Hippo Video: Complete Guide to the Video Platform for Sales and Marketing

What is Hippo Video

Hippo Video (https://www.hippovideo.io/) is a video distribution platform that enables customized videos and distributes them across multiple channels. Hippo Video helps companies achieve their marketing and sales goals through consistent video workflows.

Hippo Video homepage

Hippo Video Features

Hippo Video Features

We offer below an in-depth overview of the features (https://www.hippovideo.io/all-features.html) offered by Hippo Video.

Video Email

Hippo Video Video email

With Hippo Video you can record and send videos directly from your email inbox (https://www.hippovideo.io/video-email.html).

Video customization

Hippo Video Customization

Hippo Video makes it possible to humanize communication on a large scale with customized videos (https://www.hippovideo.io/video-personalization.html), get more leads, increase sales, expand brand reach and foster loyalty.

Customized sales pages

Hippo Video Custom Sales Pages

Hippo Video allows you to customize the landing page to increase engagement and offer a personalized experience to potential customers.

Video Recording

Hippo Video allows you to record the webcam, the screen, or both to better communicate with real video.

Video sale

Hippo Video Sale

Hippo Video allows you to customize each element of the sales page and offer a personalized experience to potential customers (https://www.hippovideo.io/video-for-sales-and-prospecting.html).

Video campaigns

With Hippo Video you can customize the video thumbnail to your preferences and personalize the name or business name to attract contacts.

Video marketing

Hippo Video allows you to generate more leads with video marketing.

Video communication

Hippo Video allows you to record the screen, whether product videos or explainer videos, draw attention to important information in the presentation, and make videos interactive by adding text and links.


Hippo Video Integrations

With Hippo Video you can create and share videos from any location (https://www.hippovideo.io/integrations.html). It is possible to integrate, among others, Hubspot,, LinkedIn., Apollo.io, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, AcriveCampaign, Zapier, WordPress, Freshsales.

Opinions and reviews on Hippo Video

Hippo Video Opinions

Hippo Video is used by 1.5 million users worldwide and more than 5,000 companies, including British Airways, Panasonic, and Amazon. You can read user reviews and testimonials on the homepage of the official website.

Hippo Video Opinions

Prices of Hippo Video

Hippo Video Prices

At the end of the 7-day trial period you are automatically directed to the Free plan, with which you can create an unlimited number of videos for free. As for the paid plans (https://www.hippovideo.io/pricing.html), Hippo Video allows you to choose between:

  • Starter At $19 per month;
  • Pro At $49 per month;
  • Growth at $79 per month;
  • Enterprise starting at $99 per month.

You can get savings by choosing a four-month or annual plan. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

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