Iubenda: 360° solution for Website Privacy and Cookie Policy

What is Iubenda?

Iubenda (www.iubenda.com/it/) is a 360° solution to make websites, ecommerce and law-compliant applications. It is a platform developed entirely in Italy, which offers a set of technological tools to compose legal documents for online activities in an autonomous way.

The Privacy and Cookie Policy is mandatory in Italy and every blog and website must have one. Iubenda allows those who own a website, blog or ecommerce to generate a privacy policy.

What is Iubenda

Features of Iubenda

Below is an overview of the features offered by Iubenda.

Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

Iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

With this service of Iubenda (www.iubenda.com/it/generatore-di-privacy-e-cookie-policy) you can generate and manage a professional Privacy and Cookie Policy:

  • automatically updated;
  • customizable with over 1500 pre-configured clauses;
  • available in 8 languages;
  • drafted by an international legal team;
  • in line with the main international standards.

If you don't find what you're looking for, you can add your own custom clauses using the form provided or by sending a request to the staff.

All Iubenda documents are developed in compliance with international laws such as the GDPR, the ePrivacy Directive and the CCPA (www.iubenda.com/it/ccpa).

Iubenda Cookie Solution

Cookie Solution Iubenda

The European Cookie Law requires you to put in place a cookie policy, display a cookie banner on the user's first visit, block non-exempt cookies before consent is given, and release cookies after consent has been collected.

This cookie consent management solution offered by Iubenda (www.iubenda.com/it/cookie-solution) allows you to:

  • generate a customizable cookie banner;
  • obtain consent;
  • manage consent preferences as required by the ePrivacy Directiveby the GDPR and the CCPA;
  • configure preemptive lockout;
  • set advertising preferences;
  • collect consent for the personalisation of Google Ads.

Simplified configuration

Use the configurator to modify the text and style of the cookie banner for consent collection, adapt it to the appearance of the site or change its behavior. For example, you can turn on or off consent to scroll or interact with the page. The configurator gives you access to advanced customization options.

Blocking cookies before consent

Block scripts that install cookies and reactivate them when you have consent, without having to refresh the page. You can automate preemptive blocking via cookie plugins for WordPress, Magento, Joomla! and PrestaShop, or using the web server module for Apache, Nginx and IIS.

SDK for mobile apps

Adapt your app to the requirements of the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR (www.iubenda.com/it/gdpr). Mobile SDK is available as a native component for both iOS and Android and is customizable, allowing you to adapt it to the look and feel of your application.

GDPR, ePrivacy and publisher-specific CCPA compliance

As a certified CMP, Iubenda has integrated the IAB Europe TCF and CCPA Compliance Framework into the Cookie Solution to help publishers comply with both legal requirements and the standards required by ad networks.

Terms and Conditions Generator

Iubenda Terms and Conditions Generator

Customizable with over 100 pre-configured clauses, available in 8 languages, powerful and accurate, the Terms and Conditions Generator (www.iubenda.com/it/generatore-termini-e-condizioni) is suitable for ecommerce, marketplaces, SaaS, apps and more, and allows you to manage even the most complex scenarios.

With this tool you can generate and manage a professional Terms and Conditions document, drafted by an international legal team and always up-to-date with the main international regulations.


If you don't know your way around and aren't clear on what you need to add, the Iubenda team will guide you through the document creation process with tips, targeted questions, and explanations designed to help you include everything you need.

Monitoring regulations

Iubenda's legal team constantly monitors international regulations and updates documents according to the latest developments in consumer law, commercial law and contract law.

Pre-configured clauses

Since many jurisdictions require detailed text, the Iubenda team analyzed the most popular ecommerce stores, such as Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, WooCommerce and PrestaShop, to provide you with pre-configured clauses complete with accurate descriptions of the sales process, giving you the option to use them as-is or customize them to suit your needs.

Consent Solution

Iubenda Consent Solution

With the function Consent Solution (www.iubenda.com/it/funzioni#consent-solution) you can:

  • Adapt your forms to GDPR and CCPA: collect proof of consent and document opt-in and opt-out;
  • store your consent and privacy preferences in one place;
  • store multiple preferences for each user;
  • keep track of the legal or privacy policy that you have agreed to;
  • keep track of the form and the texts with which the consent itself has been requested from the user;
  • Flexibly upload any type of proof of consent or legal notice, including a PDF if consent was collected offline on paper;
  • obtain the consent history for each user;
  • determine whether a user has been verified with double opt-in.

The Consent Solution feature offers:

  • user-friendly dashboard for archiving consents;
  • automatic synchronization with the documents created by Iubenda;
  • REST HTTP API and JS SDK to have full control over how and when consent is stored;
  • Easy to install JS widget to simplify consent tracking for online forms.

Legal notices are updated with each document change.

This solution integrates seamlessly with data collection forms, syncs with legal documents, and includes an intuitive dashboard that allows you to retrieve consents at any time.

Internal Privacy Management

Internal Privacy Management Iubenda

With the solution Internal Privacy Management (www.iubenda.com/it/internal-privacy-management) you can:

  • Document data processing activities within your organization;
  • generate your own treatment log;
  • add treatment tasks with over 1500 pre-configured options;
  • divide them by area;
  • assign managers and staff;
  • Document the legal bases and other information required by the GDPR.

The operation is as follows:

  1. Define areas: the areas define a perimeter within which data processing activities are homogeneous.
  2. Add treatment activities to each area: for each area you can add processing tasks from a list of over 1500 pre-configured options. For example, you can add the "Payroll Processing" option to your "Employees" area, or "Google Analytics" to your "Website" area.
  3. Add details on each treatment activity: specifies your data retention policy for each processing activity, the security measures taken, the legal basis for processing and other features.

How to use Iubenda

Iubenda only takes a few minutes to compile a new Privacy Policy. There is no need for any specific legal expertise, you simply need to follow three essential steps:

1. Customize

Generate the Privacy and Cookie Policy by drawing from a database of over 1500 ready-made clauses or by adding your own custom legal text. Some of the most commonly used clauses include:

2. Integra

Integrate the policy to your site or app using widgets or by inserting it directly with JS or API. Documents are hosted on servers so they are up to date.

3. Manage and update

With Iubenda you can update, integrate and make changes to the policy with a single click, benefiting from the assistance of the dedicated legal team, which is constantly working to keep the documents up to date with the main international legislations and takes care of the necessary updates when the law changes.

The service is available for:

Once generated, the privacy policy is hosted on specific cloud servers and integrated with your site thanks to a embed code. Thanks to the iCloud service, you can always keep your privacy policy up to date..

After the creation of the Privacy Policy and inserting the code directly on the website, you will see a banner containing the link to the Cookie Policy. Moreover, Iubenda is able to block Cookies in advance and reactivate them without refresh once the user's consent has been collected. The Iubenda Cookie Solution works for desktop, mobile and Apps.

As mentioned, Iubenda generates privacy policies not only in Italian but also in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian e Brazilian Portuguese. It is an ideal solution for multilingual sites also in WordPress (managed for example with WPML) and for those who manage portals with a foreign language among the main ones.

Opinions about Iubenda

Iubenda is a service used by over 70,000 customers in more than 100 countries, from large companies to small start-ups. G2.com (https://www.g2.com/products/iubenda/reviews) features comments and testimonials from users already using Iubenda.

Ibenda: Prices and Costs

Iubenda provides a plan Basic, which allows you to create a first free license with some limitations: www.iubenda.com/it/prezzi

If you need to use Iubenda for the creation of two or more Privacy Policies or if you need a complete service that can provide you with more legal assistance, you need to purchase one of the two paid plans:

  • Proat €27 per year;
  • Ultraat €99 per year.
Iubenda prices and costs

To have a complete picture of the services and related costs and conditions, we recommend that you consult the page www.iubenda.com/it/prezzi. You can qualify for a 10% discount for the first month or year of subscription, and you can pay by PayPal and credit card.

This is access Iubenda's Cookie Policy: 10% discount on the first year of subscription.

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