GetResponse: Features, Opinions and Pricing of the All In One Email Marketing Platform

What is GetResponse

GetResponse ( is a platform of email marketing all-in-one that, in addition to email marketing, offers landing page, a CRM and advanced automation for theemail marketing automation.

Like other software in the field such as SendinBlue e Aweber, GetResponse comes with a set of features that optimize time and costs and remove the need for code knowledge.The service includes a drag-and-drop editor that allows users to write newsletters without any prior knowledge of code. In addition, the service includes ready-made templates for writing newsletters for specific cases and areas, and free images to reduce the time and costs involved in the graphic design of a newsletter.

Who is Get Response for?

GetResponse is a complete email marketing solution suitable for companies and (web) marketing professionals looking for a solution that allows professional management of their email marketing initiatives and email marketing automation, with a number of additional related features (such as CRM and Landing Page) and the ability to track typical email marketing KPIs.

Functionality of GetResponse

The main functionality of GetResponse ( include:

  • (email) marketing automation
  • email marketing
  • landing page
  • webinar
  • push notifications
  • webinar
  • advertising management
  • conversion funnel

Let's look at each one in detail.

Email Marketing Automation in Get Response

GetResponse Email Marketing Automation

The marketing automation function of GetResponse ( allows users to create ready-to-use workflows to welcome subscribers, re-engage them, and send them upselling offers. Specifically, it allows you to:

  • Workflows ready for different goals: GetResponse has predefined paths for specific campaigns to optimize the time it takes to create your workflows, such as: "welcome email" workflows for newsletter sign-ups, specific workflows for the "welcome email" workflow, and specific workflows for the "welcome email" workflow,cart abandonment or for recommended products (useful inecommerce as a function of upsell, cross sell and LTV increase);
  • Filters, tags and ratings for precise behavior-based targeting: you can create individual contact profiles, monitor and evaluate customer actions to create custom segments based on use an unlimited number of tags for better profiling, and you can also monitor engagement rating to evaluate contacts, add points to every action your contacts take on your pages or emails.

Email Marketing

GetResponse Email Marketing

About email marketing features ( GetResponse comes with professional email templates, easy design tools, an deliverability Proven to create different types of emails, including:

  • Newsletter:Sends one-time emails with updates and special offers.
  • Autoresponder:Create automatic email sequences to follow and nurture your subscribers.
  • Email marketing automation: designs and activates automated paths based on actions or specific time frames;
  • Automatic updates from the blog:The feature allows, via RSS, to share posts via email or social automatically;
  • Email with perfect timing: Deliver emails at the right time with Perfect Timing and Time Travel delivery tools.
  • Transactional emails:With this paid add-on you can use SMTP-activated emails to send receipts or reminders.

Landing page

GetResponse Landing Page

GetResponse offers tools for creating and designing Landing Page ( that can convert traffic into leads.

  • templates optimized for mobile devices;
  • Integrated image editor with Shutterstock and Giphy;
  • drag & drop editor that can also be tested from mobile;
  • possibility of a/b test: the average conversion rate of Landing Pages indicated by GetResponse is 5.86%.
  • popup and countdown timer;

Webinar with GetResponse

GetResponse has a integrated software to create online webinars and interact with your audience wherever you are in order to increase conversions and engagement (I recommend reading about this: How to Do Lead Generation With a Webinar.

Features include (

  • ability to hold unlimited webinars;
  • ready-made templates and related post enrollment workflows;
  • space for up to 1,000 live attendees;
  • chance to share the "stage" with two other presenters;
  • KPI analysis;
  • features for mobile webinars and evergreen webinars;
  • ability to store up to 20 hours of webinar recordings.

Paid advertisements

GetResponse advertisements

GetResponse offers integrated tools to create and manage paid campaigns ( of Google Ads, Facebook Ads,which allow you to create ads and make retargeting and remarketing to:

  • involve existing contacts.
  • Find and attract new audience segments: identify people who have similar interests to your existing contacts.
  • Bring visitors back to your landing page: retarget people who have left your page without converting with new and relevant ads.
  • Increase sales: publish targeted ads that help you promote your products and services.

Conversion Funnel

GetResponse funnel

With GetResponse, similar to software like ClickFunnels, you can create funnels ( pre-designed for specific and automated campaigns aimed at the Lead Generation with a Lead Magnet, product sales (sales funnel) and webinars.

Push notifications

GetResponse push notifications

GetResponse also has a feature of push notifications such as Proof e ProveSource ( that help to:

  • bring more people back to your website: returning visitors to your site are more likely to convert.
  • Increase traffic.
  • Analyze related KPIs such as clicks, impressions.
  • Set up automations.


GetResponse integrates ( with the main CMS, social platforms, of ecommerce and Analytics as WordPressMailOptin.


GetResponse is the trusted tool of over 300,000 companies worldwide. On the official website are reported testimonials and opinions of those who have already used it.

GetResponse in Italian?

GetResponse presents a version of the site translated into Italian:


GetResponse offers several subscription plans which we outline below:

  • Basic at € 13 per month;
  • Plus at € 45 per month;
  • Professional at € 89 per month;
  • Max with personalized pricing.
GetResponse prices

By choosing annual or bi-annual payment method you can get up to 30% discount as shown on

For all subscription plans it is possible to make a 30-day free trial withno credit card required.

GetResponse Website Builder

GetResponse, announced the launch of Website Builder, the latest addition to its digital marketing and automation ecosystem.

The new GetResponse Website Builder is an intuitive, code-free, AI-driven website creator that provides ready-to-use, customizable templates and ready-made solutions alongside a broad set of online marketing tools. It allows you to move your business online by creating a quality website without writing any code or HTML, saving both time and money.

Let's take a closer look at this new tool.

GetResponse Website Builder homepage

Website Builder Features

A great addition to the GetResponse Marketing Ecosystem, Website Builder is an innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to build a professional website for you. Let’s have a look at its features and highlights.

Website creation wizard

GetResponse Website Builder AI-Powered Website Creation

Website Builder uses artificial intelligence tools to create complete and functional websites. All you have to do is answer a series of questions about your business, your area of expertise and your preferences, and the so-called AI Wizard will start generating custom web pages.

Do-it-yourself website creation

GetResponse Website Builder Do-It-Yourself Website Building

You can create and customize your websites from scratch with the support of over 35 predesigned and blank templates, including styles, layouts and fonts suitable for specific categories and industries. A sleek and intuitive drag-and-drop editor enables you to edit and personalize your websites even further.

Simplicity of design

GetResponse Website Builder Design Simplicity

Website Builder automatically generates a mobile-friendly website, and you can change stylings, colors, fonts and text formatting in one click. You can also preview your responsive websites on both desktop and mobile devices before and after publishing. No coding necessary.

Pop up messages

GetResponse Website Builder Built-in Website Pop-ups

Triggered automatically based on your settings, website pop-ups grab your visitors’ attention and can be used to generate leads, promote new content and feature updates and special offers. You can choose from a wide range of settings and customization options.

A complete web solution

GetResponse Website Builder A Complete Website Solution

GetResponse provides hosting, domain services and SSL certificates for website security. You can use free domains, connect domains you own and buy new ones all within the Website Builder.

Search Engine Optimization

Website Builder offers optimization tools SEO to increase visibility and discoverability, and attract organic traffic to your website.

Performance Analytics

With Website Builder you can:

  • track the number of visits to the page;
  • track clicks;
  • check locations and devices;
  • review website analytics for predefined and custom date ranges.

Who is Website Builder for?

As mentioned previously, Website Builder uses artificial intelligence (AI) to design professional websites for companies of all sizes. It is suitable for different market segments, including:

  • non-profit organizations and entities;
  • educational institutions;
  • small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • freelancers;
  • counselors;
  • sellers.

Key Benefits of GetResponse Website Builder

Here they are, the five benefits to GetResponse Website Builder we have picked out:

  • It is also suitable for those who are not particularly familiar with coding and programming.
  • Using Website Builder undoubtedly has a lower cost than requiring a web designer.
  • Website Builder is included in every GetResponse plan at no additional cost.
  • Your website created with GetResponse Website Builder can be edited and customized at any time.
  • Sites created with Website Builder are optimized for mobile devices.


GetResponse prices

Website Builder is available in every GetResponse plan at no additional cost. As you can see, prices begin at € 13 per month with the Basic plan.

A free trial is offered for 30 days.

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