iThemes: Complete Guide to WordPress Plugins, Themes, and Hosting Suite

What is iThemes

iThemes ( is a brand of themes and plugins for WordPress founded in 2008 that now also provides hosting services for small and medium-sized businesses in collaboration with Liquid Web.

Ideal for website administrators, bloggers, freelancers and agencies working with WordPress sites, iThemes is known for plugins such as BackupBuddy or iThemes Security, which are now running on almost a million websites.

Let's see together the services offered by iThemes.

iThemes homepage

Features of iThemes

The main strengths of iThemes are its powerful WordPress tools and high-performance infrastructure powered by Liquid Web. Let's take a look at its features.


iThemes Hosting

Unlike its partner brand Liquid Web which has a considerable number of hosting products to choose from, the iThemes offering ( provides hosting solutions with 20GB storage space and 80k page views included in the plan. In addition, you will automatically receive a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate free. These features are available for two sites at the same time.


iThemes BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy ( is the backup plugin for WordPress by iThemes. It will automatically manage your backups and also take care of site restores. In addition, BackupBuddy helps you effortlessly migrate and manage every step of the way for your WordPress site. You have full control over your backups, including scheduling automatic backups, setting up off-site backup storage, and database rollbacks.

iThemes Security Pro

iThemes iThemes Security Pro

The iThemes software offers some interesting security features. What was Better WP Security and is now simply iThemes Security Pro (

This security suite packs useful features such as brute force attack detection, malware, user or url access restriction.

All of this comes with email notifications that will alert you to any issues or possible security breaches.

iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync ( is a tool that makes it much easier to manage multiple WordPress sites. It is a WordPress maintenance plugin with which you can update and backup multiple WordPress sites under a single dashboard.

iThemes is that it allows you to sync up to ten sites for free, install updates on all sites simultaneously, manage comments, user activity, integration with security and other plugins for a hassle-free backup process, and much more.

By having everything under one roof, users have more freedom, flexibility and options for what they can do with their WordPress sites and how they can do it.

Here are some features:

  • One-click WordPress updates for all your sites, as well as the plugins you have installed on each.
  • Built-in theme and plugin manager, popular with WordPress developers because you can do bulk installs across multiple sites.
  • Change log for plugins and files showing what was added and when.
  • SEO checker integrated with the Google Search Console and Analytics platforms, as well as with the Yoast SEO plugin.

You can also manage other people's sites. Synchronization allows you to automatically send detailed activity reports to clients, give them access to a simplified client control panel, and basically stay on top of everything using a single dashboard.

Restrict Control Pro

iThemes Restrict Control Pro

Restrict Control Pro ( is a viable and comprehensive subscription solution for WordPress sites that blocks exclusive content and only gives access to premium members.

Kadence WP

iThemes Kadence WP

Kadence WP ( is a platform for creating WordPress themes.

Kadence Theme Is a lightweight yet full-featured WordPress theme for creating accessible and fast sites. It features an easy-to-use drag and drop selection header and footer generator to create any type of header in minutes.


iThemes WPComplete

WPComplete ( is a WordPress plugin that helps students be more successful with online courses by helping them track their progress.

It works with most course and subscription plugins, requires no programming, and can be linked to your mailing list software, for example to automatically email students when they finish a lesson or the entire course with a email marketing automation.

Content Upgrades

iThemes Content Upgrades

Content Upgrades ( helps you grow your subscriber list with the help of the Lead Magnet.

With content updates, you can offer your visitors the chance to get free access to exclusive content on your site if they sign up for your newsletter. 

WordPress Landing Page Plugin

iThemes WordPress Landing Page Plugin

The WordPress Landing Page Plugin ( makes it easier to create landing pages. With the Landing Pages plugin, you publish a landing page from your WordPress site just like an article or page.

Website Builder

iThemes Website Builder

iThemes has an integrated website builder, similar to Elementor e Beaver Buildercalled Builder (, which offers do-it-yourself and prefabricated themes and frameworks for creating WordPress sites. iThemes Builder has an editor to customize pages, a style manager.


In addition, iThemes has a toolkit Of web design, especially useful for beginners. The kit contains everything you might need to get your WordPress site up and running in style, including:

  • over 20 WordPress plugins;
  • 200 customizable themes designed for WordPress;
  • 900 hours of WordPress training;
  • 10+ iThemes Sync Pro sites.


iThemes has email hosting services recommended, including partner brand Liquid Web, G-Suite and Zoho Mail.

Benefits of iThemes

Here are the main advantages of iThemes:

  • Convenient plans
  • Built-in WordPress automatic backup plugin
  • Security Pro Packages
  • iThemes has an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.


iTheme's Sync supports seamless integration with some crucial WordPress tools that contribute to the versatility of this CMS. In addition to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which give you access to key metrics for your website, you can install themes and plugins from the WordPress repository directly from your dashboard.

If you want to increase your social media presence, you can add a Twitter button that will help you instantly share pages and posts to a Twitter account. If you run a ecommerce, you can work with ExchangeWP to track sales, transactions and orders.

Opinions and reviews on iThemes

With a good customer support team, free online learning resources, and automatic backups, iThemes is a solution you should definitely consider if you're looking for a reliable product to host your WordPress sites. The system is easy for anyone to use.

Read comments and opinions from users here:  

Prices by iThemes

iThemes prices

The structure of the iThemes prices ( provides annual payments for hosting plans, including all the extras that come with the package, such as iThemes Sync, iThemes Security Pro and iThemes BackupBuddy plugins.

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