Landingi: Guide to SAAS Software for Creating Landing Pages (and more)

What is Landingi 

Landingi ( has established itself as one of the leading software for the construction of landing page, in an industry, that of SAAS landing page builders, dominated by other players such as Unbounce e Instapage. It started with CEO and founder Błażej Abel's passion for creating solutions to help companies with their marketing campaigns.

After years of developing and refining his vision, Błażej and his team ended up with a drag-and-drop builder for developing high-converting landing pages that will help them gather leads for initiatives to Lead Generation.

Features of Landingi 

Landingi offers more than just functionality for creating landing pages:

Landing Page, Popup, Light Box

The function Design ( allows, in addition to the landing pages, to create popup and lightbox.

Landing Page

Landingi gives you the option to order a design from Landingi and its professional designers or get started by choosing a template from its collection of predefined landing pages. You can filter the landing page templates by objective, stage of the funnel sales or sectors. Before choosing the template you want to use, you can first preview it to see the main and thank you pages.

Drag & Drop Editor

After choosing a template and naming it, you can edit it in the landing page editor with the classic drag & drop system: you can edit all the elements found on the template by clicking and the right side of the screen will show what changes you can make with each one without entering a single line of code. If you want to add new elements to the page, you can drag and drop those on the left side of the editor. After choosing the element you want to add, you can drag it anywhere you want it to appear on the page. You can also resize the element to fit the layout of your page. If you want to stretch the page so that you can add more elements and sections on the page, you can hover over the edge of the drawing area to show the resize icon. Then drag it to extend the length of the page.

Landing also gives you the opportunity to test the compatibility of the page by clicking on the mobile and tablet icon to view the page and make any necessary changes.

WordPress Plugins

Landingi publish

Once you're happy with the design of your page, you can publish it ( using a test domain or changing the domain URL.

If you have a site WordPressYou can install its plugin WordPress where you can enter the API token generated by Landingi. You can then choose which of the landing pages you have created will be published on your site.

The interesting aspect of this feature is that it imports all the files to your site's server. This way, the page is loaded directly from the site and you won't need to retrieve data from the Landingi servers.

In addition, you have the opportunity to embed your landing page by downloading the PHP file and uploading it to your server without the use of a CMS

Email Marketing & CRM Integrations

Landingi CRM email marketing integrations

Landingi allows integrations with the main software of email marketing e CRM for lead management after it has been acquired by initiatives from Lead Generation: (

Among Landingi's key additions:

To correctly connect the tool, you need to enter the API key or token and assign fields that will be filled in by people that will be saved in the email list or CRM. Landingi also works with Webhooks.

AB testing and CRO functionality

Landingi ab test

After creating your Landing Page with Landingi and directing profiled traffic to it (for example from Google Ads, Facebook Advertising o Linkedin Ads) it is time to analyze the performance

Landingi features CRO e AB Test ( that allows you to analyze, for example.

  • how many visitors clicked on the button
  • those who have filled in the form on the page

The next step is to implement A/B Test creating one or more variants of the page you want to test, modifying it on a variable.

Landingi also allows you to optimize conversions by inserting dynamic content with a view to web personalization.

Form, Autoresponder, Lead Export

Landingi convert

With Landingi you can create forms optimized for conversion and you have an autoresponder for an immediate follow up of leads, as well as a section where contacts are cataloged in an orderly manner and exportable to Excel (


Landingi sell

Not only Lead Generation: with Landingi you can sell directly from your landing page ( thanks to integrations with Paypal, Stripe.

You can add your digital product, manage orders within the platform. Landingi also integrates with Shopify.

Landing also provides functionality to collaborate in teams on Landing Pages, assign roles and provides a section with change logs.

Other benefits of Landingi

  • The software is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring encrypted accessibility and 24/7 uptime assurance.
  • The application has a multi-functional and easy-to-use page editor that lets you customize the design of your landing page and make the desired changes without coding. Also, Landingi also provides an HTML editor designed for experienced web developers with advanced knowledge of HTML coding.
  • One-click duplication allows you to duplicate landing pages to test the usefulness of different marketing campaigns. Landing pages can also be optimized by running AB tests and multivariate tests (A/B or A/B/X) of multiple page elements, including buttons, images, forms, and text.
  • Landing page designs are also optimized for different devices, highly responsive.

Opinions and reviews on Landingi 

You can read testimonials from Landingi's customers here:

Landingi opinions
Landingi opinions

Landing: Prices

Landingi prices

Landingi offers three floors ( from which users can choose:

  • Agencyat 137 euros per month;
  • Automate, at 69 euros per month;
  • Create, at 49 euros per month.

Each floor offers you a 14-day free trial.

All plans allow you to create unlimited landing pages, perform unlimited conversions and invite unlimited users. Plus, you can save more if you pay for 3, 6 or 12 months of subscription. Each plan is also divided into different sub-plans.

If none of the plans meet your needs as a large business, then the plan Enterprise might be right for you. The cost depends on your needs.

You can try Landingi with a 14-day free trial:

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