Constant Contact: How it Works, Reviews and Pricing of ESP and Email Marketing Software

What is Constant Contact

Constant Contact (, founded by Randy Parker in 1998, is a platform of email marketing based in Waltham, MA, in the United States and used by small businesses, agencies, franchises, corporate networks and developers for over 20 years.

Constant Contact homepage

How Constant Contact Works

Constant Contact, similar to other email marketing platforms, has numerous features (

How Constant Contact works

Social Marketing

Constant Contact Social Marketing

The platform allows you to monitor the progress of social campaigns, make updates and respond to comments and messages (

You can also create social ads and optimize them with detailed metrics and insights as you go along.


Constant Contact Ecommerce

Constant Contact offers native integrations with many solutions from ecommerce ( with features like cart abandonment, the ability to view sales directly in the Constant Contact dashboard, and more.

Event Marketing Tools

Constant Contact's event registration app is a great feature for marketers interested in leveraging email marketing to increase attendance at trade shows and conferences. Called EventSpot, provides all the tools you need to create email invitations and a corresponding registration form.

The online form simplifies the event registration process, eliminating the need to collect registration information over the phone. There are also integrations with other event marketing tools, such as Eventbrite.

Contact list management

Constant Contact Contact list management

In addition to allowing you to add contacts manually or upload them from a file, Constant Contact also allows you to import them from other popular email services and productivity apps.

The platform not only helps you manage contacts, but also helps you grow your email list with:

  • possibility of creating a Landing Page for your website to collect multiple email addresses;
  • Adding an option where users can send a text message to join your email marketing list;
  • connection of additional apps, including Facebook.


Constant Contact allows you to create segments ( based on whether a user received, opened, or clicked on your email.

Email Marketing Automation

Constant Contact Email Marketing Automation

With the email marketing software you can create a workflow of email marketing automation of the campaign options. (

You can create a new email or use one from an existing campaign and it will be sent automatically in response to certain triggers

From the Marketing Automation point of view, Constant Contact focuses exclusively on email marketing, unlike other software, such as SendInBluewhich offer multi-channel automation capabilities that can create workflows not only for email, but also for SMS tasks.

Tracking Tools

Constant Contact Tracking

With Constant Contact you can track the performance of your website with the website monitoring and analysis tool (, and get detailed visitor metrics in real time.

Website Reporting

Constant Contact Website Reporting

Constant Contact offers detailed reports ( showing statistics on the number of clicks, unsubscribes, forwards, opens, spam reports, rates of hard and soft bounce and more. These statistics are displayed graphically in the user's account.

In addition, Constant Contact gives users an option to customize the spreadsheet to export any statistics An activity tab records exports, removals, updates, and additions.

Email Design

Constant Contact has over 200 email templates for all key areas, including:

  • DEM
  • newsletters;
  • surveys.

Survey templates are for Email Plus plan users only.

You can also ignore Constant Contact's default designs and start from scratch with an empty template.

When you create your email, you have access to:

  • GIF;
  • Polls;
  • Shapes;
  • A free gallery of archival photos;
  • Mobile creation.

You can use drag and drop or HTML editing tools to create and customize your emails. Creating and editing emails is pretty easy with Constant Contact thanks to a classic Drag & Drop editor.

Check for Errors tool

Constant Contact Instrument Check for Errors

The useful functionality Check for Errors Highlight any errors you may have missed in your emails, such as missing links.


As mentioned earlier, Constant Contact is that it offers a wide variety of integration options such as:

Opinions and reviews on Constant Contact

You can find numerous testimonials, opinions and comments about Constant Contact here:

Prices by Constant Contact

Constant Contact prices

Constant Contact has two tariff plans ( Email and Email Plus.

The plan Email cheapest plan costs $ 20 per month, whereas the Email Plus costs $ 45 per month. The price you actually pay depends on the number of contacts you have, so your starting price might be higher if you already have more than 500 contacts.

You can also choose to pay in advance for six or 12 months, which reduces your long-term costs and saves you 15%.

There is no free plan, but you are offered a generous 60-day free trial to see if Constant Contact is right for you:

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