to publish "branded content" on your site, i.e. content sponsored by companies, in the form of infographics, advertorials or other.

There are no (at least on the surface) links in the way, but it can be a good (and safer) way to monetize your site through content.



Italian start-up, Buzzoole aims to increase the word of mouth of client companies by publishing content on blogs and sharing it on social networks. Payment is made in virtual credits, which, once a certain threshold is reached, can be converted into Amazon gift vouchers.

To recap, to earn money by selling links you can subscribe your site to these tools:

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