Maropost: Complete Guide to Multichannel Marketing Automation Platform for Ecommerce and Beyond

What is Maropost

Maropost ( is a cloud-based marketing solution that enables marketing teams to strategically interact with audiences through automation and analytics.

Maropost provides marketing teams with the tools they need to draft, plan and track communications sent to leads and customers on a recurring basis. The platform's analytics gives users a complete 360-degree view of their audiences. The analytics engine brings together web monitoring, audience engagement across multiple channels, and all customer activity, including business transactions. With this data, users can tactically segment and personalize campaigns.

Maropost is a hybrid company, with employees working completely remotely, from an office or a mix of the two. The company is based in Toronto, Canada, and has offices in India, Australia, Sweden, and the United States.

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Features of Maropost

Maropost offers a wide range of features. Let's see what the main ones are within its four marketing channels.

Email Marketing

Maropost Email marketing

Maropost users can:

  • create a campaign of email marketing with Journey Builder, a Drag & Drop tool that allows them to add images, text, and other elements (;
  • create unique email campaigns with the web personalization feature by building targeted segmentation lists, adding dynamic content, and scheduling email sends based on different criteria;
  • improve email deliverability and email delivery rate, with tools such as the Deliverability Score and Spam Checker;
  • onitor their email campaign with customized and integrated report templates;
  • optimize those campaigns with two features: Priority Send and Optimize on Open.
    • for example, with the priority sending feature, marketers can filter a list of customers by engagement and send emails to the most engaged recipients first;
    • the Optimize on Open feature allows them to add different calls to action to the message that is displayed when the email is read. For example, they can add an expiration date to an image so that recipients who open the email after that date receive a different call to action than recipients who open the message earlier. Additional email marketing features include email templates, multivariate testing, A/B Test.

Mobile Marketing

Maropost Mobile marketing

As with email campaigns, with Maropost you can set up SMS campaigns by customizing your messages, selecting from a segmented list, previewing messages, and scheduling sends (

One can also set up in-app messages that send custom offers/discounts or inapp events that trigger push notifications similar to Pushcrew, monitor mobile app engagement metrics with the useful Application Event Tracking feature.

Web Marketing

Maropost Web marketing

Acquisitions Builder (, similar to PopUp, is a drag-and-drop interface that creates lightboxes according to Lead Generation to entice visitors to provide an email address or other information, including at one or more steps, which can be embedded in the Web page.

In addition to Acquisition Builder, you can also set up landing page Customized with dynamic content.

Social Media Marketing

Maropost Social media marketing

This function can help grow lists by generating leads from the social media ( Maropost integrates with Facebook Lead Ads and Twitter Lead Generation Card, so social media visitors can fill out forms directly from both platforms.

You can also target Facebook and Instagram users with relevant ads, as well as set up social media playlists that can rotate evergreen and fresh Facebook posts, LinkedIn. and Twitter.


Maropost additions

The following additions ( are currently offered by Maropost:

Opinions and reviews on Maropost

You can read opinions and reviews about Maropost here, where user testimonials are given:

Maropost opinions
Maropost opinions

Maropost prices

Maropost prices

You can choose from several fee-based solutions (, which we list below:

  • Essential, starting at $71 per month;
  • Essential Plus,starting at $179 per month;
  • Professional, starting at $224 per month;
  • Enterprise, with price to be determined by a personalized consultation with the Maropost team.

Maropost offers a 14-day no-obligation free trial to test the Commerce Cloud platform and all the features. After the trial period, you will be given the opportunity to register.

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