Lucky Orange: Features, Reviews and Pricing of CRO Software

What is Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange ( is a conversion optimization suite (CRO) All In One for businesses of all types and sizes, which helps focus on why some visitors don't convert.

Similar to other CRO software such as MouseFlow e Yandex Metrica, with Lucky Orange you can see everything a site visitor through dynamic heatmaps and visitor session records, identify abandonments in the conversion process using conversion channels, perform form analysis and surveys.

Used on over 100,000 sites, Lucky Orange will help you the bottlenecks that hold back users visiting your site from taking the conversion initiative.

Features of Lucky Orange

Each plan of Lucky Orange offers all of the following features, leaving you free to choose to disable those that don't interest you. For example, you can use the recordings but not the chat system.

Control Panel

Lucky Orange Dashboard

With the control panel, or dashboard (, you can monitor in real time how many people are on your site right now and where they're coming from. Quickly compare historical statistics and see what keywords, locations, referrers, languages, traffic and other behavior metrics are driving your site, all filtered by tag.

Session Registration

Lucky Orange automatically "captures" every visitor who visits your website and creates a registration ( of your session. You can watch every click, page scroll, mouse move and more to find out how visitors use your website.

The system also works on dynamic or member-only pages without any additional or complicated configuration. You can pause, play, speed up, skip pauses and switch to any page in the visitor's session.

Dynamic Heatmaps

Lucky Orange offers heat maps ( that show how people are reading and interacting with your site. You can segment heat map data by location, browser, dates, mobile users, and more.

Watch in real time as users activate menus, open popups, and move through steps in a form. Watch every click and mouse movement in real time or view recordings later. Every visit is recorded.


Lucky Orange Chat ( integrates with your existing website and works seamlessly across multiple devices. The chat comes loaded with powerful features including multiple operators, predefined responses and automatic invitations.

Use live viewing and engage them with live chat. Use surveys to offer special discounts to increase conversions.

Conversion Funnels

The conversion channels ( allow you to quickly see where people abandon a process on your website such as checking out or creating an account. Clicking on a channel step will instantly filter your records to those visitors who abandoned the channel at that particular step.

Conversion Funnels Lucky Orange

Module analysis

Five distinct and valuable reports that provide you with information about problem areas on your website forms ( Find out which fields in your modules are causing the most friction and abandonment with these 5 reports:

  • Abandonment Report - Abandonment;
  • Time to Start Report;
  • Field Time Report - time on module;
  • Order Report - average order;
  • Repeated Fields Report.

Module analysis helps, therefore, to identify problem areas on the modules by generating specific reports, making it an effective tool for the form analytics and thecontact form optimization.


Stop guessing what your customers are looking for and ask them directly. I surveys ( are fully customizable, can have multiple queries, redirect to specific URLs, and can be triggered at the right time.


Shopify, , Optimizely, Quantcast, StatusTicker and Smartlook integrate with Lucky Orange, as well as Landing Page Builder as HubSpot, Instapage, Unbounce e CMS and Website Builder like Neto, SquareSpace, Weebly, WordPress, Wix.

Opinions and reviews on Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is currently used on over 100,000 sites. ( features opinions, comments and testimonials from users who are already using Lucky Orange to examine the behavior of visitors to their sites.


Lucky Orange prices

Subscription plans ( proposed by Lucky Orange are:

  • Starterat $ 10 per month;
  • Small Businessat $ 20 per month;
  • Mediumat $ 50 per month;
  • Largeat $ 100 per month;
  • Enterprise, with terms and prices to be agreed upon by contacting Lucky Orange directly at 1 (913) 735-9032.

A completely free version is not available. You can choose to make payments on a monthly basis, annual basis, with the 10% discount, and biannual basis, with the 30% discount.

You can try Lucky Orange for free for 7 days here:

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