Keap InfusionSoft: Guide to CRM Platform, (Email) Marketing Automation, Sales Pipeline

What is Keap (formerly InfusionSoft)

Keap (, formerly known as InfusionSoft, is a cloud-based sales and marketing platform that offers customer relationship management capabilities (CRM), marketing automation and ecommerce in a single suite.

Since its founding in 2001, Keap offers an award-winning sales and marketing solution, one-on-one consulting services, live training, large-scale events and an active community of users, partners and industry leaders.

Founded by Clate Mask and Scott Martineau, Keap was originally a technology company that developed custom software for small businesses.

Users can segment contacts, track customer interactions, send emails, as well as run campaigns with custom triggers based on email opens, clicks and more. Users can also manage ecommerce, from inventory management to payments and purchase fulfillment, set up online shopping carts, monitor digital storefront activity, and send quotes, invoices and receipts.

The system's analytics and reporting tools help users perform analysis on metrics such as email, campaign performance, and ROI data. Users can access Keap remotely on Android and iOS devices.

Keap InfusionSoft homepage

Keap features InfusionSoft

Keap Features

The range of tools offered by Keap ( is very broad. Here is an overview of the functionalities.

Sales & Marketing Automation

Keap Sales & Marketing Automation

Sales & Marketing Automation ( is probably one of Keap's most powerful tools. Start with Easy Automation, the fastest way to automate repetitive tasks with simple templates for assigning tasks, capturing new leads, and sending emails.

Keap's marketing automation features allow you to create an automated process for sending emails and texts once you've acquired new leads from a process of Lead Generation and create repeatable sales processes with automated emails sent when a lead moves from one stage to another.


Keap InfusionSoft CRM

Delete the spreadsheet with the powerful CRM of Keap ( a customer database software that manages and hosts all your customers' activities. Seamlessly connect your Outlook or Gmail inbox to automatically update your contact's record with every email sent or received.

Keap's customer management software promptly responds to existing contacts and incoming leads by sending highly personalized communications and also supports a wide range of software integrations that give you easy access to popular apps to run your business, including Gmail, Typeform, Jotform, Bigcommerce e Zapieramong others.

Use the software's automated internal forms to collect the information you need immediately when adding a new lead.

Sales Pipeline

Keap InfusionSoft Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline ( lets you get the most out of your CRM by automating the way you monitor and manage leads and customers throughout the sales process in a single view. Customize each stage of your sales process and automatically trigger email sequences when a lead moves between stages through a customizable dashboard.

Along with CRM, Keap's pipeline management provides a 365-degree accurate view of your leads and customers. Unlike spreadsheets, this pipeline management tool groups and tracks leads and customer information in a centralized location while requiring the necessary next steps.


Keap Payments

Keap provides a billing and payment system ( that allows your customers to pay you automatically. Your customer simply presses the "pay now" button on the invoice and their credit card is charged. You can also set up daily, weekly or monthly payments depending on your company's needs, as well as automate reminders to help you get paid faster.

Keap will not lock you into a one-time payment. You can use any of its available payment service providers without incurring any penalties or additional fees. The platform has also created native integrations with top payment platforms, including PayPal, WePay, and Stripe. The app sends friendly payment reminders for overdue invoices or past due payments.

A single configuration ensures on-time payments and allows you to connect to QuickBooks and Xero.

Reporting and Analytics

Keap InfusionSoft Reporting and Analytics

The marketing reporting software ( will analyze millions of data points to help you visualize traffic, data, or analytics using an up-to-date analytics dashboard. You can also track your sales reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to see how they compare to previous periods.

Use payment and revenue analytics to track all weekly and monthly activity for revenue, payments and transactions.

Appointment Scheduling

Keap InfusionSoft Appointment Scheduling

Keap offers a appointment scheduling software ( for automated creation of meetings and appointments: once a slot is booked, a confirmation email is sent and the Google or Outlook calendar is automatically updated.

Appointment management software gives you access to your prospect's data, notes and calendar so you can properly prepare for the meeting. Adjust your schedule from mobile too and get reminders on your phone so you never miss a meeting.

Email Marketing

Keap Email Marketing

Keap simplifies a complicated process of email marketing ( with a range of powerful tools. The app comes with an extensive library of flexible and functional email templates for various opportunities. Segment your contact list by industry or interactions with your content into smaller lists for better conversion.

Use Keap's "at a glance" report to monitor the effectiveness of your emails and suggest better ways to engage your audience. 

Campaign Builder

The campaign builder has a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to create campaigns and use them repeatedly without having to go through the creation process each time. Easily create custom landing pages and emails or edit existing campaigns without having to switch platforms or tools.

Landing Page Builder

Keap InfusionSoft Landing page builder

The Landing Page Builder allows you to create Landing Page customized without the need for a developer. Test pages, publish them or embed them on your website without jumping between platforms.

Website Tracking

With tracking codes integrated through CRM, Keap can track everything you need to know about a campaign and customer experience to make smarter decisions. Easily view metrics like:

  • who visited a specific page;
  • individual navigation trends;
  • how many customers a new campaign has generated;
  • the customer journey or funnel of a visitor from the first visit to the last purchase;
  • average time on page per customer.

Email Statistics and Reports

Keap collects data on every email you send, allowing you to easily calculate ROI and tweak your email if necessary. Here you can see metrics like emails sent, emails opened, clicks, hard & soft bounce and disenrollments.


Keap InfusionSoft Integrations

Keap is a cloud-based solution, making system deployment quick and easy. Desktop and mobile applications are available, allowing users to work on whatever device they feel most comfortable with.

Once implemented, Keap offers a required coaching package to get you and your team up and running without any confusion.

Keap integrates perfectly with QuickBooks, Xero, SalesForce, Outlook, Gmail and more ( If you have existing business tools and apps that you want to use, Keap offers an open API, which allows businesses and developers to allow third-party apps to connect with Keap accounts.

Keap also offers hundreds of integrated apps and add-ons in its Marketplace such as:

Opinions and reviews on Keap InfusionSoft

Keap InfusionSoft opinions

Check out the user reviews here

Prices by Keap InfusionSoft

Keap InfusionSoft prices

They are available three tariff plans (

  • The plan Lite starts from $ 79 per month ($ 40 with discount) for 500 contacts and can accommodate a single user
  • The plan Pro starts at $ 149 per month ($ 75 with discount) and has all the features of the Lite plan, plus sales pipeline, A/B email testing, recurring payments, landing page generator, advanced automation and customizable dashboards and reports.
  • The plan Max starts at $ 199 per month ($ 100 with discount) and adds features, such as lead scoring, subscription management, checkout forms and analytics.

There is also Max Classic (formerly the Infusionsoft plan) offering advanced ecommerce and sales management features ( Interested potential customers should contact Keap directly for more information.

Keap Infusionsoft Max Classic

Each pricing plan includes coaching With an expert for a cost of $ 499. Includes one-on-one coaching, daily training webinars and personalized support.

All plans include:

  • CRM
  • Sales and Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Payments
  • Functionality of A/B Test
  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited email
  • Data migration support
  • Support

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