Freshdesk: A Guide to Customer Support Software, CRM, Chat and More

What is Freshdesk

Freshdesk ( is a customer service software Intuitive, cloud-based solution designed by Freshworks to help businesses of all sizes deliver customer service.

The software is equipped with many features to optimize the interactions with customers on all support channels, including phone, email, chat and social media.

Freshdesk provides tools for marketing automation to simplify support, built-in gaming mechanics to increase agent productivity, and robust multichannel capabilities to extend user reach.

The award-winning platform features customer-facing capabilities, such as self-service portals and knowledge bases, that help companies strengthen their customer service efforts. In addition, the software offers comprehensive customization capabilities that allow users to personalize workflows and manage work escalations with ease.

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Who is Freshdesk for?

Freshdesk is a cost-effective customer support software designed for the small and medium-sized enterprises that require a cost-effective yet fully functional helpdesk to provide seamless customer support.

It allows companies to prioritize, organize and manage all customer requests without increasing workforce or operational costs.

The platform is also an option for freelancers and startups looking to automate specific repetitive tasks and accelerate customer service. Freshdesk is ideal for companies in industries such as healthcare, education, and retail, ecommerce, hospitality, IT, utilities and insurance.

Freshdesk features

Freshdesk features

Some of the key features Freshdesk can perform.


Freshdesk Ticketing

Freshdesk ticketing system ( is at the heart of the software. The program presents a business ticketing system that allows companies to collect customer tickets from multiple channels into a single inbox. Any communication via phone, email, phone, social media, chat, website comments and WhatsApp is combined into a single comment.

Freshdesk uses the power of AI and collaborative ticketing to automate repetitive tickets and ensure faster problem resolution. This feature will assign tickets to particular agents according to their category and priority. It allows you to create custom states that will show you the stage a ticket is in and detect any collisions between agents. This ensures that no two people are working on the same ticket.


Freshdesk Collaboration

Collaboration ( means that tickets can be shared with teams and linked together. If there are complex issues, they can be broken down into smaller tickets. Tickets are automatically assigned based on the keyword, workload or skill level of the available agents. Agents will work on tickets depending on a particular event or if they have sometimes been delayed.

Freshdesk also includes various tools that help customers such as chat, community and a knowledge base. Agents can also add tickets to the knowledge base. This way, companies can improve helpdesk performance and note any issues with dashboards, reports or customer satisfaction.


Freshdesk Automation

The Freshdesk automation function (, it will organize, prioritize, and assign customer tickets to the right agent. The automation function will start by analyzing all customer requests. The program will then sort the request based on where it came from and the problem at hand.

The automation feature also brings issues to the attention of a particular agent without any delay. Tickets are then assigned based on the agent's skills and level of commitment or can be distributed equally to all team members.

Help Widget

The program also includes a widget that supports all customers. It can be in the form of a form on your website that gives customers the opportunity to ask questions. Depending on the customer's point on your website, you can show some useful solutions. You can also know when your customers are getting frustrated so that you can reach out to them proactively.

Multichannel Helpdesk

Freshdesk Multichannel Helpdesk

With thehelpdesk multichannel of Freshdesk ( your operators can answer customer emails and phone calls as well as chat with them directly from within the helpdesk. You can always access previous interactions, with any customer and on any channel, from a single unified customer database.

Operators can also follow up with customers and track conversations by converting them into helpdesk tickets.

Self-service assistance

Freshdesk Self Service

Offer self-service assistance ( not only helps customers find solutions faster, it also provides operators with the right knowledge. It also helps reduce the volume of tickets your helpdesk receives.

Reporting and data analysis

Freshdesk Reporting and data analysis

With the Freshdesk analytical function (, you can analyze customer service data for:

  • Prevent delays in data collection. You can find out how effortlessly productive your helpdesk or agent workload is without too much effort.
  • Leverage your customer service data to enjoy the customer experience. Freshdesk will provide you with curated reports that offer quick insights and custom reports to create unique reports for your business. This also improves shareability, enhancing collaboration. With analytics, it will be easier for you to manage your helpdesk.
  • One-click insights. Freshdesk features a built-in report that offers over 360 views of your technical support performance. You can then check how your team is performing as you get all the information you need.
  • Custom analysis. Freshdesk offers several ways to review helpdesk reports. With Freshdesk analytics, you can get custom reports even without coding knowledge. You don't have to depend on external business intelligence tools and data analysts to create reports.
  • Team Dashboard. Freshdesk allows you to customize your dashboard to show certain metrics. This will allow your team to make data-driven decisions and, thus, meet the goal of support. With a customized dashboard, your agents will see tickets that require immediate action and easily help you improve metrics.
  • Knowledge Base Analysis. You can improve the process through which you create content by getting detailed information about your agent's performance. You can see the best and worst performing articles at a glance. This will give you an overview of the top contributors and create reports to determine the factors that affect the performance of your knowledge base.
  • Schedule Reports. You can create a schedule where your most important reports will be delivered to your inbox in PDF format.


Freshdesk Customizations

Freshdesk is fully customizable. Thanks to the wide possibilities of customization ( you can create the perfect helpdesk for your company. Reflect your brand identity also in your helpdesk portal, hosted on a dedicated URL of your choice.

Make it easier for operators to solve problems by gathering relevant information from customers.

Field service management

Freshdesk Field service management

With field service management (, operators and technicians are in greater contact with each other, allowing you to provide quality customer service.

Secure Helpdesk

Freshdesk Secure Helpdesk

If you are planning to take your business internationally, you might be worried about the risk of cross-border security checks. But Freshdesk is a secure platform and ensures that every business enjoys data protection and privacy in different areas. With Freshdesk, you can have secure access using custom SSL certificates. All communication between server and web browser will be encrypted.

Freshdesk also allows you to manage your agent and customer access with IP whitelisting. Whitelisting allows you to prevent agents from accessing when they are outside of their work location. You can also allow exclusive customer access from any location by ensuring that the IP whitelist is connected to a VPN.

With Freshdesk, you can configure the single sign-on (SSO) script that will authenticate users and agents to the Freshdesk account allowing them to use their existing credentials. By allowing SSO to work with your databases, you can simplify the management of your account.

Other products

Freshworks is a leading SAAS company with over 40,000 customers worldwide. It provides a suite of products that take customer engagement to the next level. It offers the following products.

Freshworks CRM

Freshdesk Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM ( is a software tool CRM Intuitive that allows your salespeople to start selling from day one. It works immediately so you can:

  • Interact with customers on multiple platforms
  • Build valuable relationships with customers and prospects
  • Get detailed information about your business
  • Improve your team's productivity
  • Speed up the sales process


Freshdesk Freshcaller

Freshcaller ( is a modern phone system for sales and support teams. It's completely cloud-based, which means you don't need anything but a browser and a working Internet connection to make or receive calls.

Freshcaller helps you engage in conversations with prospects/customers/partners in the most human of all communication channels: voice.

It has IVR, Call Recorder, Automatic Call Distributor, Reporting, Service Level Monitoring and many other key phone features.


Freshdesk Freshservice

Freshservice ( is a cloud-based help desk and IT service management solution that enables organizations to simplify their IT operations. The solution offers functionality including a ticketing system, self-service portal and knowledge base.

Freshservice also provides a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows IT administrators to fulfill requests remotely.


Freshdesk Freshchat

Freshchat ( is a modern messaging app for sales, support and customer engagement. Compared to live chat systems, it brings the continuity and experience of consumer messaging apps to businesses to help them convert visitors and manage customers.

Freshchat helps you provide personalized customer service using a combination of bots and human assistance on familiar channels.


Freshdesk Freshteam

Freshteam ( is an intelligent HR software that helps you manage recruitment, onboarding, leave and employee information in one place.

Freshteam combines the power of candidate tracking and recruitment application systems into one convenient interface. Simple yet intuitive, this platform allows hiring managers, freelance recruiters, and other industry professionals to find top-notch talent for their companies or clients.


Freshmarketer is a comprehensive marketing automation suite that helps you manage your contacts and lists, design and deliver marketin campaigns and automate your email marketing.

With the Freshmarketer-Freshsales integration, it becomes even easier to maintain organized and consistent data of your customers and leads.


Freshdesk integrates with hundreds of third-party tools for improving agent productivity, process automation, customer relationship management, sales/marketing management, telephony, data synchronization and migration, ecommerce, team collaboration, issue tracking, knowledge/content management, reporting and analytics , security, risk and governance, social media, surveys and feedback, time tracking, accounting and billing and user/access management.

Opinions and reviews on Freshdesk

Over 150,000 companies of all sizes rely on Freshdesk, including Fiverr, HP, Decathlon, Panasonic, NYU, Henkel, Pearson, Thai Union, American Express.

You can check out reviews from users who use Freshdesk here:


Freshdesk has a simple pricing structure with five unique plans ( The first three floors (Sprout, Blossom and Garden) are ideal for the small enterprises.

  • SproutThis is a free plan perfect for small businesses just starting out. It offers basic help desk functionality including email ticketing, team collaboration, knowledge base, social ticketing and ticket progress reports.
  • Blossom; Available for $ 15 / user / month (billed annually), this plan is perfect for small teams that need to proactively provide customer support. In addition to Sprout Plan features, Blossom includes automation, marketplace apps, collision detection, work schedules, in-depth helpdesk and omnichannel support.
  • GardenPriced at $ 35 / user / month (billed annually), this plan is best suited for rapidly growing teams. It includes all the features of the Blossom Plan, plus time tracking, session replays, CSAT surveys, performance reports and a multilingual knowledge base.

In addition, Freshdesk provides business plans for large enterprises. Options include the Summer, at $ 49 per user per month (billed annually). The Summer plan includes all the features of the Garden plan, plus custom roles, business reporting, portal customization, chatbots, call blocking, in-app chat campaigns and ticket assignment automation.

The plan Forest, which is priced at $ 99 / user / month (billed annually), is a premium plan that includes all the features of Freshdesk.

Freshdesk prices

Once you sign up, you have access to all the features of the Freshdesk Forest or Freshdesk Estate Omnichannel subscription plan to 21 days. At any time during the trial you can a plan of your choice.

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