Drip: Guide to Email Marketing Automation Software for Ecommerce

What is Drip

Drip (www.drip.com) is one of the most popular software email marketing automation. Founded in 2013 as an email activation widget for marketing companies, it has evolved into a platform of marketing automation complete focused, analogous to Omnisend.for the activities of ecommerce. In 2016, it was acquired by. Leadpages, the popular Builder for Landing Page.

Drip is positioned as a ecommerce customer relationship manager (ECRM), providing marketing automation for B2B and B2C.

Drip functionality

As a comprehensive customer relationship management (eCRM) platform and a email marketing, the Drip software has numerous features (www.drip.com/features) which, unlike others email marketing software, Drip makes all of its features available to all users, at every service level.

Marketing Automation

First of all, there's marketing automation (www.drip.com/product/automation): Drip fornsice predefined automation workflows to use, all designed for ecommerce functions such as thecart abandonmentcustomer recovery, discount codes, coupon and offers of Black Friday / Cyber Monday and much more. 


There are some features in the Drip back-end that help you to optimize your marketing campaigns (www.drip.com/features/optimization).

First, the campaign workflow and dashboards allow you to analyze performance and compare strategies across platforms with the automatic revenue attribution feature.

For example:

  • you can connect your ecommerce to Drip and find out what digital marketing strategies are driving your customers to the final sale
  • the Workflow Split Test feature that helps you test your automated workflows and see if what you're doing is effective, via a A/B testing.

Tracking customer data

Drip helps you collect, organize the information your customers are telling you every day with every click, cart addition and purchase so you can start using it to build better strategies: (www.drip.com/features/customer-data).

Web Personalization

Another key function of Drip is the customization (www.drip.com/features/personalization), which allows you to create unique customer journeys to maximize sales and repeat purchases after the initial conversion.

With features typical of a CRM and through the use of tags, events and custom fields you can segment the data and understand what your buyers are looking for, opening, clicking, buying.

Contact Forms

Drip Forms

Drip provides forms (www.drip.com/product/forms) that you can use to gather information, make special offers, and turn visitors into customers. This includes modules popupmodules with exit intent, modules with side board and embeddable modules.

Email Segmentation

With the functionality of segmentation feature of Drip you can break down your customers by characteristics and preferences, segment them by their buying behavior, and create personalized calls to action based on their type of service, thanks to common characteristics such as company size, reason for product use, and location.


From email to SMS to social and beyond, Drip enables a multi-channel approach along all of your customer's touchpoints: (www.drip.com/features/engagement).


You'll find four dashboards in your Drip account: one for accounts, email campaigns, workflows, and broadcasts. Each contains information to manage your overall email marketing strategies and CRM.

Email campaigns

All Drip accounts with up to 30,000 contacts include unlimited emails. After that threshold, for example, if your contact list includes 30,001 names, you can send 390,000 emails.

Email creation and customization

Drip allows you to create emails using a visual builder or simple text editor, with the ability to include dynamic elements and custom fields that help you add personalized details in emails to your customers based on behavior or purchase activity, including when they view a product or place an order.

With Facebook integration, you can also use this information to create personalized ads on Facebook and Instagram based on what those users have explored or shopped for.

Landing Page

Thanks to the integration with LeadPages, you can also create Landing Page inside Drip.

Customer Tracking

As your customers interact with you through your campaign and integrated apps, you'll start to get information, filtered by tags and integrated with other apps, such as Facebook, WooCommerce and Shopify.

Split Testing

You can create split test within automated workflows, then see which one generates the most revenue, site visits and more.

Reporting and Analysis

Among other metrics available in your dashboard, you'll receive a monthly snapshot with insights on how you can improve in the future.


Drip includes automated response sequences that you can customize to welcome customers, build connections, present solutions, and increase sales.

RSS To Email

Create a rule from RSS that searches for the latest updated articles in your RSS feed and generates a broadcast email message automatically sending the latest published articles to newsletter subscribers. It's a feature I use personally and you can find it also in MailPoet.

Multichannel marketing

This is a key feature of Drip's software. Once you install the JavaScript snippet provided by Drip, the software has access to data from your website, social media platforms and your online shopping cart.

Email Deliverability

To help you build a solid email list, Drip provides an activation form so you can get your contacts' permission before sending communications.

Double Optin, while it may negatively impact conversions (i.e. if subscribers need to confirm the email this often does not happen), nevertheless helps in the subsequent deliverability and open rate: your email is more likely to be opened by someone who has explicitly agreed to receive it.

Otherwise, your messages may be sent to the Spam folder, which can undermine your delivery rate in the long run. Drip also monitors hard bounce and soft bounce and provides automation tools for re-engage readers or help you clean them from your list, which you can also do with software like MailFloss.


Drip Integrations

Drip comes with a large amount of integrations (www.drip.com/integrations) such as:

Opinions and reviews on Drip

More than 27,000 marketing professionals worldwide use Drip.

Overall, Drip reviews show that users report being satisfied with the results: https://www.g2.com/products/drip/reviews.


Drip charges, as is customary in the industry, a price based on the number of subscribers you have (www.drip.com/pricing).

The plans start with $ 19 per month for up to 500 contacts. The price includes unlimited emails, as long as your list does not exceed 30,000 names.

There is a free account level that you can start with and also a three week free trial on every other plan. Each plan gives you access to all the features. The only difference is the number of members you can have.

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