CoSchedule: Editorial Calendar Guide for Content Marketing, Social Media and Web Marketing Agencies

What is CoSchedule

CoSchedule ( is a feature-rich digital editorial calendar created primarily to support content marketing. Using CoSchedule, marketers can manage your blog posts, projects from email marketing, social media planning and analytics.

Founded by Garrett Moon in 2013, CoSchedule is now one of the fastest growing software providers. Let's take a look at how it works.

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CoSchedule Features

Let's take a look at the functionality offered by CoSchedule.

Social Media Scheduling

CoSchedule Social Media Scheduling

CoSchedule gives you the tools you need to take control and organize your social media content schedule.

Analytics/ROI Tracking

CoSchedule Analytics/ROI Tracking

The custom analytics tool helps you monitor the performance of your campaign. Also, you can monitor the performance of your campaigns in real time using CoSchedule's predefined UTM parameters that help you track your marketing campaigns.

Campaign Management

I campaign management tool help you manage the operational aspects of your email marketing campaigns. For example, with the CoSchedule campaign management tool, you can easily manage large email marketing campaigns and projects.

In addition, the campaign management software also helps you and your marketing team plan and organize every essential part of your campaign to keep everything in sync.

Campaign Optimization

By optimizing your campaigns, you increase the chances of your campaign being successful. Therefore, CoSchedule goes a step further and automates this process using the campaign optimization tool.

Backlog Management

The CoSchedule Backlog management tool allows you to add, adjust and prioritize items in your backlog. As a result, you will reduce your backlog.

Asset Categorization

CoSchedule's resource organizer helps eliminate wasted time when searching for photos, logos, and files used by your marketing team. The platform allows you to do this by using tags, color labels, and project types within the software.

In addition to saving you time, asset categorization also creates a seamless experience for you and your marketing team. In addition, the use of asset categorization will be reflected in improved performance of your team and better conversion rates.

Client Portal

The client portal tool provides a secure space for you and your client to share sensitive and valuable documents. It also saves you time and money that would have been spent writing and physically sending invoices to your clients.

It also helps you improve customer collaboration and data security.

Content Management

CoSchedule Content Management

CoSchedule provides a tool for content management that helps you:

  • Easily organize and oversee your marketing campaigns and projects.
  • Organize and track every task on your calendar.
  • Gain insight and identify campaign peaks and troughs without having to manually run a data collection process.

In addition, the content management tool offers a seamless user experience by providing an easy-to-use and navigable user interface.

CoSchedule also integrates with various content management software such as WordPress, Wix, and Adobe Experience Manager.


The platform offers various reporting tools on campaigns and social networks.

Implementing these tools allows you to monitor the performance of your social media posts. You can also measure the success of your marketing campaigns. In addition, you can analyze your social media performance using detailed reports for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


With the tool of marketing automation offered by CoSchedule, you can focus your time and energy on other parts of your marketing campaigns.

In addition, tasks such as posting to social media, sending emails, and tracking demographics can be automated with CoSchedule's dedicated tools.


CoSchedule additions

Coschedule easily integrates with a variety of tools, including marketing automation tools such as Zapier, Hubspot,of web analytics such as Google Analytics, CMS like WordPress and ESP such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign e Constant Contact.

Also, by linking your WordPress account to Coschedule, you can automatically publish your posts. Alternatively, you can use the CoSchedule WordPress plugin.

CoSchedule also provides a Google Chrome extension that helps you curate content from across the web along with a Headline Analyzer Studio to create headline that help you grab the attention of your audience.

Opinions and reviews on CoSchedule 

30,000 marketers in over 100 countries around the world start their day with CoSchedule, chosen by thousands of blogs and companies, including the marketing teams at Yamaha, Microsoft and Forbes.

CoSchedule reviews have a score of 8.2 out of 10 on TrustRadius ( and an equally impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars on Capterra ( p/158290/CoSchedule/). Most users praise the software for its easy-to-navigate interface and excellent customer support.

You can read reviews of CoSchedule here:

CoSchedule opinions
CoSchedule reviews

CoSchedule prices

CoSchedule prices

CoSchedule offers prices ( starting at $ 29 per user per month if you pay annually or $ 39 per user per month if you pay monthly.

For the Marketing Suite package, you'll need to contact CoSchedule directly, as pricing varies by feature.

Although CoSchedule does not offer a free version, it is possible to make a 14-day free trial. After that you need to subscribe on

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