3 uncommon (experience-based) strategies to improve lead quality from Google Ads

Google Ads, next to Facebook Ads, e LinkedIn Ads, is one of the best advertising channels for lead acquisition, especially (but not only) if your business is searched online.

There is a problem, however: sometimes the leads we get may not be in line with the quality we expect.

How to do it? Here are 3 uncommon tips, based on my experience, for improving lead quality in Google Ads.

Attention to Research Partners

Yes, just that little box preflagged in the Research campaigns. Harmless? Sometimes yes, sometimes not so much.

With one client, we discovered how 100% of unqualified leads came from Search Partners, where, moreover, Google Ads was allocating 50% of budgets.

Tip: Have you looked at Segment/Network (with search partners)?

Beware of IPs

A large amount of fake leads could come from specific IPs.

How to delete them? Did you know that in the campaign settings you can filter by IP?

Not common but not uncommon either: in the case of one client we found that many fake leads came from just one specific class of IPs.

Attention to optimized and extended targeting.

Optimized and extended targeting, who was he?" Don Abbondio would say.

This is another pre-flagged and well-hidden option in Display campaigns, extending the target audience beyond the chosen Audience.

Result? With one client we discovered that 75% of the budget of a Remarketing (!) display campaign, which moreover brought unqualified leads, came from this very option!

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