Long Tail Pro: Guide to SEO Long Tail Keyword Research Software

What is Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro (https://longtailpro.com/) is a research tool by long tail keywords for desktop, which runs on Adobe Air.

Long Tail Pro homepage

How Long Tail Pro works

Long Tail Pro (https://longtailpro.com/) is more than just a keyword search tool. It offers countless features:

  • Create multiple projects: you can have different campaigns for different sites.
  • Generate keywords based on your seed keyword.
  • Export the keywords to the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Import keywords into LongTailPro.
  • Find high CPC long tail keywords (great for increasing Google AdSense revenue).
  • Find available domain names.
  • Check the Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings for your keywords.
  • Checking keyword competition.

Let's take a look at the main features specifically.

Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research

The best section of the Long Tail Pro tool is the keyword search. This tool helps you acquire and retrieve long-tail keywords that will help you rank your website more easily.

Long Tail Pro provides metrics such as difficulty, volume, CPC, SERP results and allows you to filter your search with some advanced search features.

Related keywords

Related keywords are mainly based on the main keyword you entered. The related keywords section also helps you sort the list by CPC, both locally and globally, and filter out irrelevant keywords by clicking the "X" sign.

Manual Metrics

You can enter up to 200 keywords at once on Long Tail Pro and check their respective metrics of volume, competitiveness, ranking value.

Competitor Analysis

Long Tail Pro Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis (https://longtailpro.com/website-competitive-analysis/) is one of the best features of Long Tail Pro. It offers the ability to analyze the top search engine results for your desired keyword. You will get a variety of details including:

  • URL
  • Title
  • Page authority
  • Link to the page
  • Domain authority
  • Moz ranking
  • Age of the site

Rank Checker

Long Tail Pro Rank Checker

The Rank Tracker (https://longtailpro.com/check-keyword-ranking/) allows you to check your website's keyword ranking on key search terms. Simply enter your domain or page URL and enter your target keywords.

Longtail Pro is not the first to add this feature, this built-in feature of Long Tail Pro allows you to track your ranking in Google and Bing.

SERP Analysis

Long Tail Pro SERP Analysis

Keyword research based on SERP analysis is another useful tool for assessing competitors in SERPs against third party metrics such as Majestic's Trust Flow / Citation Flow, linking domains, indexed URLs, internal links and site seniority.

Backlink Analysis Tool

Backlink analysis is available with the Long Tail Pro tool and is incredibly useful for spying on your competitor's backlink strategy. Using this, you can analyze the backlink profile and based on that you can create an off page strategy for the website.

The key metrics used here, Trust Flow and Citation Flow, are taken from the Majestic tool.

Keyword competitiveness score (KC)

The Keyword Competitiveness (KC) score is represented by a single number between 1 and 100 and indicates how difficult it would be to rank organically for a given keyword. The lower the KC, the easier it is to rank. For example, a KC below 30 means the keyword is not competitive, while above 40 it is much more competitive.

From an operational perspective, you can quickly filter out results that have a high KC and focus your efforts on keywords that are less competitive and therefore potentially easier to rank for.

The Long Tail Pro team (https://longtailpro.com/) is also constantly improving the algorithm to keep up with Google's ever-changing ranking factors and provide a more accurate indicator.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker allows you to monitor your keyword rankings and their variation over time, even across multiple countries. Rank Tracker allows you to add an unlimited number of domains but there are restrictions on the number of keywords you can track per plan (for example, the Starter Plan only includes 30 tracked keywords).

Training videos

Long Tail Pro offers a video course SEO free for beginners that covers everything from keyword research, competitive analysis, to more advanced site structure. The company has also created Long Tail University, which provides more detail on keyword selection, content strategy, and onpage SEO.

Ease of use

Being a cloud-based software system, Long Tail Pro is fast and the interface neat and simple to find keyword ideas, evaluate volume and competition.

Opinions and reviews on Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro allows you to quickly discover new keyword opportunities and easily evaluate your competition using KC scoring, saving you hours. Check out user reviews and opinions here: https://www.g2.com/products/long-tail-pro/reviews.

Alternatives to Long Tail Pro

Here are the main alternatives to Long Tail Pro (https://longtailpro.com/).

Google Search Console

If we are talking about Long Tail Pro competitors, without a doubt Google Search Console is one of the most valuable. From a functionality point of view, Google Search Consolewhich is a free and indispensable tool to implement in an SEO work, although it records the queries and the relative positioning, it does not allow neither an analysis of the competition nor an organized ranking tracking like the paid tools.


SEOZoom is one of the best known SEO software in Italy that similarly to Long Tail Pro allows an analysis of ranking and competition, as well as other features that help in the drafting of content, crawling / indexing and link building. It has, at the moment, a database of keywords are in Italian, English (UK) and Spanish.


SEMrush and Long Tail Pro both have keyword research functionality but Long Tail Pro is more about long tail keyword research, SEMrush is an all in one SEO tool with functionality for Google Adstraffic estimation and much more. SEMrush operates in several countries and has a much higher cost than Long Tail Pro.

Prices of Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro prices

Long Tail Pro pricing plans are available on the homepage and start at $25 per month. Long Tail Pro offers three pricing plans with a 10-day money back guarantee.

If you're looking for an annual subscription, you can save up to 20% on your subscription: (https://longtailpro.com/)

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