HubSpot: Complete Guide to Inbound Marketing Software

HubSpot ( is a software founded in 2006. The products and services offered by the platform allow you to manage every aspect of your own web activities including the social media marketing, site data analysis, search engine optimization (SEO), content management and customer service.

The HubSpot company in its software provides several features including the ability to customize the website for each visitor, tools for the lead generation, the handling landing page, a CRM to better support the sales team.

But let's see in detail what HubSpot is, how it works and what its main advantages are.

What is HubSpot

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an All-in-One tool which allows to support the company in a complete and exhaustive way throughout its Inbound Marketing strategy.

The software allows you to manage countless activities, can support the customer in solving any problems and helps to strengthen your brand and web presence. But let's see in detail what are the advantages and the potential of HubSpot.

HubSpot CRM

As anticipated, HubSpot also acts as a CRM completely free (you can register for the free version here: ( that allows to improve the actions of the sales team and consequently to better manage its pipeline.

CRM allows you to have a clean and simplified management line, without having to use cluttered inboxes, messy spreadsheets, or tools that clutter and slow down the website.

HubSpot's CRM dashboard allows you to automatically and accurately track the various interactions that guests make on the site, also you can store up to a million contacts and users without there being a limit or a date on expiry. A useful tool therefore to organize your own initiatives of Retention.

With the feature called the CRM of HubSpot so you can organize your entire website without too much effort by viewing everything from an easily visible and clean dashboard.

But what exactly can you do with CRM?

Through HubSpot's CRM is possible:

  • Hold Automatically track interactions That you have with customers through email, on social media or while making a phone call
  • Automatic recording of all major activities
  • Synchronization with Outlook and Gmail
  • Interactions are sequenced in time and ordered
  • You can check for communication breakdowns with customers
  • Synchronization of CRM with HubSpot's Marketing software to better customize the approach to customers
  • Chat system with potential and existing customers in real time
  • Tools for: live chat, group email, a universal inbox, managing multiple conversations together (regardless of which message channel they come from)
  • Sending custom sequences (email marketing automation) to be sent to customers
  • Creating email templates
  • Receive notifications in real time, to know when a customer opens an email or downloads an attachment.
  • Its functionalities are able to interface with G Suite, Outlook, Windows Office 365 and Gmail

Here are some screenshots of the CRM, which you can subscribe to for free here:

HubSpot HubSpot HubSpot

HubSpot: Marketing Hub

One of the most important functions of HubSpot is definitely the one concerning Marketing. HubSpot Marketing in fact allows you to manage your entire business marketing strategy online. Here are the main HubSpot Marketing functions.

A software for the management of inbound marketing

HubSpot allows you to effectively build and launch of marketing campaigns to potential target users or existing customers.

Build or modify your own website

With the HubSpot Marketing platform you can insert blog posts, create landing page with the Landing Page Hubspot's Builder, build email templates for theemail marketingand the ability to choose from a variety of ready-to-use templates that fit any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Create an SEO friendly copywriting strategy

With the tools of HubSpot Marketing you can more easily understand how modern keyword research works, how to publish the blog content and format them. In addition, you receive suggestions SEO in real time, and allows you to post on social media at the right time in order to reach a most followers. In addition, you can manage content, headlines, CTAs and images that are relevant to the behaviors of the people you are targeting.

Landing Page

You can direct more traffic to your landing pagesBy designing everything, it is possible to create a call to action and customize the messages accordingly according to the location, the device used, the traffic that reaches it, without needing any particular knowledge in terms of code.

Convert more visitors

You can convert more leadsas with HubSpot it is possible to run some A/B testing to increase the conversions and improve visitor interaction with the website.

A personalized path for each lead

The platform allows you to create a personalized path for each lead. In fact, you have several email tools and campaigns at your disposal. Also, you can implement email marketing strategies to make these users of paying customers. In addition, you create a route which allows each customer interaction to trigger a follow up to the next step.

Track customer actions and the impact on your bottom line

Connecting HubSpot CRM and SalesForce you can automatically record and organize the various interactions customers have with the brand. In addition, the data is collected with maximum security and is essential for be able to improve sales.

HubSpot Sales Hub

The HubSpot sales tools ( are designed to be able to give their customers the opportunity to save time and money, managing all the sales channels of their website, automatically monitor customer interactions, organize all activities in one place with the HubSpot sales software.

The Hubspot sales tools allow you to create a much faster channeling phase, and thus achieve a funnel effective that you can follow thanks to all the functions provided by the platform.

With HubSpot Sales you can:

  • Automate the sending of emails without becoming impersonal: By queuing up a very precise sequence of emails and by means of personalized follow up, it is possible to send communications always at the most suitable time to attract the customer or lead him to make a second purchase.
  • Create emails using editable templates: the models can be used and modified together with your team, or you can evaluate the different models against each other to measure how they perform with different customers.
  • Follow the entire customer journey: you can receive a notification whenever customers open an email, click on a link within it, open an attachment and trigger the follow up, thus sending emails relevant to the user's actions.
  • Connect with customers in real time: you can connect in real time with your customers thanks to the installation of the plugin to manage live chat directly on your website. With Live Chat you create an immediate connection. In addition, you can also agree with the customer a time for a live chat when it is more convenient for the customer.
  • Automatic data entry: All lead contact information is automatically stored and recorded. Moreover, thanks to this recording, you can better automate every task.
  • Plotting the pipeline: By synchronizing HubSpot Sales with HubSpot CRM you can track all the conversions you've achieved, those in progress or those that didn't go through.

HubSpot Services

The customer service is certainly one of the most complex aspects to manage both before and after a sale. The HubSpot service, however, allows you to also improve customer service, the customer experience and allows you to restore order and help those dedicated to this important activity.

With the by HubSpot ( it is possible to reorganize the customer service: the software allows you to integrate the customer service and help the team in its management through the creation of support tickets.

Today, customers are increasingly looking for a company that is responsive to their needs and with whom they can interact optimally. Consumer 60% states that the moment he had a poor experience with customer service, he no longer shopped with it.

HubSpot allows you to create good customer service Organized and structured, with applications that help to avoid problems during customer management.

The main customer service tools are:

  • Mailbox bringing together all channels of communication, including messages from social networks
  • A Full Help Desk with an automation system that allows you to transform even chats into tickets that can then be reorganized, sorted and monitored by priority
  • Team emailwith aliases that automatically turn incoming e-mails into tickets
  • Live chat for talk directly with customers in real time on the website
  • Bots to be able to improve efficiency of live chat and be able to scale back face-to-face communications, referring the client to the most appropriate help documentation or counselor who can best help them.
  • Customer service impact measurement system with integrated reporting tools
  • Metrics related to customer response time.

7 Advantages of Hubspot

As we've seen, HubSpot's functions are really many, but let's see in detail what are the main advantages for those who rely on this service.

Using HubSpot ( is possible:

  • Have a flexible and powerful CRM that allows you to organize and track every aspect of the sales pipeline Helping you sell and develop your online business efficiently and in a time-saving manner.
  • CRM integrates with countless programs and platforms such as: Google Chrome, Dropbox, Google Dynamics, Bigcommerce.
  • A very intuitive interface and easy to use for importing leads, managing customers and theemail marketing
  • A time saver for all Inbound Marketing related activities thanks to the possibility to control everything with a single software, which allows to convey: data collected on the web, analyze digital behaviors, develop strategies for customer service.
  • Simple to use: With this software you don't need to learn how countless software or analysis tools work, you just need to understand how HubSpot works.
  • Possibilities to create an Inbound Marketing strategy complete with all HubSpot tools
  • Offer optimal customer service by managing messages from all platforms from a single desk

HubSpot Italy and Italian CRM

Although Hubspot is an English-language platform, there are a number of agencies and consultants in the Italian market that can help you with your CRM setup.

Hubspot prices

HubSpot prices

HubSpot provides different plans with prices that differ depending on the service you want to use, the package you need more or you can choose to create a custom plan by choosing the services that suit you best at

Cost of Hubspot plans

Comprehensive plans including: HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub:

  • Starter Suite: from 104 euros per month
  • Starter Suite Professional: from 1107 euros per month
  • Enterprise Suitefrom 3864 euros per month

If you wish to access individual services the prices offered by HubSpot predict:

  • Marketing Hub: Starter Plan from 46 euros per month; Professional from 740 euros per month; Enterprise from 2944 euros per month
  • Sales Hub: Starter Plan from 46 euros per month, Professional from 368 euros per month, Enterprise from 1104 euros per month
  • Service Hub: Starter Plan from 46 euros per month, Professional from 368 euros per month, Enterprise from 1104 euros per month
  • HubSpot CMS from 268 euros per month

Finally, with HubSpot there are also free tools which can be used simply by registering with the software.

The free tools are:

  • CRM: management of contacts, deals, tasks and activities. You can register for the free version of CRM here:
  • Marketing: Modules Popup, email marketing, ad management
  • Sale: Live chat, conversational bots, inboxes
  • Customer Service: ticket office, live chat, inbox

Hubspot: reviews and opinions

On sites like and capTerra you can find numerous reviews of Hubspot ( with an average of 4.5/5.

The opinions about HubSpot are quite positive, it's a platform "all-in-one" which presents countless tools that allow you to fully and effectively manage your entire Inbound Marketing, Email marketing strategy, landing page and customer service.

In addition, HubSpot has three different levels which can best meet the needs of various projects on the web, there are Starter plans ideal for small businesses, the Professional plans are designed for medium-sized companies or freelancers with very high numbers in terms of contacts, and finally there is the Enterprise plan ideal for large companies that need to more advanced monitoring tools.

To be appreciated there is certainly also the possibility of accessing a free plan that helps to become familiar with the main tools of the platform, very useful to understand the usefulness of HubSpot. From a price point of view the Starter plans are definitely more accessible, the other plans have higher costs, although it must be considered that these are higher because they meet the needs of medium to large online projects. Finally, considering the various tools offered by HubSpot certainly having them all in one place saves you money if you did instead subscriptions to various services.

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