Livestorm: Complete Guide to the Platform for Webinars, Video Conferences and Online Meetings

What is Livestorm

Livestorm ( is an online web conferencing platform that makes it easy to create great video communication strategies. Any marketing, sales or human resources team can use Livestorm to create online events.

Livestorm is highly adaptable and allows for any type of event, from meetings, webinars and conferences, to online training courses, podcast interviews and product demos.

In this Livestorm review, we will look at the product's features and also explain its pricing structure.

Livestorm homepage

How Livestorm works

Livestorm Features

Let's look at the main ones functionalities offered by Livestorm (

Online Meeting

Livestorm Online Meeting

Functionality Online Meeting ( lets you connect with anyone at the touch of a button. You can use this feature to start an instant meeting with one or more people. Meetings are recorded and saved in your dashboard.

Livestorm integrates with your calendar, so you can create scheduled virtual meetings and keep everyone on the same page.

The tool also allows you to add branding to meetings, allows attendees to share their screens, and offers question boards and chat, so attendees can interact without interrupting the speaker.

You can also launch online surveys. The tool also allows you to evaluate important metrics such as participation rate, time in attendance, and more.

Software Webinars

Livestorm Webinar Software

Livestorm webinar software ( allows you to organize webinars, create registration pages and send emails from a single platform.

Specifically, this tool allows you to:

  • create a registration page for the webinar in seconds, useful for the Lead Generation Webinars;
  • Schedule automated emails to remind interested parties of your webinar by leveraging theemail marketing automation;
  • schedule recurring sessions;
  • Add automated call-to-actions (CTAs) during the webinar;
  • Send personalized messages to participants as follow-up emails.

With this tool, you can also access detailed analytics so you can determine which webinars got the best results.

Automated Webinar

Livestorm Automated Webinar

The automated webinar ( are a valid marketing tool because they allow you to acquire leads by exploiting one of the most common strategies of Lead Generation in B2B and B2C.

Livestorm allows you to start or end webinars at a predetermined time, and will also send emails on a scheduled basis to remind subscribers of the next webinar.

Livestorm even allows you to add automatic redirects to web pages so you can close the deal with participants.

Virtual Events

Livestorm Virtual Events

With Livestorm, you can organize virtual events on-demand (, live or pre-recorded (

Livestorm Virtual Events

In addition to the standard video presentation you're planning with the event, Livestorm allows you to upload PDFs and other materials for attendees.

How to use Livestorm

You don't have to worry about logistics. You can access and use Livestorm from any browser, whether on desktop or mobile device.

Participation in online events is made more convenient because Livestorm allows participants to access webinars without restrictions. They are not required to have a Livestorm account nor do they need to download any software. All they need is a web-enabled device and click on an online event link or widget to participate in a webinar.


Livestorm integration

Livestorm integrates with many marketing tools ( For example, if you're working with a CRM, Livestorm will automatically send it the data. You won't have to worry about manual imports.

Here's a list of the major additions:

If you are running a paid webinar, you will need to use a payment gateway integration through Zapier. Livestorm does not currently offer an integrated payment solution.

Opinions and reviews on Livestorm

Livestorm opinions

More than 5,000 companies rely on Livestorm for their online events. Hundreds of user testimonials can be found on (, where Livestorm has so far achieved a score of 4.5 out of 5.

You can also read user stories directly on the site:

Livestorm prices

Livestorm prices

Livestorm offers three plans (

  • StarterUp to 10 participants per meeting - Free of charge
  • PremiumUp to 100 participants per meeting - From $ 99 per month
  • Enterpriseup to 3,000 meeting participants - Request quote

With Livestorm you can choose to make payments monthly or annually, which can save you 10% per year.

Each plan includes customer support, access to training materials including ebooks and videos, and a GDPR compliance toolkit. The Premium plan also offers additional host and attendee support available at an additional cost.

The Livestorm pricing page ( contains more detailed information about what is included in each plan.

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