FreeAgent CRM: Complete Guide to CRM for Project and Sales Management

What is FreeAgent CRM

Established in 2016, FreeAgent CRM is a comprehensive CRM platform that allows you to have everything in one place, work more collaboratively, and monitor performance.

Whether it's a project, a support ticket, or anything else, FreeAgent automatically records and organizes your team's emails, calls, and meetings.

Designed for the new world of work, remote teams thrive on complete visibility into day-to-day activity, real-time collaboration, and powerful code-free customization. By eliminating time spent searching for information and reducing manual data entry, FreeAgent enables optimization of sales, marketing, project management and more.

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Features of FreeAgent CRM

Here is an overview of the features of FreeAgent CRM.

Work Management

FreeAgent CRM Work Management

FreeAgent captures all digital interactions with customers on every channel and organizes that information for quick and easy interactions.

Prioritization of activities

FreeAgent CRM users can switch between tasks without switching boards. Platform customization centralizes reach on a single dashboard so users can easily track emails, calls, notes, and schedule meetings, with a priority action list helps users work on what's most important first.

Task & Activity Management

FreeAgent CRM Task & Activity Management

FreeAgent CRM allows users to create, assign, prioritize, complete, and track tasks of any kind within the organization (

You can also:

  • Use @mentions to tag different team members to provide your feedback
  • upload attachments
  • Classify activities and use the search function in the time sequence of activities to search for different activities
  • Record contacts, activities, tickets, comments and attachments
  • Tag team members and assign tasks so they can stay on the same page


FreeAgent CRM Customization

With FreeAgent CRM you can customize every aspect of the system to fit your business perfectly ( A code-free configuration engine provides users with control over CRM object names and links, customization of forms and lists, color schemes, and navigation paths. Users can change the appearance of the user interface to match their branding.

Web Personalization

FreeAgent CRM Customization

FreeAgent CRM enables users to get immediate information and an overview of work by monitoring workflows with visual tabs and reports. Each member of your team can optimize the system for their own optimal performance. Users can flexibly customize the workflow, which helps internal teams manage processes and address challenges.

Process Management

FreeAgent CRM Process Management

You can standardize, enforce and optimize different processes within your company, create workflow steps, custom workflows and manage approvals for all workflows in one location, and set up roles based on condition-based module rules to identify which parts can be viewed, modified and mandatory.


FreeAgent CRM Automations

Teams can increase efficiency and increase impact by eliminating repetitive work through automation. Time-saving features include configurable rules for prioritizing actions, automatic alerts on overdue actions, meeting reminders, and configurable actions based on alerts.


FreeAgent CRM Reporting

With FreeAgent CRM you can track and monitor key metrics across your organization. The solution has sophisticated dashboards and dashlets to help you track and monitor key metrics throughout your organization.

Full funnel visibility

FreeAgent CRM Full funnel visibility

FreeAgent CRM ( ensures that all customer information in the funnel and in the sales pipeline are at hand, providing the information and context needed to address issues consistently. With the help of email templates, push notifications (such as Pushcrew) and task reminders, users can be assured that the team is providing a quality brand experience for each customer. In addition, FreeAgent CRM allows users to track evaluations of post-sales interactions, helping to promote loyalty and ensure customer satisfaction.

Unlock productivity

FreeAgent CRM Unlocks Productivity

FreeAgent ( automatically records and organizes all your emails, meetings, and calls so you can spend much more time on what matters.

Create your own number

With FreeAgent you can empower your team ( with functionality to help the Lead Generation Who can help you to:

  • Automatically record and organize all incoming emails, appointments, and calls.
  • Accelerate your sales cycles by increasing cycle times with instant lead tracking, refined email templates, customizable lead milestones, automated task management, and push notifications.
  • use real-time active message boards ensure smooth operation and closing of negotiations. There is also instant context for all accounts at the time of email or call. You can work from any mobile application.
  • you can confidently predict and make more informed business decisions.
  • Safely scale operations with real-time reports that directly link forecast changes to individual actions so that management can make profit-generating business decisions.

Mobile App

Users get context through channeling and can work from anywhere. Mobile features include a time sequence of client activities, quick links to records and reports.


FreeAgent CRM Security

Define teams, roles, and access controls to control what team members can see and do.

Benefits of FreeAgent CRM

We list the main benefits of FreeAgent CRM below:

  • Dashboards provide data on all key metrics.
  • The vendor tracks user suggestions and constantly implements new features to improve the product.
  • Customer support and training make it easier to understand how the tool works
  • The platform is intuitive, easy to navigate and makes it extremely easy to keep track of the sales and marketing pipeline.
  • Support team responds to escalations in a timely manner


FreeAgent CRM integrations

FreeAgent CRM provides real-time integrations to popular tools, simplifying their use ( Integrations include Gmail, Office 365, Google and Office 365 calendar synchronization, Twilio for outbound call capture, and two-way integration of Mailchimp. Users can also receive real-time alerts for e-mail monitoring and customized real-time notifications via open APIs.

Here is a list of the additions:

FreeAgent CRM opinions and reviews

The opinions and testimonials of users who have already used FreeAgent CRM are available on the official website

FreeAgent CRM opinions
FreeAgent CRM reviews
FreeAgent CRM testimonials

Pricing of FreeAgent CRM

FreeAgent CRM Pricing

FreeAgent CRM allows you to choose from several subscription plans (, which we indicate below:

  • Contact Management, at $42 per month;
  • B2B Sales, at $90 per month;
  • B2B Full Funnel Sales, at $120 per month.

By choosing annual billing, a discount of 20% can be obtained.

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