Liquid Web VS Nexcess: Affinities and Differences between the 2 Hosting Providers

Liquid Web ( and Nexcess ( are 2 well-known brands in the context of hosting providers, but not everyone is aware that Nexcess is a brand that is part of Liquid Web.

Despite some similarities, such as the fact that belong to the same family as of 2019, both provide the typical services of a hosting provider and both give access to technologically advanced support and solutions, Liquid Web and Nexcess differ in certain respectsLet's see them together, starting from the target and then go into detail about the services provided. But first, a brief introduction to the 2 hosting providers.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a hosting provider with over 30,000 customers in 150 countries and over 1 million managed sites, known for providing high performance services and 24/7/365 customer support. For 12 years Liquid Web has been among the 5000 fastest growing companies according to INC magazine.


Founded nearly 20 years ago in Michigan, Nexcess is a hosting provider headquartered in Southfield, Michigan and holds data centers around the world.

VPS, Dedicated Servers, WordPress

The first aspect is the target audience: the customer of a hosting provider can vary from a site WordPress just created to a large corporate website and both will need different technologies.

The first difference between Liquid Web and Nexcess is precisely the target audience they are targeting: Liquid Web provides sophisticated hosting solutions such as VPS and dedicated servers, while Nexcess caters to the needs of customers who use WordPress and other CMS for content sites and ecommerce.

Having said that, let's go deeper into the differences between Liquid Web and Nexcess with a feature comparison with the help of the following infographic and table.

Similarities and Differences between Liquid Web and Nexcess

Liquid WebNexcess
Virtual Private Servers (VPS): a VPS has many of the features of a physical server and provides similar functionality, managed through a control panel, while keeping costs low. From this perspective, the cost is as low as $ 15 per month.Managed WordPress Hosting: Nexcess provides a managed hosting solution for WordPress sites with features like built-in CDN, automatic updates, pre-installed plugins, all starting from $19 per month.
Dedicated Servers: a service for those seeking performance and security, dedicated servers provided by Liquid Web start at $169 per month.WooCommerce Hosting Managed: a service starting at $19 per month, for online stores of all sizes, with features such as integrated CDN, premium plugins and support.
Cloud Dedicated Servers: Cloud Dedicated Servers combine the benefits of a traditional Dedicated Server with the flexibility of a cloud platform, even for constantly increasing traffic. Starting from $149 per month.Managed Magento Hosting A fully managed hosting service optimized for speed, security and scalability, with features such as PWA ready, PCI compliance and security. Starting at $49 per month.
HIPAA Compliant Server: these are HIPAA-compliant hosting solutions, with your data protected according to industry standards. Starting at $344 per month.WPQuickStart: these are solutions for creating sites on WordPress or StoreBuilder for ecommerce. Powered by Kadence, Restrict Content Pro and fully managed hosting by Nexcess, it costs from $19 per month and $49 per month.
For more information on Liquid Web services: For more information on Nexcess services:

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