Integromat: Guide to Marketing Automation Software Alternative to Zapier

What is Integromat 

Integromat ( is an APP connector similar to Zapier, used by marketers to connect APPs in the cloud. Considered one of the platforms of marketing automation more advanced than the Internet, Integromat allows you to automate processes that you currently manage manually;

Integromat supports most of the popular apps and services available today and, through its HTTP/SOAP and JSON modules, can also allow you to connect to almost any web service. You can also use the Integromat developer platform to create your own app.

Integromat homepage

Integromat features 

With Integromat you simply create a scenario, a workflow, connect your data sources and set up the workflow to connect one data source to another. The service is very similar to Zapier and as we will see a little less expensive.

Let's take a look at the functionalities offered by Integromat (

Integromat functionality

Automation Scenarios

Integromat works by creating scenarios that allow you to automate common workflows within your company, such as completing a single action or multiple actions that allow you to automate two tasks within the same scenario.

Once created, this scenario will continue to run around the clock within your business, allowing you and your team to focus on more important tasks while also reducing the risk of human error.


Integromat Functions

For those who want to create complex formulas, formulas allow you to automatically perform a large number of variable transformations on your data, from changing text formatting to converting data to different formats and more.


Integromat Router

With the feature called Router is a function of Integromat ( with which you can easily duplicate the processed data and then have it perform different actions based on each predefined path, such as posting the data to different social networks, processing a customer's payment, creating a new task within your CRMregistration of a new customer,

Error management

Integromat Error management

One of the main features that sets Integromat apart from its competitors such as Zapier, IFTTT and Automate.iois its ability to automatically process data in case of error (

Once an error has occurred, Integromat will automatically attempt to follow one of the predefined paths created by ignoring the error and processing the remaining data or attempting to correct the data while the scenario is still running.

In case Integromat is unable to resolve the error, it can also pause the scenario allowing you to manually diagnose the error and resolve it.


Integromat Aggregators and Iterators

The Integromat Iterators function allows you to perform several actions repeatedly with a certain frequency: (, such as automatically backing up PDF documents or automatically resizing JPEG images, as well as splitting and processing large batches of data into smaller, easier-to-manage batches, reducing workloads and improving overall data management.


Integromat Templates

To facilitate the creation of automations, Integromat provides over 1,500 predefined templates ( that encompass almost every workflow imaginable, allowing you to optimize time and reduce complexity when creating workflows.

Advanced Rules

For those looking for an additional level of automation, Integromat also allows you to create a series of additional rules within each scenario, such as scheduling specific times for the scenario to be executed to choosing a specific starting point within a dataset.

Detailed reporting

With the feature called detailed reports, Integromat allows you a range of reporting data such as:

  • independently review each automation in detail and see how the data was received and processed, giving you a complete overview of each workflow. With Integromat you can review up to two months of data executions;
  • if you do not want your data to be stored, you can also disable it while keeping your data safe and private;

Other features

  • Add unlimited steps within each scenario.
  • View and monitor scenarios in real time.
  • Native mobile app support for managing your account.


Integromat currently supports over 250 of the major SaaS platforms currently available on the market, and although the amount of integrations provided is less than Zapier, it supports almost all major platforms used by most companies and is constantly adding support for new apps.

Among the additions:

Opinions and reviews on Integromat 

With a wide range of features, a user-friendly interface and customer service, Integromat stands out in the marketing automation market.

You can read customers' opinions on the homepage

Integromat opinions

Prices of Integromat

Integromat prices

The price of Integromat varies depending on the functionality required and the number of tasks you wish to automate per month with plans starting at $ 0 (

Integromat has plans to cater for every company regardless of size:

  • Free to $0 per month, 1,000 transactions
  • Basic at $9 per month, 10,000 transactions
  • Standard at $29 per month, 40,000 transactions
  • Business at $99 per month, 150,000 transactions
  • Platinum to $299, 800,000 operations.

To get the prices of the plan Custom you need to contact Integromat.

Integromat offers an extensive collection of guided video training courses and customer support to assist you in setting up your acccunt:

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