Debutify: A Guide to the High Conversion Rate Shopify Theme

What is Debutify

Debutify ( has become one of the popular Shopify themes in the market and especially among the dropshipper community.

Debutify is a clean-looking, conversion-optimized theme created especially for Shopify, and remains one of the best selling themes in the world thanks to its clean and intuitive graphics and the attractive look it gives to the store.

Created by Ricky Hayes e Raphael Bergeron, Debutify has been able to become the world's leading high conversion rate free theme.

Debutify homepage

Debutify features

The easiest way to see what the Debutify theme offers is to view the demo.

Debutify demo

However, in the demo, the features are not clearly distinguished. It's only after installing the theme that you can clearly tell which features are in which version. Some of the Debutify theme functionality include:

Cart functionality

Debutify Cart functionality

Five of the premium features available in Debutify refer to the trolley functionality of the website. With Debutify Premium (, you can have little animations when you add products to your cart.

The theme has shopping cart addition animations, ideal for inspiring visitors and customers to keep adding products to their shopping carts. It makes use of micro-interaction designs to make the shopping process more fun and interesting to complete.

Premium Debutify also allows you to add the "add to cart" button under various items on your site to allow visitors and customers to easily add more products to their carts.

The "Add to Cart" are small, but no online store can do without them. These colorful, small, rectangular clickable elements link products to your cart and are an extension of your store's branding.

Using Debutify Premium allows you to add a "add to cart" large and visible below your products on the product page, home page and personalization page. You can also customize the colors and size of the button.

The theme also consists of a sticky bar for adding products to your cart. It's a visible moving bar that appears when a customer scrolls or scrolls down, or when they scroll or scroll past the "add to cart" button on your product page.

This bar has a "Buy now" which allows your customers to quickly purchase a product without having to return to the original "Add to Cart" button.

Often, the Add to Cart button automatically adjusts to your brand colors, making it easy to use and integrated into your site. With this button, customers can easily add products to their cart, increasing sales on your website.

Another premium feature of Debutify related to shopping cart functionality are the popup of upsells. In general, upsell notifications and promotions provide consumers with the best deal available for products that meet their needs.

Debutify premium allows its users to set strategic times when their upsell popups are displayed and how often they appear. Debutify premium allows users to display trusted badges in the checkout and on product pages.

With growing concerns about cybersecurity among online shoppers, it's critical to build trust and with your customers and visitors.

As such, trust badges are a certification of social proof with which it is safe to interact with your online store, without fear of their information being leaked to third parties.

Adding videos and product tabs to product pages

Debutify Adding videos and product tabs to product pages

Debutify Premium( allows its users to embed various YouTube video, reviews of popular products and product sheets on your product pages to provide your customers with the information they need about specific products.

Under the customization settings, you can easily add any extra information about your items on the product pages. With this feature, customers and visitors can also rely on your site to provide them with accurate and reliable information about specific items.

You can add a maximum of three product cards to your product page. One will be in the product description, another will be a snippet and the last one is usually a static page.

The theme has built-in functionality to properly house product sheets for easy access by customers and visitors.

Live sales notifications

With the feature called Debutify Premium, you can quickly inform other buyers of ongoing sales of various products on your site. Often, you'll find that many visitors leave a website before buying anything because of a lack of authenticity, trust and engagement.

A sales popup plugin allows store owners to reduce the number of abandoned carts on their site by new visitors. On Debutify Premium, recent and attractively designed sales popups make visitors and other shoppers aware of the products purchased from the store, giving them more confidence to make their initial purchases.

The live sales plugin integrates seamlessly with your theme, taking up minimal space on your site.

Pop Up Coupons and Newsletters

Debutify Coupon and Newsletter pop-up

Customers and visitors can easily sign up for coupons and newsletters on your site using the popup feature available on Debutify Premium.

Debutify Premiu ( enables its subscribers to offer their coupons at the right time and in the right way to increase conversions and boost sales. Its advanced targeting features will allow you to show pop ups of your coupons to specific visitors, at particular times and on particular pages and in specific locations.

Expected delivery date

Debutify Expected delivery date

Debutify Premium ( offers its users the opportunity to show their customers a approximate delivery date of their products after placing an order.

Therefore, customers can create a line of communication with the store and are more likely to order from the store again, especially if they receive their order on time.

Frequently asked questions about the shop

Debutify FAQ Frequently asked questions about the shop

The FAQ of a ecommerce help improve customer relations as they are useful in guiding customers through your site, builds trust and also convinces them to buy more products from your store by providing them with more information. This theme offers its users an integrated plugin for the Shop FAQparticularly for entrepreneurs selling complex products, such as electronics and accessories.

Also, the FAQ section helps free up your support team's time, and Googles are more likely to see FAQ pages as they are sources of immense information on various products.

Support chat boxes

Adding a chat widget to your website is one of the most effective ways to increase user engagement.

Debutify Premium ( allows its users to add chat for supportallowing subscribers to get real-time feedback from visitors and customers about your products, services and content.

The theme allows its subscribers to customize their support chat windows and receive alerts whenever a consumer uses their site and has engaged with them using chat windows directly on their preferred messaging platform.

Mega navigation menu with advanced columns

Unlike the free version of Debutify, the premium version ( allows its users to customize their menu navigation and also has the ability to add multiple columns to menus.

The theme allows you to create an advanced menu layout with columnar images, navigation, products and more.

Protect your shop

Debutify Premium contains a variety of security features that allow its users to protect their content and designs from theft and imitation.

Visitors to the EU have a cookie policy GDPR Compliance box (also provided by services such as Iubenda) which protects all data, including customer information and essential store details, from any access by third parties.

Regular software updates

Debutify, both free and premium (, offers its users regular software updates. Depending on subscription plans, users have access to these updates automatically.

Optimized interface for mobile devices

When you are looking for the best Shopify theme for your store, one of the first factors you need to consider is the ease of use of the theme on different mobile devices, including Android and iOS devices. The theme will also help you provide a great interface for mobile devices of different screen sizes.

This will help you reach a more potential audience as an increasing number of internet shoppers prefer to shop on their phones and will likely be more inclined to your store if it is mobile friendly and easy to use.

This is why it is very important not to choose a Shopify theme that is only attractive on desktops and doesn't take into consideration the devices and screen sizes of mobile users. It is no longer news that the future of ecommerce is rapidly moving towards mobile device users and not desktop users.

Page loading speed

It's definitely not news to you since you're also an internet user, but we need to talk about how important the page loading speed.

As an internet user, you probably have experience visiting many websites with different loading speeds, but you will find that you and most other internet users are more likely to choose the websites with the fastest loading speed over the one with the slowest loading speed.

This is why it is very important that you make sure that your web pages have a fast loading speed to ensure that you keep your potential visitors interested.

The Debutify theme ( will help you create web pages with incredibly fast loading speed To make sure your conversion rate stays high. Unlike other Shopify themes, Debutify prides itself on having. only 3 seconds loading time, even with animations and other advanced features.

Another factor to consider is the fact that search engine results pages tend to give websites with faster loading speeds higher rankings on their pages. So you can see that a fast-loading page is a good thing for both your user interface and search engine optimization.

Conversion rate

Debutify Conversion rate

A Shopify theme may have a lot of cool features but it still doesn't have the ability to help your ecommerce store in terms of conversion rates. However, unlike these other Shopify themes, Debutify ( is known to be the world's leading Shopify theme in terms of conversion rates.

Debutify comes with some amazing features that will help you improve your conversion rate and allow you to get maximum conversion from your content. Some of these features include real-time sales, trust badges, and cart countdowns.

Premium Customization

Although choosing a Shopify theme for your ecommerce store is a very important step, it doesn't end with just choosing the theme.

After choosing the best Shopify theme for your eCommerce store, the next thing you need to do is to customize the theme perfectly so that it can properly showcase your brand's goal.

This will also help your brand to maintain its consistency, which is very important to develop a stable brand reputation and also increase your success rate.

If you use Debutify (, you'll find that it can definitely back up its claim of being the best Shopify theme based on its advanced customization.

To build a stable brand image, you'll need to customize a logo for your brand, add descriptions, information pages, categories/subcategories, social media profiles, product images, home page content, and blog posts.

With these advanced customizations provided by Debutify, you'll also be able to easily customize text, background color, menu color, and fonts.

Customer Support

Debutify Customer Support

One of the things that makes Debutify ( a popular theme of Shopify is the fact that its Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can simply contact them when you face any problem regardless of when it occurs.

Even if you just need help with some of Debutify's features, you should feel free to contact their support staff at any time of the day during the week.

Built and optimized for all niches

With the Debutify theme, you can sell anything from anywhere in the world. Whether it's a general store, a store with one product or many, the layout and website design allow you to customize the theme to your liking without the need for expert assistance.

Basic layout

The theme comes with a dashboard that allows you to customize the appearance of your store's site in real time. At first glance, the default layout and design is elegant and easy to navigate as it's easy to find sections for each page and you can customize it further with various theme settings.

The dashboard is easy for users to see what they need to edit. You can expand an option on the left side of the page to make changes instantly.

The theme is responsive enough to use, even for those who don't have a technical background as they too can edit it in a few minutes without any complications. The theme settings allow you to edit the theme pretty much any way you want.

Numerous design options

Debutify ( includes a wide variety of design options, especially when compared to other free Shopify themes. By accessing the theme settings tab on the dashboard, you can change your site's product page, home page, pop-up menu, footer menu, and site navigation menu.

Wide selection of colours

Whatever your brand colors are, the Debutify theme has twice the number of color options: whether you want to change the color of the footer menu, button options, accent background, ad bar, or sales tag, you have a choice of 29 colors.

User-friendly experience

Unlike most of the free themes available on the Internet, Debutify ( is easy to install and customize on your website. All you have to do is enter your website URL page and log in to install it.

You'll need to grant some permissions to access your personal store information, but other than that, the installation and customization process is pretty straightforward.

The free version of Debutify comes with the basic website design and layout style, but its premium alternative offers 17 additional features. However, Debutify's pricing plans change with the number of features you get.


Debutify integrations

Debutify offers easy integration with the main Shopify apps. Debutify works seamlessly with all the popular apps you need to run your business like: Provesource, HubSpot, SendinBlue.

Opinions and reviews on Debutify

Debutify opinions

The Debutify theme is a reasonably responsive platform with an extremely customizable and easy-to-use dashboard. Anyone can use this theme as it does not require any technical knowledge to launch it in your online store.

Read customer reviews here

Prices by Debutify

Debutify prices

Debutify is available in four price variants ( The free version includes everything you need to get started. But we suggest you invest in one of the premium versions if you run a store with a large inventory or more complex operations.

  • Free: includes 1 shop license, a standard Debutify theme and basic Facebook support
  • Starter: the starter pack includes 1 store license, 3 add-ons, a standard Debutify theme and full Facebook support. This pack is available at $ 19 / month
  • Hustler: Hustler package includes 1 store license, a standard Debutify theme, full Facebook support and all 28 add-ons. This package is available at $ 47 / month
  • Master: Master package has an affordable price of $ 97 / month. It includes 3 store licenses, a standard Debutify theme, 28 add-ons along with future add-ons, product search tool, tutoring and advanced courses.

Start a 14-day free trial. No credit card required:

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