ConvertKit: Software Guide to Generate Leads and Sales from your InfoProducts

What is ConvertKit 

ConvertKit ( is an all in one platform that combines functionality of Email MarketingOpt In (Form and PopUp) for the Lead Generation, Landing Pages, Automations and online store and is explicitly aimed at professional bloggers, podcasters, course creators and YouTubers, with the goal being to help producers of various types of digital products grow and communicate with their audience and sell their products.

ConvertKit Homepage

How ConvertKit works 

Let's review the main features of ConvertKit ( dividing them into 3 areas: lead acquisition, email sending and email marketing automationproduct sales. Let's start with the first one.

Lead Generation

Landing page

ConvertKit Landing page

ConvertKit provides an integrated tool for quickly creating a Landing Page ( to collect e-mail addresses.

The Landing Page editor has various features including compatibility with different devices, the ability to choose from different templates and stock images thanks to the integration with Unsplash.

Embeddable forms

Embeddable ConvertKit Forms

ConvertKit allows you to collect subscribers' emails anywhere on your website by inserting a Javascript or HTML form ( or by using the WordPress.

Among the distinctive features of these embeddable forms are

  • compatibility between different devices
  • popup, inline, slide in
  • possibility of having a Lead Magnet when filling out the form: a unique aspect of ConvertKit is that when this happens, the lead is as if he or she had confirmed the registration with a Double Opt In, thus improving the quality of the contact and the subsequent rate of delivery (deliverability)
  • possibility of linking an email marketing automation workflow to the completion of the form


ConvertKit Automation

ConvertKit allows you to create email marketing automation workflows (, activated by a series of triggers. Among the features there is also the possibility, present only in MailPoet e SendInBlue to automatically send emails to newsletter subscribers via RSS Feed.

Email Marketing

ConvertKit Email designer

ConvertKit's email marketing features are pretty standard, with a drag & drop editor and ready-made templates, ability to make A/B Test, dynamic emails, responsive templates, CAN-SPAM, GDPR and CASL compliance, possibility of segmentation feature using custom tags and fields.

ConvertKit also allows you to monitor the classic KPIs of email marketing such as open rate, click rate and deliverability: from this last point of view it claims to have extremely high delivery rate of 98% and a good reputation with email providers.

Sales tools

ConvertKit selling products

With ConvertKit you can set up a landing page and collect payments for one-time or subscription products ( You can for example sell ebooks, images, music, coaching and consulting sessions online. Among the original aspects there is also the possibility to set up a paid newsletter, where users will be added to a particular segment.


ConvertKit Integrations

ConvertKit ( integrates with services such as:

Opinions and reviews on ConvertKit 

You can read opinions about ConvertKit here:

ConvertKit opinions

ConvertKit Prices

ConvertKit prices

Now let's take a look at the prices (

  • The free plan allows you to create landing pages, sell products and send emails to up to 1,000 subscribers for free. No credit card is required to sign up. You can sign up for the free plan here:
  • The piano Creator adds marketing automation features such as funnel and sequences
  • The Plan Creator Pro is recommended if you have an email list and has advanced features such as the Facebook Custom Audience and free access to Sparkloop for referrals.
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