Generate Profiled Leads from Google, optimizing costs, with Google Ads Consulting

A consulting service of Lead Generation on Google Ads, Google's advertising program, to generate profiled leads of potential customers in B2B and B2C, optimizing acquisition costs, in 3 steps:

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Emanuele Chiericato,
Lead Generation Consultant B2B and B2C with Google Ads
  • 5/5 out of 37 Public Customer Reviews
  • 29 Real Case Studies with Results
  • 15 Years of Experience in Consulting and Training
  • Speaker at National Events on Digital
  • Interviewed by Channel Italy and Rai Educational
  • Author 1st Book on Lead Generation (Flaccovio)

It was a real pleasure to meet Emanuele. I had the opportunity to fully appreciate his professionalism and deep knowledge of the Google Ads world. What I particularly appreciated was his constant focus on keeping up to date. The world of online advertising is constantly evolving and Emanuele is always keeping up with the latest trends and news.

A. Battiston, Digital Manager @ Husquarna Italy

How Lead Generation Consulting with Google Ads Works.
in 3 Phases

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Product & Service Analysis, Target & Strategy

In this first phase we are going to understand who is the potential customer you want to intercept, what strategy to adopt to achieve the goals of acquiring potential customer contacts and how to do it with Google Ads.


Landing Page Creation and Tracking Setting

In this second phase, the most operational part of the service begins: we will go on to build, if necessary, one or more Landing Pages for contact acquisition depending on the chosen strategy, create Google Ads campaigns, and finally set up all tracking with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics and tools of CRO to understand return on investment and user experience.

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Google Ads Campaign Creation, Consistent Optimization and Reporting

In this phase we go on to create and constantly monitor the performance of advertising campaigns from the perspective of performance indicators (including number of leads, qualification rate, cost per lead, and cost per qualified lead), making optimizations aimed at maximizing results in terms of quantity, quality, and cost per lead, as well as providing a customized report also in Looker Studio format upon request.

"I had the opportunity to fully appreciate his professionalism and deep knowledge of the world of Google Ads."

"All the projects for which I have sought advice have benefited from a very strong improvement in performance."


Case Studies and Results of Lead Generation Campaigns with Google Ads

Below are some of the case studies of Lead Generation consulting on Google Ads.

157 Reservation Requests with Google Ads in the tourism industry

google ads case study lead gen tourism
A case study in the tourism sector of a hotel that, already in the first month, managed to generate 157 contacts with a limited budget on Google Ads divided between booking requests, phone calls and newsletter subscribers, while at the same time incentivizing disintermediation from

2198 Phone and Mail contacts at €2.8 in the Ship Transportation sector

google ads case study lead gen tourism
With a shipping company, we were able to significantly increase phone, email and form contacts with a Google Ads campaign, progressively optimizing costs per contact.

250 Leads in B2B with Google Ads for an Engineering Sector Company.

fair case study
A case study of a metalworking company that, by leveraging participation in an industry trade show, managed to acquire 250 potential customer contacts at a negligible cost in Google Ads just one mse after the event with a high return on investment.

Tens of Thousands of Euro Contracts in the M&A Sector with Google Ads

With a company in the M&A industry, we were able to acquire qualified leads of decision makers in B2B with Google Ads by optimizing quality and cost per lead with returns in the hundreds of thousands.

150 Phone Contacts with $1164 from Month 1 with Google Ads for a Nursing Home

Nursing Home Case Study
A case study of an addiction recovery treatment home that already achieved 170 phone contacts and more email and form contacts in the first month with Google Ads campaigns and a Landing Page, and then further improved performance in the following months.

Double the enrollments with 40% of the cost with Google Ads in the education sector

google ads case study lead gen training
A case study of a company in the training industry that managed to reduce the cost of acquiring qualified leads by 40% with Google Ads, while duplicating enrollments and improving contact qualification through work on Hubspot,.

One Qualified Lead per Day for less than €20 with Google Ads in the Insurance Sector

google ads insurance case study
A case study of a company in the insurance industry with which we were able to obtain an average of one qualified lead per day at a cost of €20 per lead.

Qualified Leads and Signed Contracts for an Export Consulting Firm with Google Ads

A case study of a company in the export consulting industry with which we were able to lower the cost per lead by obtaining qualified leads that generated a 30% of closed contracts.

Contacts and Phone Calls in B2B at $5.2 in the Auto Parts Industry with Google Ads

auto parts case study google ads
A case study of a company in the auto parts industry with whom we were able to obtain qualified B2B contacts at an average cost per lead of €5.2.

"Competence, professionalism, transparency."


"A serious, knowledgeable and reliable professional who can tell on the fly what works and what doesn't. Working with him is a pleasure and a source of continuous stimulation."

How We Can Collaborate

Here are the 3 main ways I work with client companies.

Google Ads Consulting

In this case, after a strategic part carried out together and aimed at understanding product or service, target, buying process and strategy, we proceed internally and independently with the implementation of Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads Supervision

In this case, I supervise existing projects, suggesting the most appropriate initiatives for achieving results and improving KPIs, interfacing with the people who are entrusted in practice with the implementation of the initiatives to be carried out, such as the trusted agency or internal staff.

Google Ads Training

Here I conduct tailored training on the Google Ads platform in a consequential, practical and advanced manner and share best practices and mistakes to avoid. Conducted on Google Meet and or similar platforms.


"Emanuele's strengths? He is a person who knows his job well, he can advise you and give you the right suggestions to achieve the required goals. He is an excellent professional, precise, determined and always available!"


"Always very professional and up-to-date on all developments in this area. The results have come in the first few months already."


About me

My name is Emanuele Chiericato and I have been professionally consulting and training in Web Marketing for 15 years, with a focus on Lead Generation with Google Ads and other advertising platforms.
I am Author of "Lead Generation: get new contacts and turn them into loyal customers", published in 2017 by Flaccovio Editore, 1st Reprint 2018 and Speaker in national events on Web Marketing such as SMAU, Da Zero a SEO, Inbound Strategies, Adworld Experience, UNIPD. Interviewed by Channel Italy, RAI Educational, finalist in the Coop For Words competition.
Want to learn more? On my website you will find all the case studies, results and other reviews from people who have worked with me.

Watch my interview on Channel Italy

Interviewed for the StoryTime Column, I talk about my work, my method, and the distinctive elements of my approach.

"A very competent professional with a broad and excellent background."

"Very knowledgeable and always on point."

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"An excellent professional who always acts in the total interest of the client by suggesting the best methodology and solutions to maximize results"


"His techniques proved effective and enabled us to achieve the goal."

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