Dweel Time on LinkedIn: what it is and how to improve your prospects' dwell time on your post

At least the 65% of those who see your post on LinkedIn. It won't make likes, comments, shares. But there is a solution: Make it stay on the post longer.

In other words? Improving Dweel Time, the dwell time.

What is Dweel Time in LinkedIn?

How long does your post stay on your audience's screen?

This is the Dweel Time: the time your audience needs to consume your post.

Why is this important for your organic content on LinkedIn and your LinkedIn and Social Selling marketing initiatives?

Did you know that almost 65% of users do not interact on LinkedIn using traditional methods (likes, comments, shares...)?

That is why LinkedIn has implemented dwell time in its algorithm, which has become one of the most important ingredients.

Dwell time on LinkedIn includes two elements:

  • The "scroll stopping" potential of a post, which is the ability of the post to cause users to stop, read the first few lines, and pause to look at the creative. This element assesses the potential to capture attention.
  • The readership potential of a post, which is the ability of a post to induce users to spend time reading or viewing the entire content. This element assesses the potential to hold attention.

Here are 3 benefits of optimizing Dweel Time on LinkedIn:

  • the more time they spend with your post on the screen, the greater the additional reach.
  • the more the reach (reach), the more people you will reach among your potential customers
  • the more people you reach among your potential customers, the better your chances of getting noticed and contacted

So? How to increase dwell time on your LinkedIn post?

5 tips by Richard van der Blom (and some comments of my own):

1️⃣ Curate the LinkedIn post hook

The first sentence of your post, or the first 8 seconds of your video are the "hook" that prompts people to read the rest of the post (increasing dwell time)

2️⃣ Create content that aids reading

You got attention with the hook, now it's time to get the post read:

  • Taking care of formatting (wrap, use emoji and ASCII symbols)
  • Following copywriting techniques such as PAS (problem-action-solution)

3️⃣ Add items

Add elements that cause people to spend more time on your post or click more, e.g.

  • more pictures
  • More pages in the carousels (but beware, too many pages in the carousel could compromise reach)

4️⃣ Interact and make interact

Stimulate commentary and create your own (the first one for example)

More time on the comments, more time on the post.

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