I help you generate Profiled Leads in B2B, with LinkedIn Consulting

A consulting service of Lead Generation on LinkedIn, to generate profiled contacts of potential customers in B2B, optimizing acquisition costs, in 3 ways:

emanuele chiericato
Emanuele Chiericato,
Lead Generation Consultant B2B with LinkedIn
  • 5/5 out of 37 Public Customer Reviews
  • 29 Real Case Studies with Results
  • 15 Years of Experience in Consulting and Training
  • Speaker at National Events on Digital
  • Interviewed by Channel Italy and Rai Educational
  • Author 1st Book on Lead Generation (Flaccovio)

Wonderful work done together with Emanuele in creating LinkedIn campaigns. Great clarity, great method, tremendous humility and expertise. Thank you!

How Lead Generation Consulting with LinkedIn Works in 3 Steps

Funnel LinkedIn Lead Gen B2B

Product & Service Analysis, Target & Strategy

In this first phase, we are going to understand who is the potential customer you want to intercept, what strategy to adopt to achieve your B2B potential customer contact acquisition goals, and how to do it with LinkedIn Ads and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


Creating LinkedIn Ads Campaigns and Automated Scenarios with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In this second phase, the more operational part of the service begins: we will go on to create LinkedIn Ads sponsored campaigns depending on the identified target audience, taking advantage of the tool's profiling options and create automated LinkedIn Sales Navigator scenarios with appropriate software.

Linkedin Ads Consulting
linkedin automation

Monitoring and Optimization

In this phase we go to constantly monitor the performance of advertising campaigns from the perspective of performance indicators (including number of leads, qualification rate, cost per lead and cost per qualified lead), making optimizations aimed at maximizing results in terms of quantity, quality and cost per lead.


"His competence is confirmed by the results, moreover I appreciated his professionalism and transparency"


"A serious, knowledgeable and reliable professional who can tell on the fly what works and what doesn't. Working with him is a pleasure and a source of continuous stimulation."

Case Studies and Results of Lead Generation Campaigns with LinkedIn Ads and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Below are some of the case studies of Lead Generation consulting on LinkedIn.

B2B Lead Generation in the Software Industry with LinkedIn

With a software company in the finance sector, we were able to generate dozens of leads profiled with LinkedIn Ads totaling hundreds of thousands in pipeline, scaling and automating initiatives with LinkedIn Sales Navigator as well.

B2B Lead Generation in the Education Industry with LinkedIn

CPL 68% Reduction - LinkedIn Ads Case Study.
With a training and consulting company in a logistics industry in B2B, we were able to acquire hundreds of leads profiled for training and consulting activities with LinkedIn Ads, reducing the cost per lead by 68% and improving contact qualification.

B2B Lead Generation in the Manufacturing Sector with LinkedIn

lead gen linkedin manufacturing
With a multinational company in the manufacturing sector managed to acquire profiled leads of decision makers from multinational companies with LinkedIn Ads through specific ABM (Account Based Marketing) actions.

B2B Lead Generation in the M&A Industry with LinkedIn

With a company in the M&A sector, we were able to acquire qualified leads of decision makers in B2B with LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads and advertising on Meta by optimizing quality and cost per lead.

B2B Lead Generation in HR with LinkedIn

With a company in the HR industry with LinkedIn Ads and Email Marketing Automation we were able to reach multinational companies interested in a specific figure for hire, increasing opportunities and reducing costs.

B2B Lead Generation in the ERP Software Industry with LinkedIn

ERP software case study
For a well-known ERP management software company, we were able to acquire profiled, data-rich leads from decision makers in structured companies with a series of campaigns on LinkedIn Ads and Landing Page.

"We tackled the creation of lead generation campaigns for LinkedIn, enormous humility and expertise."


"All the projects for which I have sought advice have benefited from a very strong improvement in performance."


How We Can Collaborate

Here are the 3 main ways I work with client companies.

LinkedIn consulting

In this case, after a strategic part carried out together and aimed at understanding product or service, target audience, buying process and strategy, we proceed internally and independently with the implementation of LinkedIn Ads campaigns and the creation of automated LinkedIn Sales Navigator scenarios.

LinkedIn oversight

In this case, I supervise existing projects, suggesting the most appropriate initiatives for achieving results and improving KPIs, interfacing with the people who are entrusted in practice with the implementation of the initiatives to be carried out, such as the trusted agency or internal staff.

LinkedIn Training

Here I conduct tailored training on the LinkedIn platform, from the perspective of Profile/Company Page optimization, content, LinkedIn Ads and Sales Navigator, in a consequential, practical and advanced manner and sharing best practices and mistakes to avoid. Turned to Google Meet and or similar platforms.


"Emanuele's strengths? He is a person who knows his job well, he can advise you and give you the right suggestions to achieve the required goals. He is an excellent professional, precise, determined and always available!"


"Always very professional and up-to-date on all developments in this area. The results have come in the first few months already."

About me

My name is Emanuele Chiericato and I have been professionally consulting and training in Web Marketing for 15 years, with a focus on Lead Generation with LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads and Meta Ads and marketing automation with Email Marketing and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
I am Author of "Lead Generation: get new contacts and turn them into loyal customers", published in 2017 by Flaccovio Editore, 1st Reprint 2018 and Speaker in national events on Web Marketing such as SMAU, Da Zero a SEO, Inbound Strategies, Adworld Experience, UNIPD. Interviewed by Channel Italy, RAI Educational, finalist in the Coop For Words competition.
Want to learn more? On my website https://emanuelechiericato.com/ you will find all the case studies, results and reviews of those who have worked with me.

Watch my interview on Channel Italy

Interviewed for the StoryTime Column, I talk about my work, my method, and the distinctive elements of my approach.


"An excellent professional who always acts in the total interest of the client by suggesting the best methodology and solutions to maximize results"


"Emanuele is professional, knowledgeable, reliable, accurate, his skills are amazing."

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