Genesis Framework: StudioPress WordPress Theme Tutorial

What is Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework ( is an established player in the field of WordPress. It is a by-product of StudioPress (, known for producing WordPress themes with decades of experience.

Brian Gardner created StudioPress and the Genesis framework in 2010 to implement easier theme updates for WordPress site owners. In June 2018, WP Engine ( has acquired StudioPress, including Genesis Framework.

Genesis Framework is one of the most popular theme frameworks for WordPress and allows you to create responsive performance WordPress sites quickly and easily. In addition, Genesis Framework is secure and optimized for the SEO.

Genesis Framework is a basic theme; its appearance and design options can be enhanced by installing the child theme. Child themes are created specifically for Genesis Framework and can be used together with Genesis. In addition, Genesis Framework is open source, which means that anyone can create child themes.

Once you activate Genesis Framework on your WordPress website, you'll have the option to choose from a wide selection of high-quality WordPress themes created specifically for the framework.

Genesis Framework homepage

Who is Genesis Framework for?

Genesis Framework can potentially help two main types of WordPress users:

  • those who want to create a WordPress website with ease, without knowing development languages;
  • developers looking for a platform to create custom themes for themselves or their clients.

For the first type of WordPress users, newbies of WordPress without a background or knowledge of design, Genesis Framework works with the child theme And it is also supported by WordPress themes that can help you create a professional website in just a few clicks.

The second type of WordPress user that Genesis Framework caters to is someone who is looking to build a solid platform to create themes for themselves or their clients.

Genesis saves developers a lot of time; by using the framework, you can easily design ideas.

In addition, StudioPress enables a large development community that has been built from the ground up around Genesis, which can potentially help developers find code, tutorials, tips.

Genesis Framework features

Genesis Framework offers a wide range of features ( and provides full control over customization options.

Search Engine Optimized

Genesis Framework Search Engine Optimized

Genesis Framework is completely optimized for SEO. It has clean and optimized code, supports, features fast page loading, which from May 2021, in the context of Core Web Vitals will officially become a ranking factor.

Frequent and constant theme updates

Genesis Framework Frequent and constant theme updates

With Genesis Framework, you don't lose your custom settings after each upgrade. By default, all customizations are done in the child themes, rather than in the main framework.

Also, StudioPress makes updating WordPress and Genesis Framework integrated and automated, so every time you update your theme you don't need to call your developer.

State of the Art - Airtight Security

Genesis Framework State of the Art - Airtight Security

Due to the lack of OS security on themes, WordPress sites can be vulnerable to those who perform hacking attacks, especially with out-of-date themes, plugins, and versions of WordPress.

StudioPress, with the help of WordPress lead developer Mark Jaquith works to ensure that Genesis Framework has the best possible security by following all WordPress security best practices.

Unlimited updates and unlimited websites

Genesis Framework Unlimited updates and unlimited websites

With Genesis Framework you get one year of unlimited updates and unlimited websites, unlimited support for one year.

In addition, if you have questions about issues or updates, Genesis has product experts to provide support.

Customization options

Genesis Framework Customization options

Genesis comes with customization options, making it easy to configure your website without sacrificing performance.

Let's take a look at the various customization options provided with Genesis Framework.

Widget Ready

Genesis Framework is fully widget ready.

I WordPress widgets Are an easy way to add powerful functionality to your website. With widget options, you can easily add sidebars, social media sharing buttons, activation forms, and more.

Theme options

Genesis Framework comes with powerful theme options that make it easy to create websites on the go. With the various theme options available, you can change the layout of your website or choose an alternative color scheme.

All theme options and other customization options can be easily selected. Moreover, making changes with Genesis is easy and your WordPress website will be updated immediately.

Page Template

Genesis Framework comes with fully customizable page templates to help you get started creating websites. There are various templates to choose from, such as pricing page templates and landing page.

Also, every template you choose is fully customizable, which means you can easily customize all aspects of the template to help make the design the way you want it.

Advertising Ready

Most of the themes provided with Genesis Framework come with ready-made modules for inserting advertisements, it is easy to insert advertising codes, such as Google AdSense, Clicksor and others. You can insert the advertising codes directly into a text widget and start collecting your advertising revenue.

One-click demo installation

Genesis Framework offers a one-click demo installation, allowing you to check out the live demo of any theme.

Once the theme demo is installed, websites can quickly load demo content and plugins and check out the Gutenberg blocks designed on the home page of a new website. With Genesis Framework, you have the freedom to check the demo of any theme before installing it on your website.

Benefits of Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework benefits include:

  • Fast loading time
  • Compatibility with Gutenberg
  • Reliable and secure themes
  • Convenient payment options
  • Simple layout and easily configurable settings
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Lifetime membership and no annual fees, forever
  • High quality theme framework
  • Easy customization options with live preview
  • Minimum Coding Requirements
  • Wide range of StudioPress and third-party child themes
  • Reliable technical support
  • Forums, blogs and support communities

All these benefits show why Genesis Framework is used in almost every authoritative blog. You can use it for:

Increase traffic

Users often report an increase in traffic after using Genesis themes. The reason probably lies in the care of performance and other important aspects for SEO purposes.

Get protected themes to enhance your website

As mentioned, Genesis themes are designed by industry professionals, serving as the industry standard for protected themes, according to the official website. Often outdated and free themes are the cause of 29% of site hacks.

Increase conversions

Genesis Framework allows you to create landing page custom sidebars to sell your products, custom sidebars to add a different sidebar for a different item/page and other features depending on the conversion.

Opinions and reviews on Genesis Framework

At the time of writing this review, over 200,000 website owners put their trust in StudioPress and Genesis Framework. You can read user comments and opinions on and

Genesis Framework opinions
Genesis Framework reviews

Prices by Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework prices

StudioPress offers two different pricing plans to purchase Genesis and other child themes:

  • Genesis Framework Package, available for a one-time fee of $ 59.95, which includes use on unlimited websites, free future updates, and premium support for one year;
  • Pro Plus subscription, available at $ 499.95. This plan provides the Genesis Framework package and all StudioPress themes.

Genesis Pro includes a toolkit to create better sites faster with the WordPress block editor, as well as access and support for all themes made by StudioPress.

Genesis Pro is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee.

There is no free trial, but there are demos powered by the Genesis framework (

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