Mailpoet: Features, Reviews, and Pricing of Email Marketing Plugin for WordPress (formerly Wysija)

What is MailPoet (formerly Wysija)

More than 300,000 websites rely on MailPoet ( to send their own email marketing. You can use MailPoet conveniently from the dashboard of WordPress to create, schedule and send emails. The easy-to-use interface is intuitive for anyone and integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, the main plugin ecommerce for WordPress.

Who is MailPoet for?

Formerly known as Wysija Newsletters, MailPoet Newsletters is suitable for freelancers, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, large corporations, shop owners of ecommerce. With the so-called freemium version of this plugin you can take full advantage of the advanced features if your list is less than 1,000 subscribers.

MailPoet features

The functionality of MailPoet ( can help you grow your mailing list, send attractive-looking emails, and increase conversions, without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Key features include:

  • WordPress email automation: welcome email, email of abandoned trolleys, notifications of the latest published posts;
  • Linking with WooCommerce store and sending ecommerce emails;
  • Sending newsletters;
  • Creating and sending email campaigns;
  • Detailed analysis.

Types of Newsletter

MailPoet Newsletter Editor

With MailPoet you can send:

  • Newsletter:Keep your subscribers updated with news and updates.
  • Welcome emailWelcome new members, automatically.
  • Last post notifications: automatically notifies your subscribers of new WordPress posts.
  • WordPress Email TemplatesChoose from over 50 predefined templates.

Registration and Management of Lists and Contacts

MailPoet contact form and lists

MailPoet allows you to adopt effective list management practices with features such as:

  • Inactive membersMailPoet automatically removes inactive users, i.e. those who have never opened a newsletter sent for a certain period of time. In this way it helps to increase the open rate and avoid wasting resources by sending emails to users who never open them. Want to learn more about inactive users? Read this article: Why Your Newsletter Is Full Of Zombies (And 5 Strategies To Bring Back Inactive Leads And Subscribers)
  • WordPress User List: a dedicated list for your WordPress users, created automatically.
  • WordPress Signup FormsGrow your mailing list with customizable subscription forms.
  • WooCommerce Customer ListTrack your customers using a dedicated list that is automatically updated.
  • Segmentationsegment your lists and offer tailored content to your subscribers.

Marketing Automation and Segmentation for WooCommerce

Email Marketing Automation and Segmentation for WooCommerce MailPoet

Mail Poet allows a number of features to email marketing automation specific to Woocommerce that allow you to segmenting customers Sending the right emails every step of the way, from sending to selling:

  • WooCommerce Email Customizer: customize email templates (themes) used for your ecommerce emails.
  • Abandoned cart email: Save abandoned purchases with an automatic cart recovery email. Set up and schedule a series of abandoned cart emails and start recovering lost sales.
  • First purchaseautomatically sends a personalized thank you to new customers.
  • Post-purchase follow-upautomatically sends a follow-up email tailored to the product purchased.
  • Bought this category: tailor your automatic WooCommerce follow-up emails to specific product categories.

Delivery Rates (Deliverability)

Woocommerce Delivery Rates Deliverability MailPoet

MailPoet works to make sure that transactional messages from WordPress and WooCommerce reach the inbox and not the spam box by optimizing delivery rates (deliverability), thanks to functions such as:

  • SMTP for WordPressNo additional plugins required. MailPoet has its own SMTP service.
  • Email infrastructureMailPoet's advanced delivery infrastructure and team of delivery experts handle over 30 million emails each month.

Measure email performance from WooCommerce

KPI email marketing Woocommerce MailPoet

Want to know how well your WooCommerce email marketing strategy is working?

With MailPoet you can:

  • Watch exactly how much revenue each email you send is bringing in, right from your WordPress dashboard;
  • use the statistics generated from your campaigns to monitor progress and identify any areas for improvement;
  • Track open rates, clicks, unsubscribes.

GDPR compliant

All MailPoet features and processes are compliant with EU data privacy regulations. MailPoet does not store subscriber data and provides users with all the tools they need to ensure they are GDPR compliant.

MailPoet or MailChimp?

Let's start with the main difference: MailPoet Is one of the most popular email marketing plugins for WordPress. Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms in the world (

Both MailPoet and Mailchimp offer free plans to get you started with the service. But while both offer roughly similar pricing plans, only MailPoet allows you to have unlimited lists and send unlimited emails.

MailPoet is suitable for professionals who need an email marketing solution to use in their WordPress dashboard. Mailchimp is a tool suitable for professionals who require a marketing platform that allows them to do more than just email marketing, such as paid ads, retargeting ads and the other services now present in all major email marketing software.


MailPoet is designed specifically for WordPress. This means you can expect a seamless integration with WordPress.

Opinions and reviews on MailPoet

According to (, MailPoet is a service that is especially popular with small businesses in the marketing and advertising industry.

Out of 23 reviews currently posted on the site, 19 are 5-star reviews.

Prices and Free Plan

MailPoet Prices

MailPoet is free up to a maximum of 1000 subscribers, with premium plans starting at €15 per month, as shown on

You do not need to enter your credit card information.

MailPoet also offers licenses, shown above, which allow automatic Premium plugin updates and priority support for one year.

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