LinkedIn Sales Navigator: A Guide to the LinkedIn Sales & Prospecting Tool

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What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

With over 500 million active users and a variety of tools and features that help businesses and professionals build strategic relationships, LinkedIn. has positioned itself as the main social media for B2B but also as a useful tool for the Lead Generation (especially for large companies) and Social Selling in B2B.

One of the useful tools for Social Selling activities is LinkedIn Sales Navigator (, which allows sales professionals to leverage LinkedIn to scale their sales activities online.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator simplifies the creation and development of relationships with potential customers, helping you to find people and companies that are targeting your product or service and connect with new potential customers even if you don't have their contact information or a first degree connection.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator homepage

How LinkedIn Sales Navigator works

Here is an overview of the features offered by LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Advanced Search

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Search

The first feature of Linkedin Sales Navigator is the advanced search. When you enter criteria in the search bar, LinkedIn shows you up to 1,000 people who match the profiling criteria you enter. LinkedIn's free plan, on the other hand, limits the number of profiles you can view in a month and also limits the filters you can use to find potential clients.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, however, you can search for people based on criteria such as:

  • job function;
  • years of experience;
  • size of the company;
  • group membership and more.

The same profiling options are available in Linkedin's advertising program, Linkedin Ads.

Lead Recommendation

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Recommendation

The tool Lead Recommendation of Linkedin Sales Navigator suggests recommendations based on "sales preferences" - that is, based on search history, sales preferences, and interactions - if you have saved profiles or used search. That's what you'll see in "Recommend Lead" box. The way this works is similar to Lookalike Audiences: Linkedin will suggest profiles similar to those you've searched or saved in the past.

Integration with CRM

LinkedIn Sales Navigator CRM Integration

LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrates with many CRM to be able to exchange data between the two tools or display Sales Navigator as a widget within your CRM. This is a feature that is only available in the higher levels of Sales Navigator and integrates with the following CRMs:

  • Hubspot,
  • Infor
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Pega
  • SAP
  • SugarCRM
  • Zoho


Just integrating Linkedin Sales Navigator with a CRM gives you the ability to unlock the Deals feature, which allows you to manage sales pipelines with the help of Sales Navigator. The feature allows you to see a dashboard showing opportunities, make changes and update pipeline statuses.

Notes and tags

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Notes and Tags

LinkedIn Sales Navigator also allows you to add notes to the leads. You can use the notes to add some details about the lead or create an action. Sales Navigator also allows you to add tag to leads. They are (usually short) phrases or words that sometimes act as categories. Notes and tags are visible only to you.

Who has seen your profile

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Who viewed your profile

LInkedin Sales Navigator also offers the ability to see an extended list of who has visited your profile in the last 90 days and save the people who viewed your profile as leads.

InMail Messages

LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMail Messages

With Linkedin Sales Navigator you can contact anyone via InMail messages up to 20 times a month, even without a connection.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator TeamLink

The function TeamLink of Sales Navigator allows you to view the connections of other connections - this can provide an opportunity to find people who might introduce you to a contact.

Linkedin VS Sales Navigator VS Ads

For Lead Generation in B2B Linkedin therefore offers 3 tools:

  • the standard version of Linkedin;
  • Linkedin Ads, the Linkedin advertising program;
  • Linkedin Sales Navigator

Let's see when it's appropriate to use one or the other tool, with its pros and cons.

Linkedin VS Linkedin Sales Navigator

Compared to the standard and free version of Linkedin, LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows for greater profile search and save capabilities, albeit for a fee, specifically:

  • Search radius of 100 miles from a zip code
  • Up to 15 saved searches
  • 15 saved search alerts per week
  • Unlimited number of saved accounts
  • Unlimited number of lead recommendations

Linkedin Sales Navigator VS Linkedin Ads

Linkedin Sales Navigator stands out from Linkedin's advertising program, Linkedin Ads, as the former is more of a sales, pull tool: in this case I'm the one contacting a potential customer directly and starting a conversation.

The second one, LInkedin Ads, Linkedin's advertising, works like an advertising program: the person who sees the ad will decide to click towards my Landing Page and contact me or not, it is therefore more of a "pull" tool, useful for proposing downloads of demos, case studies, videos or simply proposing content as a function of Awareness and Engagement.

Why use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Here are some benefits of using Linkedin Sales Navigator:

  • More than 500 million active users in almost every sector
  • Advanced search tools to narrow your target audience
  • Monthly cost at less than $ 1,000 per year
  • Functionality to send InMail messages, connect directly, interact with content and export emails with Wiza, which allows you to extract emails from Linkedin searches
  • Lists of saved profiles and accounts with automatic notifications
  • Ability to add notes on leads and integration with CRM such as Salesforce and HubSpot

Opinions and reviews on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

You can read customer reviews here:

Prices and Costs of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing and costs

How much does LinkedIn Sales Navigator cost? It has 3 plans:

  • The plan Professional starts at $ 64.99 per month (billed annually). Because of this, you have access to most of what you need but you won't have access to centralized billing or CRM integration.
  • To access these features you will need to opt for the Team or Enterprise plans. The Team has a cost of $ 103.33 per month (billed annually). To get the plan prices Enterpriseinstead, you should contact LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers a free trial period.

If you are interested in learning how to do advertising on Linkedin I refer you to my Linkedin Ads Video Course (Italian Language) or you can contact me for a Linkedin Ads consulting.

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