Ti aiuto ad Ottimizzare le Performance del tuo Email Marketing su Sendinblue

Introducing the Email Marketing Consulting Service & Email Marketing Automation su Sendinblue, che ti consente di migliorare le performance delle newsletter e dei workflow di marketing automation che invii ai tuoi contatti e clienti e di automatizzarne l’invio, ottimizzando tempi e costi.

The consulting service on Email Marketing & Email Marketing Automation su Sendinblue si articola in 3 fasi:

emanuele chiericato

Emanuele Chiericato, Consulente Email Marketing Automation specializzato su Sendinblue

Come Funziona la Consulenza Email Marketing & Automation su Sendinblue

The 3 phases that make up Email Marketing and Email Marketing Automation Consulting.


Analysis of the sales process and current initiatives

In questa prima fase andiamo a comprendere quali sono e come sono strutturati i processi di comunicazione e vendita via mail con prospect e clienti e come possono essere gestiti ed possibly automated with theEmail Marketing e l’Email Marketing Automation su Sendinblue.

Se svolgi già attività di questo tipo sulla piattaforma, effettuiamo preliminarmente un’audit per comprendere eventuali aspetti da migliorare.


Email Marketing Campaign Creation & Email Marketing Automation Workflow

In questa seconda fase inizia la parte più operativa del servizio: andremo a realizzare o ottimizzare delle Campagne di Email Marketing su Sendinblue a seconda delle esigenze e degli obiettivi concordati e a creare dei Workflow di Email Marketing Automation al fine di automatizzare comunicazioni e processi di vendita con clienti e potenziali clienti.

Sendinblue email marketing automation
KPI email marketing

KPI Analysis and Continuous Improvement

In questa fase andiamo ad analizzare le performance (KPI, Key Performance Indicators) delle attività svolte di Email Marketing e Email Marketing Automation su Sendinblue come rate of delivery (deliverability), open rate, clicks and many others, to understand how to improve your initiatives from a continuous improvement perspective.



"His competence is confirmed by the results, moreover I appreciated his professionalism and transparency"


"A serious, knowledgeable and reliable professional who can tell on the fly what works and what doesn't. Working with him is a pleasure and a source of continuous stimulation."

Casi Studio e Risultati Consulenza Email Marketing e Email Marketing Automation con Sendinblue

Below is a preview of Email Marketing and Email Marketing Automation case studies and their results.

Automatizzazione del Contatto con Sendinblue e Email Marketing Automation

A case study of a medical professional who, through a strategy aimed at educating the potential customer and conveying trust, was able to acquire over 600 leads by automating the contacts with an Email Marketing Automation workflow.

Automatizzazione delle vendite con Email Marketing Automation di Sendinblue

Windows Case Study
A case study of a windows and doors company that, thanks to a work of Lead Generation and Email Marketing Automation was able to automate communications with leads, optimizing time and costs and generating a return on investment of +150%.

30.000€ Fatturato e 5400% ROI con Email Marketing con Sendinblue

A case study of Lead Nurturing in the B2B of a company in the marble sector that, despite starting from a target that was difficult to reach, generated 30,000 euros of additional turnover and a ROAS of 5400% with a retraining of contacts and the sending of precise newsletters.

+219,5% di aumento fatturato medio con Email e SMS Marketing con Sendinblue

Mattresses case study
A case study of a mattress company where, proceeding to the preliminary analysis of the purchasing process, they proceeded to incentivize Reviews and Passaparola and Nurturing via email and SMS of the private customer, contributing to a +219.5% of average turnover compared to the previous year.

"We tackled the creation of lead generation campaigns for. LinkedIn., enormous humility and competence"


"Lead Generation on Facebook campaigns: we have achieved excellent results and above all, thanks to Emanuele's skills, we have increasingly improved the performance of the campaigns".

How We Can Collaborate

Here are the 3 main ways I work with client companies.

Email Marketing Consulting + Automation

In this case, after a strategic part carried out together and aimed at understanding objectives, sales processes and initiatives in place, I proceed with the implementation of Email Marketing Campaigns and Email Marketing Automation Workflow, going to monitor performance.

Email Marketing + Automation Supervision

In this case I carry out a supervision of existing projects, suggesting the most appropriate initiatives for the achievement of results and the improvement of KPIs, interfacing with the people who are entrusted in practice with the implementation of the initiatives to be carried out, such as internal staff.

Email Marketing + Automation Training

In this case, I provide tailored training on Email Marketing & Email Marketing Automation, reviewing best practices and mistakes to avoid, and an overview of how to use the major Email Service Provider. Conducted on Google Meet or similar platforms or in-person (if possible).


"Professionalism, competence, availability distinguish him in every aspect both work and human"


"He gave us a lot of advice in the company on how to manage customers and contacts, helping us to have an increase in sales."

About me

Mi chiamo Emanuele Chiericato e mi occupo professionalmente di consulenza e formazione nel Web Marketing da 13 anni, con un focus su Lead Generation e Email Marketing Automation. Sono Autore di “Lead Generation: ottieni nuovi contatti e trasformali in clienti fidelizzati”, pubblicato da Flaccovio Editore, e Speaker in eventi nazionali sul Web Marketing come SMAU, Da Zero a SEO, Inbound Strategies, Adworld Experience. Want to learn more? Here is my website.

"His techniques have proven effective in improving the visibility of a major client."


"Emanuele is professional, knowledgeable, reliable, accurate, his skills are amazing."

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