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What is Landbot

Landbot. ( is a chatbot platform Intuitive that allows you to create interactive chatbots without any programming knowledge. It is designed to help marketers and webmasters with Lead Generation and Customer Care.

Founded in 2017, the Landbot platform has turned bot creation into a LEGO game, allowing marketing, sales, and customer service teams at companies of all sizes to easily design and build automated conversations through his no-code solution.

Customers can execute and analyze digital communications with end users via multiple communication channels such as websites, WhatsApp o Facebook Messengerin real time.

Landbot manages and automates conversations to help you design, deploy and analyze conversational strategies and send information without writing a single line of code.

The Landbot platform is aimed at small and medium-sized companies, and anyone wishing to generate more contacts and improve their customer support.

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Landbot features

Landbot takes the hassle out of the chatbot building process by doing all the basic work for you. No programming experience required

Apart from creating a chatbot for your website, it can also help you create conversational landing pages. Also, you can design bots for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Let's explore its functionality.

Chatbot Builder

Landbot Chatbot Builder

Landbot allows you to create high-quality chatbots in minutes, without writing code.

Landbot chatbot maker ( offers an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and use, regardless of your technical skills, creating a conversational flow composed of blocks and arrows that connect them. Thus, allowing you to design functional bots in minutes using the familiar drag & drop mechanism of selection dragging.

PreBuilt Chatbot Template

Landbot Pre-built Chatbot Template

Simplify the creation of chatbots with pre-filled bot templates for every occasion. There are models for Lead Generation, product launches, event registration and more.

Multi-Use Custom Bricks

Landbot Multi-Use Custom Bricks

Turn the most commonly used sequences of your dialog flows (e.g., email verification or registration) into virtual bricks That you can reuse in any new bot with a single click. Use brick templates or create your own.

Formatting without code

Landbot Formatting without code

Available formats (Landing Page, site embeds, pop-ups and website widgets) quadruple the chances of lead generation by adapting your bot to any situation and target audience.

WhatsApp Add-on

Landbot WhatsApp Add-on

The intuitive solution WhatsApp API ( allows you to automate notifications, conversations and campaigns without coding.

Use automated conversations to free your employees from an avalanche of routine requests, boost your marketing campaigns, and more.

Template Library

Landbot Template Library

There are three ways to create a conversation app with Landbot (

  • Do everything from scratch but still no coding
  • Use only a few prefabricated elements (bricks)
  • Choose and customize a default model

There is no need to reinvent a flow if there is already a chatbot template for your use case. You can always use the preview feature to test the end-user experience.

When you upload your chosen template, you'll see the conversation flow set up for you with guidance notes when needed. All you have to do is customize the content within the flow that's already there. Edit the text, images, gifs, and links in the blocks to fit your brand and product.

The vast majority of models (about the 90%) are free and will remain free after the free trial ends.

Lead Generation Chatbot Template

Landbot Lead Generation Chatbot Template

A lead generation chatbot template ( is a pre-designed conversational flow that aims to capture potential customer data through an automated conversational exchange.

Survey & Questionnaire Template

Landbot Survey & Questionnaire Template

LandBot provides a variety of templates for free surveys and conversational questionnaires ( that convert.

The conversational questionnaire model is a questionnaire or survey that has been reformatted to look more like a conversation, automating customer service.

Product Promo Chatbot Template

Landbot Product Promo Chatbot Template

All product chatbot templates ( are free of charge.


Landbot Integrations

landBot is equipped with integrations native. Export, import and update data in real time using Landbot's out-of-the-box integrations such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zapier, SendGrid, Slack and others.

Easily export, import and update data. Take advantage of Landbot's intuitive no-code generator to connect bots to the tools you already use, with one click.

Opinions and reviews on Landbot

Barcelona-based startup Landbot is already supporting over 50,000 usersranging from SMEs to specific teams and products within larger organizations. Notable clients include Nestlé, MediaMarkt, CocaCola, Cepsa, PcComponentes and Prudential.

Check out the user reviews and opinions here:

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Prices of LandBot

Landbot prices

In addition to the free Sandbox plan, three paid plans are available (

  • Starterfrom € 30 per month;
  • Professionalfrom € 80 per month;
  • Businessat a cost to be agreed upon.

Landbot offers a refund within 5-10 business days if the request meets the terms of their refund policy.

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