Generate a Cookie Policy: The 2 Best Tools for Your Site (Free, in Italian, for WordPress): Iubenda and Nibirumail

The June 2, 2015 is the deadline to provide your website with the cookie policy, a compulsory regulation of the European Union to guarantee the privacy of the user, under penalty of the possibility of incurring fines, even onerous.

Cookie Policy: mandatory or not?

The cookie policy must be implemented in the presence of cookies: unfortunately, practically 100% of websites are affected, as cookies include various types found on the vast majority of websites using services such as:

  • access to social networks such as access to your Facebook account, Twitter or Facebook Comments;
  • use of sharing widgets, such as AddThis, AddToAny, ShareThis;
  • code or remarketing software, such as AdRoll;
  • use of spam control plugins, such as Akismet;
  • use of tools for monitoring visits, such as Google AnalyticsShinystat;
  • use of affiliate tools such as Amazon, Tradedoubler;
  • use of software email marketing, like SendinBlue;
  • use of online advertising tools such as Google Ads or Double Click;
  • use of feed collection tools such as Feedburner Pro
  • geolocation of the user;
  • Use of online monetization codes such as Google AdSense;
  • monitoring conversions of Google AdsFacebook Ads,;
  • PayPal buttons;
  • social widget LinkedinTwitter, Pinterest...;
  • video from Vimeo, Wistia Widget Pro;

Cookies: the definition of the Guarantor

As you may have noticed, it is practically impossible for your site not to use at least one of the tools listed above: on the other hand, among these, cookies defined as "technical" do not require authorization.

Cookies can be divided into several categories, according to the classification made by the Guarantor: cookie "technicians", cookie "profiling" e cookie "third-party".

Technical Cookies

I technical cookies are for example used by Analytics platforms or are those that remember what you have in your cart or the language you use.

These cookies are authorized and all that's needed is a statement of what uses and why. In other words, users' prior consent is not required for their use.

Profiling cookies

I profiling cookies create user profiles aimed at sending advertisements in line with the preferences expressed. These require adisclosure and one request for consent.

Third-party cookies

I third-party cookies require an extended policy where the publisher, although not necessarily informed about all third-party cookies installed, links to the third party and its policies.

How to comply with the mandatory cookie policy?

In order to comply with the rules, it is necessary to present the user with a banner, or a pop-up, or an on-top message the first time he/she enters the site: this message must appear on every page of the site but does not require clear acceptance, i.e. by continuing to navigate, the user implicitly accepts the information.

Top 2 Cookie Policy Generators

What a pain in the ass, huh? Luckily you don't necessarily have to bother with a lawyer, but in the meantime you can make up for the mandatory nature of the legislation as a automatic generator of Cookie Policy.

These are websites which, by indicating the cookie services they have (such as Iubenda) or by automatically identifying it (such as the tool), generate personalised information with a pop-up or on top message which can be implemented on the site by means of a simple code to be inserted within </body> or even a plugin for wordpress (such as the tool).

To find cookie policy generators just do a search online: here I will talk about 2 of them, in Italian and free (at least within certain functions).


Iubenda ( is a cookie policy generator that generates personalized policy through the addition of the services you have.

The service is free for a single license and within 5 services, then it becomes pay-as-you-go with different monthly payment thresholds.

Generates a code that must be entered within <body> </body> and displays a strip on top of the website.

With Iubenda, cookies can be managed in a simple and personalized way.

For the paid service beyond the first 5 services, Iubenda offers the 10% first year membership discount

Less known than the previous one but in my opinion more practical to install on WordPress sites, is the free tool offered by Nibirumail.comby simply inserting the site, the script detects the services present in your site for which the regulation is needed and generates it automatically and free of charge at 100%, as well as in Italian. Moreover, the tool is easily implementable through a WordPress plugin for cookie policy downloadable here.


What about you have a cookie policy? What tools have you used? Let's talk about it in the comments! If you found the article useful, don't forget to share it on social!

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