IFTTT: Complete Guide to Connecting Apps and Devices Tool

What is IFTTT 

IFTTT (https://ifttt.com/), which stands for "if this, then that", is an APP tool that can connect different APPs and devices.

Featuring a large selection of integrations and 18 million users, IFTTT users create one billion applets each month.

Created in 2010, IFTTT is one of the first tools in the field of Marketing Automation and requires no knowledge of development or programming.

IFTTT homepage

Features of IFTTT 

To start using IFTTT you need to create an account. There are 2 types of accounts:

  • a free account, the creation of which requires a one-step process with an email, username and password. You can also sign in via Facebook and your Google ID. Once signed up, you can discover and configure your first Applet.
  • Alongside the free plan, IFTTT Pro allows the creation of unlimited applets, multi-step applets with queries, conditional logic and multiple actions.


IFTTT Applets

When you use IFTTT to create any kind of integration between two tools, we talk about applets.

IFTTT uses the applet (https://help.ifttt.com/hc/en-us/articles/36001401373-Creating-your-own-Applet) to carry out the activities.

IFTTT services

IFTTT service

Security systems, smart home devices sites and socil that work with IFTTT are called services (https://ifttt.com/services).

A complete list of services compatible with IFTTT can be found on the official website https://ifttt.com/services.

IFTT who is it for?

We can respond with 3 types of users: brands, developers and end users.

  • Brands have many benefits from IFTTT, as their products can be linked to third-party apps on Google, Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Developers can use IFTTT to create an applet and collaborate with brands.
  • IFTTT's huge library of services and applets also gives users numerous ways to connect and customize their apps.

IFTTT Pros and Cons 

Let's look at the general pros and cons of the IFTTT platform. Let's start with the pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Supports IoT devices and voice assistants
  • Simplifies automation: IFTTT makes it easy to create automation rules. You don't need to know how to perform any coding. You just need to follow a visual guide on an easy-to-use web or mobile app.
  • Helps you save time: If you're looking to eliminate some trivial tasks from your daily schedule, look no further than IFTTT. You can configure applets that handle the tasks you are currently dealing with manually.
  • Wide range support: IFTTT supports some of the most popular services online. It also allows you to automate tasks with Internet-connected lights or appliances in your home.
  • Ready-made appletsYou may not need to use IFTTT to create a new applet. Instead, you could simply choose some applets that already do what you are looking for. This is because other users have created useful solutions and made them available online.

And here are some cons:

  • Applets don't always work as expected: not only is the IFTTT platform itself free, but ready-made applets are free as well. Some applets are flawed. Fortunately, there are several "versions" of some of the most popular solutions available. If one doesn't work, you can always choose another one.
  • Limited triggers and actions - Although IFTTT makes it easy for you to create integrations, you are limited in terms of the triggers and actions you can choose. If you were to code an integration from scratch using an API, you'd have a lot more flexibility.


Applets found in its repository for Google, iOS and Android can integrate with IFTTT. Services such as WordPress and Dropbox, Android and iOS apps, and smart devices can also integrate with IFTTT.

Opinions and reviews on IFTTT 

IFTTT helps over 700 global companies accelerate the digital transformation of their products into integrated services, dramatically reducing development costs and extending compatibility and lifetime value.

Check out customer reviews and opinions here: https://www.g2.com/products/ifttt/reviews.

Alternatives to IFTTT 

Let's take a look at some alternatives to IFTTT.



  • help you connect apps and services that don't have native integration for marketing and productivity purposes;
  • both support social and messaging apps;
  • both give the possibility to create automations in many steps.


  • first, IFTTT and Zapier differ in their areas of expertise. IFTTT works with digital voice assistants (Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant and Siri), and home automation devices (such as lighting, appliances and security systems). Zapier is more of an enterprise tool to connect apps and automate certain tasks.
  • Another substantial difference lies in the fact that but IFTTT only offers mobile apps for Android and iOS, while Zapier only has a web interface.


Integromat is a marketing automation platform to integrate and connect APPs. An alternative to Zapier, it allows you to create automated flows by connecting APPs, for marketing and business productivity purposes.


Automate.io is a marketing automation software alternative to Zapier and Integromatwhich allows you to create automated workflows by connecting APPs, equally for marketing and business productivity purposes.


IFTTT prices

Registration on the app or site for an IFTTT account is free. You can use unlimited applets, but you can only create three applets with the free account.

An IFTTT account subscription Pro (https://ifttt.com/subscriptions/pro) offers more applet creation features and unlimited applet creation for $ 3.99 per month.

IFTTT costs

The plan Developer (https://ifttt.com/plans) allows you to publish your branded product on IFTTT for $ 199 per year. Publishing a service exposes and expands your API to over 600 brands in our ecosystem.

With the plan Team, any app, brand or product can accelerate its roadmap without high upfront costs and pay as it grows. To get plan pricing EnterpriseInstead, you should contact IFTTT.

You can change your plan at any time. However, if you downgrade from Pro to Standard, your Pro plan and payment will continue until the end of the month. To downgrade or upgrade any Business plan, please contact the sales team.

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