6 Tools for Mobile Lead Generation

The use of mobile devices in purchasing decisions is becoming more and more inclined: I'm not talking about data referred to the U.S. or years ago, but to the Italian market, where a research carried out by Google, Consumer Barometer on mobile consumer trends, confirms how:

  • online research is increasingly multi-device: the number of people who use a tablet or smartphone alongside their desktop PC is growing rapidly, rising from 3% to 16% in Italy alone:
 Consumer Barometer uncovers new mobile trends and consumer insights - Think with Google
  • 40% of users under the age of 35, called millennials, performed a smartphone search for their latest purchase:
Consumer Barometer uncovers new mobile trends and consumer insights - Think with Google
  • Moving from millennials to "digital moms," 55% of them do online research before making a purchase:
Consumer Barometer uncovers new mobile trends and consumer insights - Think with Google

As of April 21, 2015, Google has made official the.Optimization for mobile devices as a positioning signal: having a site compatible with mobile devices helps to appear in Google mobile results, which not only holds 95% of mobile search traffic.

If the 20% of Google searches are conducted from a mobile device responsive users is a segment not to be underestimated, but it must be acquired with appropriate tools.

We Are Social's annual "Digital Social and Mobile 2015" survey confirms how mobile is increasingly influential in purchasing decisions:

  • 20% searched for a product via smartphone in the last month;
  • 16% has purchased a product via smarthone in the last month;
Report on the use of mobile and social in Italy and in the world we are social

According to a Twenga analysis of M-Commerce in Europe in 2015: the latest purchasing trends on Mobile, almost 28% of traffic ecommerce Italian comes from mobile devices:

M Commerce in Europe in 2015 the latest buying trends on mobile twenga

If mobile is becoming more and more influential in determining purchase decisions, you need some tools to capture your user's contact specifically designed for mobile devices.

6 Tools for Lead Generation on Mobile

How can we reach the mobile device of our potential customer? In this post we see 6 tools to acquire contacts of potential customers right on mobile: some of these are new, such as Telegram channel, others are little known, such as push notifications on Browser: let's see them together.

  • the first is to use a Telegram channelFor those who do not know, Telegram is the direct competitor of the better known Whatsapp and allows you to create a channel, reachable via URL, to send notifications to their customers directly via smartphone;
  • the second one is about a rather peculiar instrument, push notifications, notifications that appear directly on your browser, even on mobile. As we'll see, you can easily implement them with a free tool, Pushcrew.
  • the third is Lead Digits, an innovative tool created by Lead Pagesthe well-known software for the creation of landing pages. With Lead Digits you can acquire the contact of your potential customer by sending an sms and from there set up an email sequence with an autoresponder;
  • the fourth is the Lead ADS by Facebook Advertising, a tool that allows you to capture the user's email contact easily and effectively without leaving Facebook;
  • the fifth is the Lead Generation Twitter Cards;
  • and finally the use of Pop Up by Optin Monsterspecifically designed for mobile traffic.

Let's start with the first one, the Telegram channel.

The Telegram channel

As I anticipated, we could call Telegram the leading competitor of Whatsapp, the well-known mobile messaging service.

How can we integrate Telegram into our web marketing strategy for mobile devices? By creating a channel: let's see how and what are the benefits of using a Telegram channel.

How to create a Telegram channel in 2 steps

Similar to Whatsapp, Telegram is an APP, which you can easily download from your device.

In my case, as a Samsung/Android user it is enough to search for it in the Play Store.

Once installed, go to settings and click on New Channel:

telegram new channel 1

and then enter the name and description of the channel you created:

telegram new channel 2

At this point you have created a telegram channel, which will have its own url.

The advantages of a Telegram channel? You can connect to your potential customers via mobile, easily and for free by sharing new products and items from mobile.

Push Notifications via Browser

A second little-known and equally effective method of reaching our potential customers directly on mobile are browser-based push notifications.

Push notifications are nothing more than notifications that the user decides to receive on their browser, from desktop or mobile.

Let's look at a couple of services.


Pushcrew allows you to send notifications to your user's Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser even when they are not on the site.

As you can see from the image below, the notification is displayed on the user's browser from both desktop and mobile:


The system, free of charge up to 500 subscribers to the notifications, is easily implemented, through a code to be inserted in the header of the site or a plugin for WordPress and Joomla.

Pushcrew works through a "permission box", a rectangle that asks you if you want to receive notifications from the site you're browsing.

Here's how I accomplished in Web Marketing Academy:

PushCrew web marketing academy

Once you agree, you have the option to send notifications directly to all subscribers by entering:

  • a title of the notification, maximum 36 characters;
  • a message, maximum 80 characters;
  • a destination url;
  • an image;
  • a UTM parameter for tracking visits;
 PushCrew web marketing academy 2

Lead Digits by Lead Pages (no longer available)

How can a store collect email and phone addresses easily and automatically?

What about a billboard ad?

What about a podcast?

The answer is Lead Digits, an innovative tool from Lead Pages, the well-known site for creating landing pages.

How does Lead Digits work? Just send an sms to a specific number to activate a sequence, similar to the one of the marketing automation.

Here is an example of application of the tool: you see a billboard sponsoring an apartment.

To get more information, it asks you to send a text message to a number. Once done, it asks you to leave an email to send more information, an email that will be entered into your newsletter management program:

 LeadDigits How to Get Leads via Text Messaging

Facebook Advertising Lead Ads from Mobile

As we mentioned earlier, to make lead generation without leaving Facebook you can also use a new feature of Facebook Advertising, the Lead Ads or Contact Acquisition.

Lead ads are a lens specifically created in Facebook Advertising to acquire leads from potential customers.

To start using this feature you can:

 Ad management power editor

At this point, when you create a new campaign, you can choose the Lead Ads objective, translated as we said as "Contact Acquisition":

Power Editor lead ads contact acquisition

At this point you will have to choose who to target the ad to, by creating a new Audience or choosing between a Custom Audience previously saved.

If this is the first time you have chosen Contact Capture as a target in Facebook Advertising you will need to create a contact capture form, which allows you to choose:

  • if you acquire only the email and the first and last name of your contact;
  • whether to add a maximum of 3 questions to this data.
Power Editor module acquisition contacts lead ads facebook ads

The 3 questions you can ask the user can be custom, meaning you decide what to write about, or you can alternatively rely on a list of topics Facebook suggests within specific industries.

Although some of these areas apply more to the U.S. market (such as "health insurance"), you can still use these questions for the Italian market as well. Here are some ideas.

How to create Lead ADS ad

Once you've filled out the questions, you'll have to choose:

Power Editor creative content lead ads contact acquisition
Power Editor pixel monitoring acquisition of lead ads contacts

Once you've collected leads, you can download them from your Facebook Page:

  • go to "publishing tools" in the top navigation;
  • click on "ad modules for contact acquisition" and "module library". You can now download your contacts from the "download" link:
ad modules for lead ads contact acquisition

Lead Generation Cards on Twitter (no longer available)

You have 2 ways to do lead generation on Twitter:

  • if you want to collect the contacts of your potential customers on a landing page external, you can use the "clicks to website or conversions" objective, which we discussed in detail in the article dedicated to Twitter Advertising: Complete Guide to Twitter ADS Advertising;
  • if instead you want to collect contacts of your potential customers on Twitterthis target is for you.

What's the difference?

In the first case you have the possibility to synchronize your contact form in your landing page with a software like SendinBlue or Mail Chimpallowing you to automate the process of sending newsletters to your leads thanks to a workflow of email marketing automation;

In the second case make the user take one less step by collecting your leads directly on Twitter. How? With a Lead Generation Card: let's see together what it is.

What are Lead Generation Cards? Lead Generation Cards are attached to your Tweets and allow you to collect contact details from users, directly from Twitter.

They consist of an image and a call to action of your choice. Once a person leaves their contact, you have the option to download your leads from the "creative card manager," a section you'll find within your advertising account. The leads are compiled into the card and are available in CSV format.

Lead Generation Cards create interest in your business from users who decide to share their information with you within a Tweet. Lead Generation Cards automatically capture the user's name, username and email address, and all you have to do is click to send them to you.

leads on twitter advertising

How to do lead generation from mobile with Optin Monster

We've already talked about Optin Monster, the software that allows you to create Pop-Ups and other systems for theacquisition of email addresses.

Good, Optin Monster is equipped with a specific function that allows you to create a Pop Up for the acquisition of contacts directly on Mobile:

mobile optin monster

Once you've acquired the contact, there's the option of putting them directly on one of your lists to send out a newsletter.


As we've seen from the statistics, mobile is entering powerfully in the purchase decisions, not only of a young segment.

It is therefore necessary not only to equip your site with a responsive mode, but also to think of strategies and tools tailored to mobile, which allow us to acquire contacts of potential customers on these devices.

And have you used any of these lead generation tools on mobile?

Let's talk about it in the comments!

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