I help you generate Profiled Leads in B2B, with Lead Generation on LinkedIn

A comprehensive and structured lead generation service on LinkedIn to generate profiled contacts of potential customers in B2B, optimizing acquisition costs, in 4 steps:

emanuele chiericato
Emanuele Chiericato, Lead Generation Consultant on LinkedIn

Wonderful work done together with Emanuele in creating lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn. Great clarity, great method combining the theoretical and practical parts, enormous humility and expertise. Thank you!

How Lead Generation Works on LinkedIn

The 4 phases that make up lead generation initiatives on LinkedIn.


Target Analysis and Processing, Strategy, LinkedIn Audit

In this first phase we go to understand who are the Buyer Persona and Decision Makers that you want to intercept with Lead Generation initiatives on LinkedIn, what strategy to adopt to achieve the conversion goals (Lead Generation) pre-set, and carry out an Audit of the initiatives carried out and the digital assets in use.


LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Company Page, Content

In this second phase, based on the Audit conducted earlier, we go on to optimize your brand's presence and organic content on LinkedIn based on industry best practices to maximize your lead generation initiatives on LinkedIn from an organic perspective as well.

Linkedin Ads Consulting

Creating and Optimizing LinkedIn Ads Campaigns

At this stage we are going to create advertising campaigns with LinkedIn Ads with objectives such as Conversions or Lead Gen Forms by optimizing performance indicators (including conversions, cost per lead, cost per click, CTR, frequency), making optimizations aimed at acquiring qualified leads, optimizing acquisition costs.


Social Selling and Prospecting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In this phase we go about planning Social Selling and Prospecting initiatives with the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, using best practices for connection requests, InMail and possibly automating contacts with the help of specific software.


"His competence is confirmed by the results, moreover I appreciated his professionalism and transparency"


"A serious, knowledgeable and reliable professional who can tell on the fly what works and what doesn't. Working with him is a pleasure and a source of continuous stimulation."

Case Studies and Lead Generation Results with LinkedIn

Below are some of the case studies of lead generation on LinkedIn.

Lead Generation on LinkedIn in the B2B Software Industry.

With an ERP management software company, we were able to acquire profiled, data-rich leads from decision makers in structured companies with a series of LinkedIn Ads campaigns, Landing Page optimized from the point of view of Neuromarketing and CROWhite Paper, Video Case Study and Demo downloads.

Lead Generation on LinkedIn in the Industry. B2B Training

LinkedIn Ads Campaigns
With a company that sells training and consulting in a B2B manufacturing sector, we were able to acquire profiled leads for training and consulting activities, reducing the CPL from €25 to €10 thanks to numerous tests on targeting, bidding and creativity.

Lead Generation on LinkedIn in the Industry. B2B consulting

LinkedIn Ads Campaigns
With a company that sells tax and fiscal consulting services in B2B, we were able to acquire profiled decision maker leads for a specific service by optimizing CPL and communicating appropriately with the help of a Landing Page.

"We tackled the creation of lead generation campaigns for LinkedIn, enormous humility and expertise."


"Lead Generation on Facebook campaigns: we have achieved excellent results and above all, thanks to Emanuele's skills, we have increasingly improved the performance of the campaigns".

How We Can Collaborate in Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Here are the 3 main ways I work with client companies.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Consulting

In this case, after a strategic part carried out together and aimed at understanding product or service, target audience, buying process and strategy, we proceed with all or some of the 4 steps of consulting in LinkedIn lead generation initiatives.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Oversight

In this case, I supervise existing projects, suggesting the most appropriate initiatives for achieving results and improving KPIs, interfacing with the people who are entrusted in practice with the implementation of the initiatives to be carried out, such as the trusted agency or internal staff.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Training

Here I conduct tailored training on Lead Generation on LinkedIn, sharing best practices and mistakes to avoid. Conducted on Google Meet and or similar platforms.


"Professionalism, competence, availability distinguish him in every aspect both work and human"


"He gave us a lot of advice in the company on how to manage customers and contacts, helping us to have an increase in sales."

Emanuele Chiericato, Lead Generation Consultant on LinkedIn

My name is Emanuele Chiericato and I have been professionally consulting and training in Web Marketing for 13 years, with a focus on Lead Generation and Email Marketing Automation. I am Author of "Lead Generation: get new contacts and turn them into loyal customers", published in 2017 by Flaccovio Editore, 1st Reprint 2018 and Speaker in national events on Web Marketing such as SMAU, Da Zero a SEO, Inbound Strategies, Adworld Experience. Want to learn more? Here is my website.

"His techniques have proven effective in improving the visibility of a major client."


"Emanuele is professional, knowledgeable, reliable, accurate, his skills are amazing."

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